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It’s on! Stefaniak challenges Brendan Smyth for the Liberal Leadership

By johnboy 15 May 2006 9

Bill Stefaniak has challenged Brendan Smyth for the Liberal leadership. According to ABC radio he has the support of Richard Mulcahy and Vicki Dunne.

You have to wonder if Mulcahy isn’t using Stefaniak as a stalking horse. Or if Stefaniak feels this is last chance at the Leadership before the new breed take over.

UPDATED: Radio National have Zed Seselja in the Stefaniak column and are calling it game over. I think a 6-1 ballot is becoming possible as the rats jump ship.

Another Update: The ABC report is now up.

MORE UPDATES: Steve Pratt on the ABC is here. The Canberra Times feature is also online.

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9 Responses to
It’s on! Stefaniak challenges Brendan Smyth for the Liberal Leadership
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johnboy 10:33 am 16 May 06

Stefaniak has said he’ll resign if he doesn’t win the next election.

So that’s where Zed’s support comes from I’d say.

Thumper 8:41 am 16 May 06

We know well and truly where Mr Pratt stands. He has been quoted on the ABC site saying that “the Liberals should instead be concentrating on attacking the Government’s poor economic management”

Well, I’m afraid to say that no matter how badly the government has mismanaged the budget, it was making no difference.

Sometimes a change is needed.

Thumper 7:54 am 16 May 06

The Alan Clark Diaries. Excellent!

johnboy 10:09 pm 15 May 06

Every time i grind along a 50km street in third gear I think of Brendan unfavourably.

unfair, yes. unkind, certainly.

but i comfort myself with the knowledge that, if all politicians were hounded through eternity for all their decisions by vengeful bastards like me, we’d have a better system.

Pandy 10:07 pm 15 May 06

Brendan lost it when he said tough tities about the caravan park.

Kerces 8:56 pm 15 May 06

The 7pm ABC radio news bulletin said Bill was set to take the ballot (to be held tonight I think. Presumably Markus will have the names for us in tomorrow’s CT.

This does explain somewhat the slightly oddly worded email I received from Mulcahy’s adviser this afternoon in relation to an email interview, in which he said “Unfortunately, Mr Mulcahy will be unable to participate at this time”. Twas the “at this time” that struck me.

johnboy 8:01 pm 15 May 06

personally I blame the Alan Clark Diaries on the ABC.

johnboy 7:46 pm 15 May 06

Politics is all about the numbers.

Stefaniak has three of seven.

Pratt won’t join Dunne you’d think.
Brendan will vote for himself (although he’ll be thinking of John Gorton refusing to serve on the basis of his own vote)

So that leaves Burke and Seselja.

Seselja is young, so while he may be impatient he’ll also know that time is on his side, the younger Smyth is a greater problem for his ambitions than either Mulcahy or Stefaniak.

And Burke? Now there’s a wildcard.

Thumper 6:39 pm 15 May 06

It’s about bloody time. The Libs have been stale for years and Brendan, as good as he may be, is just not going to cut it against the comrade.

Stefaniak’s bid for the leadership will bring a bit more solidity to the party leading into the next election and it will also set up Mulcahy to slide like a latch with a spray of WD40 into the position.

Wild Bill isn’t doing this for himself. I think he’s seen the writing on the wall and has realised that if he can get the leadership he can groom Mulcahy for the future. This has more to do with the party than personal aspirations. After all, Wild Bill is quite comfortable where he is and could make a lot more money outside politics.

A brave move by the big fella, who I have the utmost respect for, but as stated, I think there’s a bigger plan at issue here.

Bring it on as they say and let’s hope for the sake of an opposition that he succeeds.

Equally, if Brendan loses, then let’s hope that he doesn’t throw it away and chuck it in as I believe he has a lot to offer this Territory if he gets the chance.

And maybe, just maybe, we will have a functional opposition to at least put the wind up the comrade.

(Hint, boys and girls, put Mr Pratt back in is box for a while as he’s starting to sound like a whining child. Let him loose down the track….)

What’s the early betting?

I’m going for Wild Bill but only if the opposition has the brains to realise that they are going no-where with Brendan as leader.

(Disclaimer: I had a yarn with the big bloke on ANZAC day and he never once mentioned politics which I admired.)

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