Is it just my tap??

bubzie 3 July 2008 8

I just went to the tap in the kitchen to get some water (believe it or not! =]) and was absolutely disgusted.
The water wasnt any normal colour, it was whiteish.

Please tell me, its not just my tap dispensing..that coloured water!!
(note: I’m in calwell, so please tell me there’s someone else from around north cooma/tuggeranong who’s experiencing this!!)

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8 Responses to Is it just my tap??
Mælinar Mælinar 2:47 pm 04 Jul 08

Holts water supply has changed over – happens irregularly, or could be something to do with the Brindabella (or whatever it is they are calling West McGregor now) development.

Hi Kitty7 I live up the other end of the street as you. Most of us have given up complaining – I took the initiative and didn’t bother when my neighbour told me a long story on this topic and the woeful inadequacy of ACTEW to do anything about it.

I recommend buying one of those water purifiers that filter the water through limestone or something, its regular enough in our area to warrant continual filtering of your drinking water.

Kitty7 Kitty7 2:04 pm 04 Jul 08

I am in Holt. Had a letter last week saying they were going to be doing maintenance and water to the area would be off from 9 – 3. It was turned off at 8.50 which was annoying because I had another container to fill up just in case. My water was brown till I gave up and went to bed. Had followed instructions about running tap furthest from metre for 2 minutes and to repeat an hour later if still dirty. I rang Actew and they said they would come and flush the mains if they had enough complaints in the area. I ran the tap outside another 2 times with no change. Even today it doesn’t seem completely clear, but I give up.

I am guessing that the problem this side of town is maybe something to do with Macgregor West. BTW, does anyone know when the roundabout on Parkwood road on the way to the tip will be open? The traffic lights are annoying, and are very poorly timed

peterh peterh 11:30 am 04 Jul 08


oh dear, it is a funny color, what am I to do?

try living in adelaide. the water here is great, at least you don’t have to drink it with a spoon….

the coloration can be caused by flushing of the reservoirs, pressure increases, etc.
unless it is announced that there is a problem by ACTEW, ok to drink. if you don’t want to bath the littlies in it, use baby wipes. cleans them up without making unnecessary worry for you or them.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 10:53 am 04 Jul 08

Yeah, it’s just your tap

crazyfish crazyfish 7:28 pm 03 Jul 08

No problem in Fadden either.

I’m told these sorts of things can happen for a number of reasons, depending on what has been happening “up-stream” from where you are. By Up-stream I mean from the header tank on down. You can see the header-tanks high up on slopes all over Canberra (I have a vague memory of reading that there’s something like 28 of them?). Apparently they are filled periodically and the gravity feed from there gives us our water pressure. I wonder if the pumping that occurs to get the water into the tanks forces more oxygen absorption or something. I’m sure someone out there has all the details!

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 6:48 pm 03 Jul 08

Calwell here, and no problems.

Feebles Feebles 5:34 pm 03 Jul 08

Kind of related(?) Last night the bath water was tinged brown (you could really only notice it in a large body of water like a bath). Kind of grossed me out so we didn’t wash bubba’s hair. We live Northside (Macgregor). Any idea what’s going on?

Pesty Pesty 5:13 pm 03 Jul 08

That is usually dissolved oxygen, nothing to worry about, let it stand in a glass and it should clear. if not …. PANIC! (joking)

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