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It’s raining!

By Thumper - 26 June 2007 49

And whats more, it is apparently raining in the catchment, you know, that magical place far far away where it never actually rains.

I’m still at a loss as to why we are scheduled to go to Stage 4 water restrictions in a month or so when it has been raining quite nicely for the past two months, if not more.

How can we have been on Stage 3 restrictions in summer when it had not rained for what seemed like years, but now, when it has been raining, we are looking at Stage 4.

Or is it that the magical fairy land of the Kingdom of the catchment somehow misses all this rain?

Someone telling porkies about our water supply? Or maybe just bending the truth to suit a political or economic agenda?


What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
It’s raining!
Sammy 11:50 am 26 Jun 07

How is the odds and evens system ‘unnecessarily complicated’?

I guess it might be complicated for someone who doesn’t know the difference between an odd and an even number.

flyingblind 11:44 am 26 Jun 07

Whats so bad about going to stage 4 restrictions? the sooner the average Joe blow realises we live in the driest continent and adapts their water usage to suit the better.

Then again a reduction in water consumption only serves to increase the water price, go figure!

betty 11:26 am 26 Jun 07

Swaggie, How is the odds and evens system ‘unnecessarily complicated’? Surely it’s the most simple way of letting approximately half of the population waste water on their gardens?

Thumper 11:14 am 26 Jun 07

I will add that after winter we should get an increase due to snow melts, although the fires of 2003 may have disrupted that seepage.

MWest 11:07 am 26 Jun 07

Rain does not equal inflows into the dams necessarily. After such protracted periods of drought, the ground in catchment areas is bone dry. To get good inflows the ground must reach the point were it is insoluble to water – i.e. future rain will just run off. Then we will see an increase in dam levels. The past month or so of rain has helped to soften the ground so this and future rain will yield higher inflows.

Deano 10:56 am 26 Jun 07

Tuggeranong has only recorded 11mm.

Maybe we need a dam at the airport. On second thoughts, we had better not mention it to Mr Snow.

Ralph 10:44 am 26 Jun 07

I’m expecting dam readings nothing short of 40 per cent by the end of this week.

The airport has recorded 31 mm so far.

Cityboy 10:40 am 26 Jun 07

This is a terrible drought i keep getting wet.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 10:19 am 26 Jun 07

As long as my new 110K ltr tank continues to fill before I move to my new house, I’ll be happy..

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 10:11 am 26 Jun 07

Dam levels will increase this week as there is more rain on the way. The idea, I think, is to both apply and relax restrictions in a slow and controlled manner.

Kramer 10:07 am 26 Jun 07

There’s already a slight increase in dam levels being reported by ACTEW:

Spectra 10:06 am 26 Jun 07

Couple of things:
This “quite nice” rain is still didn’t even make it to the average last month (though we’re doing a lot better this month). It takes more than a month of above average rainfall to make up for years of drought (you know, unless it’s a really big month…but I don’t think anyone except boat hire places really want that).
Second, ACTEW were saying just the other day that provided levels stay as they are (which looks promising if this keeps up), stage 4 restrictions will most likely be deferred until at least September.
So just relax a little.

Swaggie 9:54 am 26 Jun 07

Not sure about motives Thumper but any institution that can develop a system as unnecessarily complicated as the ridiculous ‘odds and evens’ system isn’t to be trusted with managing our water supply. It doesn’t seem that hard to catch water, store it, deliver it, treat it and dispose of it but our Lords and Masters do seem to be ‘grandstanding’ with their solemn pronouncements on what we can and cannot do.

emd 9:53 am 26 Jun 07

Looks like our combined dam levels have been gradually decreasing over the last 12 months. So I can understand ACTEW being worried about water.

But it also looks like we won’t get Stage 4 restrictions as expected if this rain, and our reduced water consumption, continue. Story on ABC Online.

Danman 9:48 am 26 Jun 07

This weekend I plan on doing panoramas of Googong and Corin dams – will post up results here.

I would do the others (bendora/cotter etc etc) – but they do not have easy access.

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