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Is the RAAF full of big girls’ blouses nowadays?

By troll-sniffer 27 January 2012 24

super hornets

Strolling up Mt Ainslie this morning I was excited to see three FA/18 Hornets approaching from the south.  They made quite a sight as they turned away to the north west and with my 20/20 vision I was just able to track them as they made a long orbit way to the south before a single pass east to west along the lake and then…  bye!  

I guess the boffins are only able to authorise such a timid display of airliner-style flying in case Mr and Mrs Citizen down at the lake claim that their progeny are traumatised by the sight and sounds of military hardware.

If that’s the best they can do better they stay home and work out ways to keep the cotton wool wrapped around the noisy minority.

[Photo by Devil_n_Disquiz]

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24 Responses to
Is the RAAF full of big girls’ blouses nowadays?
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LSWCHP 12:16 am 28 Jan 12

Stevian said :

futto said :

. I really want them to churn up the water on the lake, the way the US Navy does in San Fransisco Bay.

If you want to see that then go to San Francisco.

If you want a *real* airshow, go to San Diego, location of NAS Miramar, although I think the Marines own it now.

It was the “Fightertown USA” base where they made “Top Gun”. I’ve been to two airshows there, and they go all day. It’s just a continuous day long series of passes and aerobatics by every aircraft you could imagine, from old WW2 prop planes to Stealth fighters. And it’s all right in front of you, perhaps 200m away.

The highlight was seeing the Blue Angels working out. Truly amazing skills and fantastic technology combined with balls of steel, right over the tops of our heads. Simultaneous head on crossing runs by multiple aircraft with 900 knot closing speeds etc. Of course, if any tiny thing had gone pear shaped then thousands would’ve died in the flaming wreckage.:-)

deye 10:49 pm 27 Jan 12

yoyo23 said :

It’s the reason I would travel to see an air show if I could see it all again.

On the other hand, cow bells would be cool too! is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, held every two years and is on again next year. There are smaller ones at Illawara yearly, and regular smaller shows at Temora.

MJay 8:41 pm 27 Jan 12

Deref said :

I’ve always assumed that it’s a cost thing – I suppose it costs in the thousands of dollars per minute to keep those things airborne.

When Obama came to town the cost being quoted by the media was $30 000 an hour per jet.

So yes very expensive. But a very cool site IMO.

yoyo23 7:34 pm 27 Jan 12

deye said :

Thoroughly Smashed said :

If you were after an airshow, the middle of a city is exactly the place you won’t find one.

Victory In The Pacific day airshow 2005

over the central basin. Was a great day, would love it if they did a similar show again.

That was the best air show I have ever seen. The F/A-18’s that day were absolutely awesome. Low & slow, then to vertical. Low & screamingly fast with the afterburners, turns to produce cloud over the wings… Truly spectacular and it was a long display with something like 10 fly overs (plus all the other planes that day). It’s the reason I would travel to see an air show if I could see it all again.

On the other hand, cow bells would be cool too!

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