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Is Andrew Barr’s push for the top job on?

By johnboy - 30 July 2009 31

In CityNews Michael Moore is speculating that a full blown leadership run is underway from Andrew Barr and the so called “right” of the ACT ALP.

    The manoeuvring has now begun for the first right-faction government to take power in the ACT.

    Unlike other parliaments, the Chief Minister of the ACT is not just the leader of the majority party but is elected by vote on the floor of the Assembly. However, the structure of the parties and the voting system still put a right-faction Labor member as favourite in any vote for Chief Minister.

    However, it may be assumed that Hargreaves understands the election process used in the Assembly for choosing a Chief Minister. He can be pretty confident that the Greens will not vote for the Liberals. Therefore, any right-faction candidate put up by Labor will be elected. And the right faction does have the numbers within Labor’s parliamentary caucus. Katy Gallagher and Simon Corbell are from the left and Jon Stanhope non-aligned. The other four are from the right faction – Mary Porter, Andrew Barr, John Hargreaves and Joy Burch. The time is right for them to ask what chance they have at the next election of improving their position with Jon Stanhope at the helm.

Others have noticed that for the first time in the nearly eight years of Jon Stanhope’s long rule that the Chief Minister’s media release page is no longer a comprehensive collection of the public utterances of his ministers.

Andrew Barr’s last media release there was on 17 June. Over on however, he’s been very busy with 11 announcements made since that time.

I think it was about two months ago that RiotACT’s all seeing eye had to be tasked with keeping a lookout on Mr Barr’s page as well as the Chief’s. Something that has never been necessary in eight year.

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Is Andrew Barr’s push for the top job on?
Skidbladnir 10:10 am 31 Jul 09

Erm, details of flower festivals.
He doesn’t happily discuss the details of being an openly gay man at flower festivals (as far as I’m aware).

Skidbladnir 10:03 am 31 Jul 09

Does anyone think it strange that the fact of the ACT Labor Right is an openly gay man, who happily talks about the details at flower festivals, and on the day the news broke about his potential leadership challenger had this as his leading headline on his website?

I have only met Andrew Barr for about five minutes tops way back in the Ago, (before they kept handing him poison chalices like school closures) but he seemed nice.
Corbell, on the other hand, is a creep.

Pandy 9:25 am 31 Jul 09

Corbell who?

housebound 8:25 am 31 Jul 09

School closures, planning.

I’ld pick Corbell, not that we ever get a say.

Pandy 11:14 pm 30 Jul 09

red, you killed me!

bigred 10:38 pm 30 Jul 09

And why not John Hargreaves for CM? He could campaign on lifting the BAC limit to something more reasonable like 0.2. Hic!

Pandy 10:26 pm 30 Jul 09

A competent gay, or an incompetent shrew for CM? Let me think about it………

TAD 10:26 pm 30 Jul 09

Anything away from JS is in the right direction for me.

bd84 9:23 pm 30 Jul 09

The media releases often dry up for a week or two, it must coincide with holidays of media advisers or something. Looking a the page all but Barr have releases posted in the last week. But then most of the releases are rubbish anyway, especially when chairman Jon gets on his soapbox and spouts crap about the opposition and greens instead of using it for government releases.

futto 9:10 pm 30 Jul 09

I weep for the lacking quality representation here. Career party hacks, all of them.

Anna Key 9:07 pm 30 Jul 09

Jeez, its a pretty shallow talent pool. Keep going Jon. I guess it is hard not to be arrogant when there is no decent opposition at all to your power, either within the ALP or outside of it.

Primal 8:34 pm 30 Jul 09

Rattenbury for CM!

Clown Killer 8:07 pm 30 Jul 09

It’s not a hard call really. Barr over poor dumb Gallagher any day.

Thumper 6:35 pm 30 Jul 09

Stanhope is jaded, cynical and arrogant. The masses tire of his petulant histrionics.

Barr is playing his cards well.

Then again, he needs to do so as Gallagher is the apparent annointed one.

I’d rather Barr frankly.

astrojax 6:09 pm 30 Jul 09

my facebook page keeps suggesting him as a friend ’cause we both went to anu.

forgive my stupidity, but if the party structure and [more importantly] the voting system itself ‘favours an alp right faction member’ isn’t this a bit biased and needs changing; or is it the particular vagaries and voting history of the electorate that provides this effect? and if so, anyway, oughn’t we to change it??

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