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Is Deb Foskey the Anti-Christ?

By Ari - 5 March 2007 57

Rumours have reached Canberra from the Vatican that the ACT’s own Greens Party hypocrite Deb Foskey could be the Anti-Christ.

The Times reports: An arch-conservative cardinal chosen by the Pope to deliver this year’s Lenten meditations to the Vatican hierarchy has caused consternation by giving warning of an Antichrist who is “a pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist”.

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57 Responses to
Is Deb Foskey the Anti-Christ?
Ralph 4:05 pm 05 Mar 07

Agree. There are many reputable scientists who disagree with the theory of global warming. Consensus science can be extremely dangerous.

There is a ground-breaking paper being published within weeks which provides solid evidence linking solar activity and cloud formation.

For you Maelinar, here’s a link to a report by a panel of scientists casting doubt on the IPCC’s report.

The IPCC report is also based upon flawed economic assumptions.

Anyway, this whole debate is getting tiresome. We should be more concerned about who is running the global show 100 years from now, I hope it continues to be the west.

Maelinar 4:03 pm 05 Mar 07

If you knew whom I work for, you may want to reconsider your estimation.

The science is good, and it’s been ratified. Why else would you explain such a sudden turnaround by JWH ?

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 4:02 pm 05 Mar 07

There’s plenty of evidence that humans are affecting our environment, but exactly how and to what level this is occurring is, truly, not known. ‘Greenhouse gases’, ‘global warming’, ‘carbon credits’ are all great buzz words, but very few people actually understand what they really mean. They are generally used by the media and politicians to fear-monger, so as to get people on side.

I think many scientists agree that humankind is having a global impact, but the true nature of that impact cannot yet be determined. It doesn’t stop dogooders from preaching, and companies from using it for advertising, but it really needs to be kept in perspective.

I for one drive a V8 because I think Canberra needs a beach. What are YOU doing to help this cause?

bonfire 3:35 pm 05 Mar 07

yeah i see it goes all the way back to – wait for it – 1750!!!!

what a convenient point to start measurements from. its in historical records that there were mini-ice ages in europe in the last 1000 years.

vineyards in britain, wheat grown in greenland etc.

this report you link to is not accepted as a FACT it is a collection of views.

there are other views:

global warming may or may not be occurring.

global warming may be a natural event, cyclical in nature.

im not saying we shouldnt take advantage of technology to celan up our polluting ways, but to ascribe to green religion and ignore science – or even worse – make religion into accpeted science via gerrymandered UN bodies – is not a good idea.

there is simply not enough evidence to support the manmade global warming theory.

Maelinar 3:16 pm 05 Mar 07

Here’s the report confirming that it’s actually, infact, human caused global warming.

For information only, it’s got nothing to do with the anti-christ.

zephyr9673 3:04 pm 05 Mar 07

I think the accepted position is both.

Natural and Human added.

No, I don’t think Deb is the anti-crist, obviously we are talking about the nouvo Greens, the liberals.

They are pacifist, how many liberals are in the front line?

Who isn’t Ecumeist these days?

Anyone with heart is going to do the Opposite of what the liberals tell them, they will do anything to hold power even unite religion.

Yeah, my money is on John Howard.

astrojax 3:04 pm 05 Mar 07

Sure, there have been changes in the earth’s climate in the geological past [ie huge time scales] but there is no [ie none] doubt among all [is every one] leading and reputable scientists that the current change in the earth’s climate (which is all we’re worried about here, no?) is at least in part [and in an extensive part] due to the interventions of you and me, Bonfire. You and me. And a few billion other humans…

Also, why is it the case that such people that are yet to be persuaded of the fact of the matter of human causes in climate change are so eager to deride the efforts to alleviate it, when those same efforts, in any case, would lead to less smog and pollution and a healthier [in all the circumstances] lifestyle for more people? Isn’t it all win-win anyway?? (I ask metaphorically musing…)

That said, John Howard is getting all green and cosy… an anti-christ PM? ah, but this is RiotACT [ie concerned with Canberra] and li’l ol’ Johnny H has nothing to do with that..!

bonfire 1:45 pm 05 Mar 07

im not wrong, but you cant prove you are right maelinar.

iirc there have been several ice ages and global warming events – predating the rise of the primate.

its hubris to suggest we can control these cycles.

but, i (and this is a tough one) agree with seepi.

Maelinar 1:40 pm 05 Mar 07

Bonfire, I’m not going to even bother with the scientific evidence behind why you are wrong. I spend my daily working life reading through the science and can assure you, upon my professional reputation, that global warming exists, and it was caused by humans.

I appreciate the pun you provided as an example however, and there are those out there who will believe anything you pump at them, I think they also regularly watch ACA, TT and Big Brother as well, and regularly SMS vote on hot issues on Sunrise on 7, not that I’m steriotyping.

seepi 1:26 pm 05 Mar 07

A cautious or sensible approach would be to take precautions against global warming just in case it is true.

gurunik 1:23 pm 05 Mar 07

scant evidence??? geez bonfire, where you been? after 15years of trying to shoot it down, the weight of evidence from a myriad of respected and verifiable sources shows that we, as human beings, are having a drastic effect upon the planets climate.
why as a species are we so bent on destroying the world?

bonfire 12:33 pm 05 Mar 07

a lot of green mantra is religious in nature.

theres scant evidence for many of their claims – such as ‘global warming’ yet they believe in it, thay have faith.

faith is the central component of any religion. that way the religion masters/priests/shamans/witch doctors can make up any bizarre claim they like and the believers believe it.

DarkLadyWolfMother 12:27 pm 05 Mar 07

An Anti-Christ who is a pacifist? That’s just Evil.

Ralph 12:06 pm 05 Mar 07

Al Gore.

Thumper 12:03 pm 05 Mar 07


But I want Horatio Nelson to confirm this with a DNA sample compared to the DNA on the miriad of ‘genuine’ nails from the ‘genuine’ cross…

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