International Alliance of Guardian Angels Canberra calls for volunteers

damianheffernan 2 March 2009 40

The A.C.T. Chapter of the International Alliance of Guardian Angels is calling for volunteers who are prepared to give their time to help make Canberra a safer place. With a variety of programs including Street Safety Patrols, Youth and anti-bullying programs, Teacher training programs and even graffitti clean up days.

While Safety Patrolling is a high profile activity it is only a small part of what Angels do. The Guardian Angels also help other people organize to fight crime through community events, neighborhood watches and patrols, and education.

The Guardian Angels mission is to provide positive role models for today’s youth and work toward promoting community safety and betterment for the good of society overall.

The organisation accomplishes this mission through training volunteers to be effective as visual deterrents patrolling the streets in communities around the world with an emphasis on coordinating a variety of community-based services, programs and activities to speak and fight against violence, crime and drugs.

Free Training · Community Relations · Street Patrols · Self-Defense · Youth Programs · Conflict Resolution · Integrity · Teamwork · Leadership · Empowerment

Further information can be obtained by emailing:

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40 Responses to International Alliance of Guardian Angels Canberra calls for volunteers
sloppery sloppery 4:16 pm 06 Jan 10

The issue, I guess, is that we have limited funding for our boys in blue, which of course limits their number. Presumably our leaders try to balance cost versus numbers, to determine how much policing we need and are willing to pay for.

There will always be situations where people (often victims of crime) feel the justice system has, one way or another, let them down, and I suspect these are the people who support the GA type movements.

Personally, I’d be happy with simply sticking the repeat offenders our existing police force do catch in prison and leaving them there. Having competing law enforcers(?) around is likely to just muddy the waters and make it easier for criminals to get off.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 2:20 pm 06 Jan 10

vg said :

A bunch of high pant and yellow beret wearing boys who couldn’t get into the cops.

Just what this town needs

Here’s a late unusual agreement with VG. We give police officers the authority to police the community and in so forth train them and subject them to scrutiny. My question is, if these guys can pas through all this alleged training in south africa and whatnot, why don’t they just join the real boys in blue?

Frank Van Queens Frank Van Queens 10:04 am 11 Mar 09

Notice, this fool will NOT mention the comments, but instead tries to brush if off. If you’re a “crimefighter”? How come you didn’t become a cop? The only thing that you know about the G.A. and Sliwa is the lies that he tells you. Since you desperately want people to “respect” you, you wear the clown outfit that he sells you. This way you can strut around and make believe that you are someone. I would advise anyone who has a run in with this group of morons, sue them in court. They have no aurthority to detain, or touch anyone! It is just a glorifed gang masquerading as “crimefigthers”. Come on, call into the program!

Thumper Thumper 9:38 am 11 Mar 09

Well JB, there is your rant for ther month…

I think it’s something to do with crime, but I could be wrong.

Frank Van Queens Frank Van Queens 9:06 am 11 Mar 09

Damien, shows the typical G.A. response to exposure of the G.A. DON’T answer any of the claims made about this group of total idiots who live in a phantasy world, but instead infer that we’re somehow “racist”! First off the posting on Mandela was put up by a Boer who lives in Suid Afrika, not some fool who lives half way around the world and struts around with some clown outfit “playing” “crimefighter”! A man whose nation has been overturned, and seen over THREE THOUSAND BOERE murdered on their farms! Hey, asswipe, why don’t you go over there and put your ass on the line where Boere are being murdered and mutilated? NO guts? We even have Aussies posting on the site and calling in on Skype! Hey,idiot, why don’t you call in to The Right Perspective and personally answer my comments? Afraid that you’ll come up against people who live in NYC and have seen what a media shyster and degenerate liar Sliwa is? Or listen to the interview with a former G.A. who got hustled by Sliwa? There are supossed to be a G.A.chapter in Suid Afrika, so what are they doing? Crime is rampant! It’s all a hoax and media con job used to get Slwia more attention, and MONEY! He is using ignorant,naive, dolts like you to feather his quite expensive nest! His chapters open and close faster than a whorehouse raided by cops! The Amerikan media hustler P.T. Barnum said it best: “There’s a sucker born every minute!” Boy, are you a perfect example! Don’t fall for the game, it’s a FAKE!

Kramer Kramer 5:28 pm 05 Mar 09

If you want to save lives, start by giving blood and getting on the organ donor register.

willo willo 5:16 pm 04 Mar 09

poptop said :

I was unaware that there were legal and illegal words. Which words are proscribed by law [as opposed to proscribed by the RiotACT automatic filters]?

stand in front of a cop and say all the foul words you can think of poptop…..the ones you get arressted for saying are the illegal ones……….

Jim Jones Jim Jones 4:13 pm 04 Mar 09

“ps:..not all teens are like that….but numbers have been rising alarmingly.”

Actually, crime stats are down across the board and have been on the decline for quite a while (little hint ‘Today Tonight’ is not a valid source for statistical analysis of crime). Although with the GFC taking effect, property theft, identity theft and fraud are all predicted to rise.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 3:41 pm 04 Mar 09


Perhaps given that you posted this on a discussion-type forum you could partake in the discussion with some true and accurate information. I’d be happy to be proved wrong bubt really have no desire whatsoever to contact you directly.

Not engaging following your article gives me the implication you’re just on a recruitment drive, and with guys out there like Angry Bob who think it’s a good idea and are advocating ‘Natural Law’ and undermining the police you can most certainly count me out.

I still think it’s a bad idea. The ‘last guy’s’ opinion and information has absolutely nothing to do with that.

dexi dexi 3:41 pm 04 Mar 09

If you want to volunteer the SES have a much better uniform, do more for the community and have better toys. The bush fire brigades need strong dedicated men and women. The Red Cross do great volunteer work. You could do volunteer work with the disabled. There is plenty of need for volunteer carers. You could do youth work…….. The list goes on.

The law has an enforcer. They are called police. They do a good job under trying conditions. Feel free to volunteer information on crime.

I just don’t think that volunteering for an American organisation to fight crime is going to mean anything in Canberra.

damianheffernan damianheffernan 3:26 pm 04 Mar 09

Well I wasn’t going to comment here (everyone can have an opinion informed or otherwise but if they want true and accurate info they can contact me directly) but this last guy is hilarious. Check out the site he suggests if you want but this Mandela quote may show what sort of site it is:

“The Mandela Myth
Special permission granted by author to publish article at The Right Perspective

Mandela is widely held to be “one of the greatest statesmen in the world”. This seems to be based on these six pillars:

1. Martyrdom. A closer look at this “self sacrifice” is not convincing. Mandela was jailed following an open trial, under one of the best judicial systems. It has never been suggested that this trial was perverted or corrupt. He was found guilty of contravening the laws universal to the land and more than that, he had promoted a policy of terrorism……..” etc.

Frank Van Queens Frank Van Queens 11:02 am 04 Mar 09

Beware of phony posts by his cyber stooges. He has them on the internet posting phony stories about the G.A.! Go to to learn the truth about this media shyster! I’d trust a croc before his con artist and degenerate liar!

Frank Van Queens Frank Van Queens 11:00 am 04 Mar 09

As a native NYer I can tell you don’t fall for this scam! The G.A. are a cash cow for Sliwa. He is a media shyster who has milked this phony act for thirty years. He is an admitted degenerate liar and huckster! They have no legal authority to touch anyone, or detain anyone, as they did recently in Chicago. They have been kicked out of Halifax, N.S. when the Chief of Police as wised up about their scam. They are NOT law enforcement agents, just a bunch of sad losers who live in a phantasy world of playing “crimefighters”. Sliwa never gives a nickel to his group. He lives in a million and a half dollar luxury condo in Manhattan, but plays the role of Slip Mahoney of the Bowery Boys flims. He’s made millions off his con. People who don’t know his history, fall for his bullshit stories about his “crimefighting” in NYC. So, why didn’t he become a cop? Why did he have FAKE crime reports, which is a felony? Ans: because slinging lies beats work any day! They have on health insurance, or life insurance. It costs this charlatan NOTHING to use these pathetic stooges. He rakes it in, while doing his radio show, commercials, speeches, and endorsements. The stooges get nothing! What cop who got shot, or served ever made nickel from his job, like Sliwa? He has the stooges sign a release, so that if they hurt someone, or get hurt, he can’t get sued, and can hold onto his millions. He never made ONE citizen’s arrest in the subways. He’s a degenerate liar! Don’t be fooled by this media shyster. go to and look up Sleez-wa Wars to fing the truth out about this media shyster! Keep Australia beautiful, get ride of Sliwa and his G.A. send them back to the sewers of Canarsie Brooklyn where he came from!

Thumper Thumper 6:30 pm 03 Mar 09

What vg said.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 5:40 pm 03 Mar 09


vg vg 5:05 pm 03 Mar 09

A bunch of high pant and yellow beret wearing boys who couldn’t get into the cops.

Just what this town needs

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:53 pm 03 Mar 09

Perhaps Bob took his tinfoil hat off for more than 30 seconds yesterday, and while his guard was down RiotACT stole the words he’d posted?

AngryHenry AngryHenry 2:17 pm 03 Mar 09

poptop said :

I was unaware that there were legal and illegal words. Which words are proscribed by law [as opposed to proscribed by the RiotACT automatic filters]?

Well if they’re illegal and filtered you can’t really post them can you? :o)

Whatever, I think most intelligent people filtered this nutbag out in their own minds before he was moderated anyways.

poptop poptop 1:54 pm 03 Mar 09

I was unaware that there were legal and illegal words. Which words are proscribed by law [as opposed to proscribed by the RiotACT automatic filters]?

Kramer Kramer 1:48 pm 03 Mar 09

A comment gets caught by automatic language/moderation filter, resulting in mass conspiracy theories and excessive uppercase. I’m not keen on the idea of people with this kind of paranoia and attitude patrolling our streets.

How about we leave the policing to the police – have you heard of these guys Bob? If you are so passionate about our community, then consider becoming a cop.

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