Inflatable pools and spas?

BimboGeek 26 November 2009 37

So my boyfriend is obsessed with the idea of getting a full size inflatable pool or spa. If you haven’t seen them they look like this:

My question for Canberra is this: would inflatable pools and spas be allowed under water restrictions? And has anyone tried these? It looks like it has a serious risk of being cheap and nasty…

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37 Responses to Inflatable pools and spas?
Bosworth Bosworth 4:43 pm 26 Nov 09

Worst pool ever.

harvyk1 harvyk1 4:53 pm 26 Nov 09

We purchased one a couple of years ago… Depending on the size the answer is yes and no… Certain sizes fall below the minimum size considered a pool and thus are not subject to water restrictions. The larger sizes are subject to water restrictions, and are sometimes sold even though they can’t be used so work out the size you want and check against the ACTEW website is my piece of advice…

They are cheap, but don’t go to too much effort in preparing the area. Provided the ground is somewhat flat you should be ok… Accept the fact that your grass will look dead for a couple of months once you take the thing down.

Also don’t expect it to be a long term purchase. Ours was great the first year we used it, but the second and third years it just didn’t sit right (it was at a strange angle which we just couldn’t fix). Also the sun had destroyed the plastic in the inflatable outside ring which meant that we had to throw it out.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 4:59 pm 26 Nov 09

If you are filling it from your own tank, you can do as you wish. From the tap? Don’t think so.

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 5:00 pm 26 Nov 09

we have one, and it worked a treat for cooling off on a stinking hot day. we haven’t used it for a while, cos we have a/c now but it was great when we did use it. you still need to chlorinate it, and some come with a pump, ours didn’t and we didn’t really need it. but you do need a cover, to keep all the crap (leaves etc) out of it. it was pretty cheap too from memory, under $100.

as for it being allowed under water restrictions…. *cough*

to be honest, I don’t know and frankly didn’t care. its filling that up once vs. having shower and or bath ad nauseum to escape the heat.

gooterz gooterz 5:46 pm 26 Nov 09

It depends on the size..
At a certain Litre-age the pool needs (A) a permit and then (b) a fence!

If so .. u need to have it inspected before you fill it..

This is if you do it properly tho.. I’m sure most dont!

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 5:46 pm 26 Nov 09

so awful, so bad. please don’t, if not for you, your neighbors and god forbid if you put it in your front yard. yikes

I-filed I-filed 6:19 pm 26 Nov 09

I’d say not – and I guess you’d have to install child-proof fencing around it …

vg vg 6:32 pm 26 Nov 09

Looks like an absolute piece of garbage. Those little kids inflatable pools generally last a fortnight at most before dying. This would do the same but cost much, much more

2620watcher 2620watcher 7:06 pm 26 Nov 09

Its just a large bath isnt it?

Spam Box Spam Box 7:26 pm 26 Nov 09

I-filed said :

I’d say not – and I guess you’d have to install child-proof fencing around it …

+1 And you’d be an irresponsible arsehole if you didn’t

SpellingAndGrammar SpellingAndGrammar 7:34 pm 26 Nov 09

Yes, you would need a child-proof fence, but good luck with getting it all approved. The fun police in the ACT (ACTPLA) want you to support the local building community and you will have to get the thing authorised by a proper pool builder, ensure the plumbing is connected to the waste (including compliance certificate) and also have a certifier check that it is all OK. And that is AFTER you pay the money for a Development Approval and pay tax on the value of the addition to your property. Ooh, and be careful where you site in on your property.

Mordd Mordd 7:36 pm 26 Nov 09

We really are an over-privileged bunch of wankers in Canberra aren’t we? All we’re concerned about is “beating/cheating” water restrictions (designed to ensure fair usage of our water) and rules on pool fencing etc.. (designed to keep our children alive), and even with an median or average income higher than other capital cities in austrlia, we’re still the ultimate cheapskates on top of all that. Ugly as anythign and dangerous as anything if you ask me, im sure you can tell the ACTEW inspectors that “everyone else on RiotACT said I can ignore water restrictions so why are you fining me?”.

no.6 no.6 8:29 pm 26 Nov 09

YES…. buy it and invite all kids to use it – so i can have the public pools to myself !!!

deezagood deezagood 8:31 pm 26 Nov 09

Ditch the pool idea. However you may be better off with an inflatable boyfriend.

MWF MWF 8:51 pm 26 Nov 09

Psst, they don’t really look like that. Just like in the Fantastic Furniture print ads, they use really miniature people or bad photoshop to make the thing look normal sized.

imarty imarty 9:12 pm 26 Nov 09

We have a 366cm diameter 90cm deep Intex brand with a filter and have just erected it for the 2nd year. Cost about $260 from memory.
I prepared & levelled an area for it with washed sand and got a proper pool fence erected. Our 3yo absolutely loves it and for cooling off on a hot day it’s great. I can sit down with my arms over the edge with a stubbie in one hand whilst my boy has a great time splashing about and practicing his swimming.
I throw some chlorine in it & turn the filter on every second day & cover it when not in use, just like a real pool actually.
We’ve not had a problem and I would actually recommend it.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 9:37 pm 26 Nov 09

You do realise that after a few uses you’ll be bathing in diluted child urine, right?

el el 10:01 pm 26 Nov 09

georgesgenitals said :

You do realise that after a few uses you’ll be bathing in diluted child urine, right?

No different from using a public swimming pool then?

Chop71 Chop71 12:11 am 27 Nov 09

If you have a tree, climb to the highest branch and practice your belly flops in it. Make sure the water is only 1 foot deep to qualify for the world record.

Up The Duffy Up The Duffy 1:39 am 27 Nov 09

Get a new Boyfriend, Its only all downhill from here.

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