It’s the attention to detail

johnboy 24 September 2010 11
spelling, you're doing it wrong

Aronde has sent in this signage from the Canberra Centre’s Borders bookshop.

Not exactly building trust.

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11 Responses to It’s the attention to detail
Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 1:13 pm 26 Sep 10

I’ve seen religious, new age, hoax and fantasy books in the science section of large book shop chains. Never assume that the people working there are literate.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 5:49 am 26 Sep 10

Surely someone from the company that printed the banner would of rung/email/faxed Borders and asked if this is what they want because there appears to be a spelling error? Or maybe it was an error made by the printer, in which case how did no one at Borders pick up on it before they put it up on display in their shop?

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 12:15 pm 25 Sep 10

More evidence of the continuing retardation of Australia.

Dr Strange Dr Strange 6:14 pm 24 Sep 10

I like good Mnts.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 3:59 pm 24 Sep 10

I thought Who was on first.

screaming banshee screaming banshee 3:45 pm 24 Sep 10

Who shops at Borders?

Amanda Hugankis Amanda Hugankis 1:14 pm 24 Sep 10

vg said :

Maybe that is the experiment

Don’t you mean ‘experiemnt’?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 12:25 pm 24 Sep 10

This is itself a science experiment.

Its btoh why French Connection (United Kingdom) has an anocrym taht is so eeficftve, and why poor King Cnut the Great flias to gthaer any lvoe in pliubc sohocl hstoiry crouses.

Welcome to the wonderful world of sublexical units and the influence of the neighbourhood effect upon split fovea.

Its also an internet meme from 2003. 😛

(Apologies to anyone who doesn’t have English as a first language)

astrojax astrojax 12:15 pm 24 Sep 10

back in 1612 – what a year! – they spelt like that…

at least it wasn’t in the dictinoary seciton or anytihng.

Spitfire3 Spitfire3 11:59 am 24 Sep 10

Quite frankly, I can’t see anything worng with it.

vg vg 11:28 am 24 Sep 10

Maybe that is the experiment

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