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Is this the end for Tharwa Bridge? And thus Tharwa?

By Thumper 28 September 2006 19

It would seem that the ALPs long term plans for Canberra do not in anyway include Tharwa. Apparently the bridge is now indefinitely closed to all traffic, including pedestrians.

Now one could suggest that maybe this is Mr Stanhope’s way of getting back at one of his most strident critics, Val Jeffery, who we remember took Stanhope to task over the fires.

However, I would not suggest this is the case. Moreso, the sleepy little town of Tharwa does not seem to fit the Stanhope view of the world and so, by death from a thousand cuts, he is slowly killing the place.

First the school, now the bridge. People will be forced to move and no-one will want to move back. The town will die and Canberra will have lost a living part of it’s heritage.

Interesting that the government closes the school then refuses to fix the bridge meaning that students will now have to spend extra time getting to a school when there is a perfectly good school already in existence.

I have but one question. How can the ACT government not fix the bridge?

We have the GDE, the gaol, the aboretum, but there is no money to fix a bridge. The residents of Tharwa have commented that they feel like third world citizens. I have to agree with them.

This is surely one of the lowest points of the Stanhope government’s administration and a clear sign of their contempt for the electorate.

The history of the bridge is here.

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Is this the end for Tharwa Bridge? And thus Tharwa?
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ant 8:46 pm 29 Sep 06

Actually, I’m third generation canberran (are you, Vic bitterman?).

Big Al 6:18 pm 29 Sep 06

You can go to places in Europe and see cars and trucks using bridges built by the bloody Romans!

This looks like another example of the age old response to dealing with heritage places – simply ignore it until it’s too fucked to fix and then knock it down – only works if you’ve got the money to by a new one … and it probably helps if the community that benefits from it hasn’t been a vocal critic of the useless saps we ave to call our Government.

Pandy 10:15 pm 28 Sep 06

Gosh Vic.

Vic Bitterman 10:07 pm 28 Sep 06

I’m torn. Ms Ant (who does not live in the ACT BTW, and has probably never visited there 🙂 has raised a poignant discussion piece.

I regularly use the Tharwa bridge to get to my favoured places of recreational pursuits (ie I piss off to fish in Eucs or Tannie, or do some bush walking in Namadgi or Kosi).

The bridge has seen better days and deserves to be replaced.

I’m a staunch dragway supporter, and all you leso commo pinko greenos can go and fuck off, your arguments are bullshit and I laugh at them.

But if it came to a dragway, or a Tharwa bridge – well, I believe the return on investment to our community is better served in replacing the Tharwa bridge.

Simple as that.

ant 9:51 pm 28 Sep 06

Hey, how dare the people of Tharwa expect basic infrastructure like a bridge? Canberra has important priorities, like a Dragway.

Pandy 5:16 pm 28 Sep 06

That was how BAD cuppabumalong was!!!!!

Smackbang 2:28 pm 28 Sep 06

> Better wait for the restaurant strip along Anketell Strip.


Pandy 1:28 pm 28 Sep 06

It is way too much to re-build the termite ridden Tharwa bridge. Again.
Get rid of it and replace it with a steel replica. Even Val Jefferies (un-elected mayor) thinks it is past it’s prime.

As for Cuppabumalong, never will we set foot in it again after it terrible service we got there a couple of years ago. Better wait for the restaurant strip along Anketell Strip.

Roland GRNS 12:20 pm 28 Sep 06

Cuppacumbalong closed after the fires due to the loss of tourist custom.

roccon 11:03 am 28 Sep 06

Nominate Tharwa, Tharwa Bridge, the local school, residents and all things Tharwa here for a living treasure award.

caf 10:48 am 28 Sep 06

What exactly is the easy solution to the bridge? And when you say “refuses to fix the bridge”, has that actually been said or is it just speculation?

Danman 10:44 am 28 Sep 06

edit – Here!

Danman 10:42 am 28 Sep 06

captain – this level crossing idea has been broght up by me before. A quick look on the heritage list database here yielded no results for Tharwa bridge so one can assume that the gummint dont care about it.

Danman 10:38 am 28 Sep 06

From The Australian Gummint Culture and Recreation Portal is this gold nugger RE the opening of Tharwa Bridge

At the opening of the Tharwa Bridge in 1895, the guest of honour, Ngunnawal woman Nellie Hamilton, said:

I no tink much of your law. You come here and take my land, kill my possum, my kangaroo; leave me starve. Only gib me rotten blanket. Me take calf or sheep, you been shoot me, or put me in jail. You bring your bad sickness ‘mong us.
Source: Canberra, the Guide, edited by Ken Taylor and David Headon, page 9

Hope the emebedded link works

captainwhorebags 10:23 am 28 Sep 06

If the bridge is too costly to repair for vehicle traffic, then why not put a low level crossing (such as Coppins or Uriarra) in and redo the bridge as a historical footbridge.

Only downfall I can see is that if river floods, then the crossing at Tharwa and at Point Hut would be out.

johnboy 10:23 am 28 Sep 06

You cant even get a decent macchiato there, why would the ALP care about it ?

Oh please! Cuppacumbalong does great coffee, maybe the comrades need a field trip? The garden down there should a treat this time of year.

Thumper 10:18 am 28 Sep 06

I suggest that they would be better off…

roccon 10:04 am 28 Sep 06

Should Tharwa try to become part of NSW again ?

bonfire 10:03 am 28 Sep 06

You cant even get a decent macchiato there, why would the ALP care about it ?

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