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_Brad_ 7 November 2014 13


just wondering if anyone knows a way of getting some work experience in IT. I have just completed Certificate IV in IT and finding it a bit difficult to get a job without any experience.

I am happy to do a day a week a month or year. Just want to get as much experience as I can.

It doesn’t matter if the work experience is paid or unpaid. I have skills and knowledge of Active Directory,DNS, DHCP, Windows Server, XP, 7, 8. I can also do queries and programming with SQL . Any feedback would be much appreciated.



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13 Responses to IT Work Experience
pink little birdie pink little birdie 11:20 am 04 Dec 14

did you have any luck Brad? My partner is still looking for IT work and we are starting to consider other options

Technically able but didn’t “connect” in the interview

_Brad_ _Brad_ 5:33 pm 12 Nov 14

Hey ausbradr, Thanks for the ideas and tips.

ausbradr ausbradr 2:29 pm 11 Nov 14

Hmmm, I may have to ask my boss if we can take on a work experience person. I do know we had one at some stage last year, but she was in the middle of her studies. If you’ve just completed a study, that might change things.

We’ve been quite busy as of late, and whilst you’re there to learn, it’s important to have some hands-on experience with technologies (especially fiddly things like Cisco IOS). I’ll make another post in the thread inviting you to email me if we can take someone on.

Also, might I suggest contacting Verser in Fyshwick (or their hiring agent Best ITE), as there might be some project work that they need to take on casual for. It’s pretty manual labour intensive, but it got me by until I landed my permanent role. Another suggestion is to look into Field Engineer roles with IT contractors. The work’s pretty easy and pays alright. Depending on where you work, you also get easy access to experiencing many technologies as well.

I was in a similar position to you (have qualifications, but just moved here and looking for a job) midway through last year. Just keep at it, and you should be able to land something. Wishing you the best of luck!

mlr mlr 10:28 pm 10 Nov 14

Another option might be to volunteer for IT tasks at any of the many NFP (Not For Profit) or NGO (Non Government Organisations) around town.

They all have a range of issues with IT, from desktops to servers. Many already have solutions in place, but many don’t.

While the tasks might seem trivial, and easy to do, many people and organisations find the simple things the most challenging. Think keeping software updated, installing new software, etc.

montana montana 1:15 pm 10 Nov 14

Maya123 said :

montana said :

Change into a female and you will get an IT job in 2 seconds

You mean, after the male gets it in one second.

You don’t believe being a female is a definite advantage when looking for an IT job?

Maya123 Maya123 12:54 pm 10 Nov 14

montana said :

Change into a female and you will get an IT job in 2 seconds

You mean, after the male gets it in one second.

watto23 watto23 11:49 am 10 Nov 14

I know you probably don’t want to do this, but getting onto a service desk is a good step in the door, then its much easier to move into other teams like desktop and server support as you’ve proven yourself. I’m not sure where you’ve been looking, but there is definately a shortage of IT people in Canberra, especially experienced (which doesn’t help you now, but should in the long term)

montana montana 10:56 am 10 Nov 14

Change into a female and you will get an IT job in 2 seconds

HenryBG HenryBG 7:58 pm 09 Nov 14

Treat each job as a learning experience, and be open when taking each job in admitting you will need mentoring because you have a lot to learn.

Attitude is far more important than qualifications or experience.

magiccar9 magiccar9 3:06 pm 09 Nov 14

Hi Brad,

Found myself in a similar situation a couple of years back. I also chose to go down the work experience (unpaid) route. I was lucky enough to find a small business who gave me 1 day a week experience. In the end it was such a wonderful experience, and although it was only short term (3 months) I think it really helped on my CV.

My best advice to you is to perhaps approach some of the places that have turned you down after interviews. You could ask them if they’d be willing to take you on unpaid for ‘x’ amount of time. That way you get experience in your field, and they get an extra set of hands. I’m sure this may not work for some places (eg. Gov depts), but I reckon you should give it a go.

Also, good on you for seeking the experience. We need more people like you willing to get out there and better yourself.

Good luck!

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 1:45 pm 09 Nov 14

A word of warning for employers on taking on someone for work experience. The Fair Work Ombudsman has recently tightened the rulings to make unpaid work experience that is not part of an accredited learning program an IR grey area. The work experience person cannot be seen to be doing anything that could be seen as work, i.e. they can’t do anything that makes a productive input to the organisation. They are allowed to watch other people be productive though.

_Brad_ _Brad_ 1:15 pm 09 Nov 14

Hi 2620watcher,

My E-mail Address is

2620watcher 2620watcher 12:47 am 09 Nov 14

Hi Brad. Maybe post up your email address so people can contact you.

For whatever reason I am not allowed to view your profile / send you a private message which makes it hard to let you know I might have something for you.

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