It’s all about the roads for Zed

johnboy 8 May 2012 15

Running a local news website really lets one know just how much people care about roads.

And let me tell you it’s more than they care about anything else.

So Zed Seselja’s probably onto a winner with a roads roads roads approach:

The Canberra Liberals will raise the state of ACT roads as a matter of public importance in the Legislative Assembly today. ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja said the Canberra Liberals’ commitment to give Canberrans the best local government in the country means focussing on the local issues that matter to residents, such as roads.

“The Canberra Liberals understand roads are a big issue for Canberrans because we’ve asked them,” Mr Seselja said today.

The tricky bit is what the public are willing to give up to get better roads.

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15 Responses to It’s all about the roads for Zed
zippyzippy zippyzippy 12:35 am 09 May 12

”The Canberra Liberals understand roads are a big issue for Canberrans because we’ve asked them,” Mr Seselja said today.’

Well, the roads would say that, wouldn’t they.

gooterz gooterz 6:19 pm 08 May 12

Light rail is like a road for trains. If we had one the roads wouldnt need upgrading all the time!

Perhaps if we didnt pay for politicians then we could spend that money on the roads… just saying

AG Canberra AG Canberra 5:56 pm 08 May 12

Speaking of roads – anyone know if the new Kings Highway section built by the ACT gov will actually be asphalted or if it will stay a cheap coarse chip arrangement?

If this is an indication of all new reoads that will be built in the future we are stuffed.

Primal Primal 4:32 pm 08 May 12

So no actual plans or ideas to improve things from their current state? Good-o. Business as usual for the opposition, then…

rosscoact rosscoact 2:58 pm 08 May 12

Less roads, more public art

poetix poetix 2:47 pm 08 May 12

He just had to mention art as a Bad Thing:

‘This government would rather spend taxpayer money on artwork on the side of unfinished roads than actually make necessary investments in the roads themselves.’

Rank populism. (Why is populism always rank? It seems to be a rule.) I suppose this makes me less of a Canberran, or at least a fringe dweller; kind of an anti-road nit. He uses Canberra or Canberran five times in those two sentences quoted above.

Sgt.Bungers Sgt.Bungers 2:31 pm 08 May 12

I’ll be voting for whichever party promises to alieviate road congestion by building dedicated cycle routes for commuting. A party with a vision of making cycling such an attractive alternative to the private motor car, that at least 20% of people switch to commuting by bicycle within the next decade.

Hence, I probably won’t be voting.

Mysteryman Mysteryman 2:08 pm 08 May 12

slashdot said :

I’d give up:

– crappy public art
– human rights nonsense
– the gaol
– arboretum
– self government

Oh good ones. I would give up those, too.

Very Busy Very Busy 1:22 pm 08 May 12

Maybe Zed would only build the roads once. That way we could have more of them.

slashdot slashdot 1:13 pm 08 May 12

I’d give up:

– crappy public art
– human rights nonsense
– the gaol
– arboretum
– self government

Mysteryman Mysteryman 12:57 pm 08 May 12

I’ll gladly give up the money wasted on public art.

p1 p1 12:54 pm 08 May 12

I’d be willing to accept all the roads in the ACT being returned to dirt, if it meant better funding for kite flying facilities.

trevar trevar 12:28 pm 08 May 12

I think we should close all the schools. School funding could certainly go a long way towards giving us better roads, and when the rubber meets the road, those schools aren’t getting us anywhere…

Thumper Thumper 12:16 pm 08 May 12

Really, our roads, for all the faults, are pretty good.

buzz819 buzz819 12:10 pm 08 May 12

What give stuff up AND have better roads… I didn’t know it was one or the other.

Well I think I can go with out cigarettes, I mean I don’t smoke and never have, but that’s a sacrifice right?

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