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Is Kambah really that bad?

By skiddy - 14 September 2010 82

Hi Everyone

We’re moving our young family over from Perth and are thinking of buying in Kambah.

I hear good things and then REALLY bad things.

Are some parts better than others? Are the Kambah Village shops ok? 

Opinions much appreciated.

What’s Your opinion?

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82 Responses to
Is Kambah really that bad?
Clown Killer 10:04 am 14 Sep 10

Kambah’s a nice place.

In a way the amenity of Kambah kind of follows some fairly predictable socio-economic stereo-types. The parts of Kambah that are higher on the slopes of Mt Taylor and that abut the nature reserves and golf course on the west have larger, nicer homes with (generally) nicer folk living there. The low-lying areas, along the major arterial roads and around the now dated and somewhat unkempt Kambah Village tend to have smaller homes, a higher proportion of renters and what you might describe as perhaps a less genteel population.

Being the northern-most of the Tuggeranong suburbs, most parts of Kambah have good access to the arterial roads heading north towards the city and the Parliamentary triangle. If the tales of traffic grid-lock coming from those living in the north are to be believed, then the commute from Kambah is a breeze by comparison. As an example the drive from Kambah to Kingston takes around 15 minutes if you leave at 8.00am.

There’s great access to the nature reserves (Mt Taylor and Mt Arrawang) as well as the horse paddocks, equestrian trails, walking tracks, bike paths just watch out at Kambah Pool (on the Murrumbidgee river) if the thought of gay sex in public unsettles you.

Very Busy 10:04 am 14 Sep 10

There are certainly worse suburbs than Kambah that you could live in. Some pockets of Kambah may be a bit dodgey but on the whole it is not too bad. Some of Tuggeranong’s most expensive real estate is in Kambah. Learmonth Drive, Gleneagles and some areas below Sulwood Drive are very good areas with large blocks and great views. There is good community spirit in much of the suburb.

Wanniassa also has some dodgey areas and some very good areas. I wouldn’t worry too much about the name when comparing these two suburbs, just choose the right street and be thorough with your research.

If you are moving from interstate and have no particular ties to any part of the ACT I would highly recommend buying in Tuggeranong and as close to the town centre as possible. If you can’t buy close to the town centre then the northern Tuggeranong suburbs such as Fadden, Kambah and Wanniassa would also be good due to their good access to the rest of Canberra. There are a lot of facilities, employment and recreation around Tuggeranong which should be good for capital growth. It also has the beautiful backdrop of the Brindabella Ranges.

Le Rouge et le Noir 9:58 am 14 Sep 10

it is the biggest suburb in the city

It is (apparently) the largest suburb in the southern hemisphere. I recall reading that somewhere a few years ago but can’t find anything now to substantiate the claim.

It is definitely the largest suburb in Canberra though.

KB1971 9:53 am 14 Sep 10

colourful sydney racing identity said :

Kambah has had a pretty bad reputation, but it seems the types that have given it the reputationhave moved further south, from my experience, you want to stay away from Chisholm/Richardson on the south side.

Chisholm/ Richardson is OK too if you pick your areas, I lived in Richo for 7 years, my brorther in law lives there & has done for 10 years.

No problems to date.

watto23 9:50 am 14 Sep 10

Yeah true that there are no really bad suburbs in Canberra. The reputation stems from large amounts of government housing in Kambah, many of it sold now to people.

I guess there are parts that still have a few old govvie homes with some dodgy looking people in them, but i’d be looking at the area first even if its on google maps and street view.

Still for travel to the City it is split by a major road straight to the city.. Maybe 15 minutes in good traffic, 20-25 in bad traffic.

Rollersk8r 9:49 am 14 Sep 10

Agree with what others have said – it is Canberra’s biggest suburb; and just like any suburb there are good and bad spots. Kambah is also the gateway to Canberra’s southern suburbs, which are relatively new. This means lots of young families and teenage kids making the news for the wrong reasons, which may account for some of its bad rep.

damien haas 9:45 am 14 Sep 10

Have you considered moving to Charnwood ? its a vibrant, diverse, exciting suburb.

Sammy 9:37 am 14 Sep 10

There are no *really* bad suburbs in Canberra, except for perhaps Oaks Estate.

p1 9:29 am 14 Sep 10

colourful sydney racing identity said :

…though some parts are better than others (like almost every suburb in Canberra).

Kambah’s problem is that it is the biggest suburb in the city (at least I think it easy, it’s easily twice the size of most others). So where most suburbs have good and bad areas, that is made all the more obvious in such a big suburb. The shops are a little run down (purely on the basis of their age) and tend to attract the types of people who say “youse” a lot.

On the up side, Kambah is the northernmost suburb of the deep south (ie, not too far from civilisation), has several facilities (BMX track, golf course), and I imagine can be a nice place to live if you have nice neighbours. Which is the same as anywhere else really.

Just expect to be looked down on by everyone who doesn’t live in Charnwood.

Die Lefty Scum 9:29 am 14 Sep 10

In short, no it isn’t bad at all.

DeadlySchnauzer 9:18 am 14 Sep 10

Wanniassa has lots of nice architecturally designed houses, because it has the whole mansion in the hills thing going on.

Kambah is the only suburb in the ACT that did not follow the ACT urban space and planning guidelines.

I don’t know if either of those things are important in any way.

Noezis 9:16 am 14 Sep 10

Of the two choices Wanniassa has better long term prospects for appreciation and resale value. Wanniassa has been undervalued for a few years and the market has only just realised the potential of the suburb.
Kambah being a larger suburb has more listings of homes which results in more competition if you ever move to sell your property and in turn the value of your property is slightly diluted.

trevar 9:15 am 14 Sep 10

It really depends on your sensitivities. I’m originally from Western Sydney, so I find Kambah to be a remarkably drug-free, violence-free and an incredibly tolerant and cohesive community. If you came from Vaucluse or Toorak, however, you might find it to be a cesspool of filth and violence. Really, it might be the least pleasant suburb in Canberra, but that doesn’t mean much! Canberrans think it’s bad because they don’t know what bad is (and that’s a really good thing)!

There are a few spots in Kambah that are worse than others, but generally, the suburb is as safe as any other in Canberra. Drugs, alcohol, violence and their related issues may be a little more prominent, but like anywhere, you can keep these outside your door by locking it. Access to law enforcement might be a little better than most parts of Canberra, mainly because a patrol car is more likely to be in the area…

Kambah Village is not a pleasant place at night, but it’s alright during the day. The residential areas immediately to the east and south of it are the better parts of Kambah.

Still, if I was choosing between Kambah and Wanni, I’d choose Wanni.

colourful sydney rac 9:11 am 14 Sep 10

Absolute rubbish. It is one of the better places I have lived in Canberra – though some parts are better than others (like almost every suburb in Canberra). Do your research before you move here and please don’t rely on an internet forum for that…

Kambah has had a pretty bad reputation, but it seems the types that have given it the reputationhave moved further south, from my experience, you want to stay away from Chisholm/Richardson on the south side.

If you are serious about moving to Canberra, come and spend a week here, and walk around the streets of the suburbs you are interested in – you will quickly get a feel for the area.

The Kambah Village shops do need a serious refurb though.

PBO 8:54 am 14 Sep 10

Are you kidding? I would stay away from there at all costs! We dont even talk about that particular place because it is so dodgy. There is dog poo everywhere and the locals all seem to forget one letter in every word they say and it is really hard to understand them sometimes.

And there is something wrong with the water there too and I think that most of the locals are related. Lottsa ranga’s…..

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