I’ve seen some stupid things in my time, but…

Holden Caulfield 26 November 2010 23

…today’s effort on the commute home takes the cake. And, for once, this is not a motorist v cyclist observation.

I often cross Commonwealth Ave bridge (city-bound) on my way home and today on the approach to the Parkes Way exit (roughly in line with the Futsal court) I noticed the traffic in all three lanes was slowing down. However, from 100m or so back there was no visible sign as to why. Sometimes the left lane will come close to a stop if a cyclist is crossing one of the exit ramps, but why were all three lanes affected?

I was in the far right lane and the middle lane had a space if I wanted it. The cars ahead of me were all braking so I moved into the middle lane, probably only doing about 30-40km/h at this point. Now, with less cars in front of me, I could see the cause for the delay.

Standing in the middle of the far right lane was a mother (presumably) with a small child in each hand. At a guess the two kids were around 4-5 years of age. So, with no pedestrian access in sight, instead of thinking standing on the road with three lanes of traffic bearing down on her was a very bad idea, mum progressed further into the middle lane and continued on her way, forcing the left and middle lanes to come to a near stop so she could continue her safe passage across all three lanes.

I was gobsmacked at this unthinkable display of irresponsibility. This was no young, down on her luck Mum, either, she looked old enough to know much, much better. Amazing!

If nothing else, this provides some new fodder to discuss in regards to commuting in our fair town.

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23 Responses to I’ve seen some stupid things in my time, but…
facet facet 6:23 am 27 Nov 10

Frogger best game ever.

TP 3000 TP 3000 2:14 am 27 Nov 10

Similar thing happened to me on Wednesday near the Woden CIT. I was traveling up Hindmarsh Drive (Fyshwick bound). I was in the middle lane & had cars either side of me & behind me, when these 2 silly lasses run across all of us. Worst thing was the fatter one stopped on my lane to let one of the cars past. So I’ve ended up slamming on the brakes to avoid hitting the stupid female.

Seriously this stupid female is lucky my brakes worked & I hadn’t been distracted. She is also lucky my heart was racing or a few choice words would of been yelled out (car horn included).

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 8:57 pm 26 Nov 10

There are some park benches on City Hill (or there used to be) and it’s probably not a bad place to enjoy some (relative) peace and quiet at lunch.

dvaey dvaey 3:59 pm 26 Nov 10

Sgt.Bungers said :

in my experience trying to cross 3 lanes of traffic (outside of peak hours) to get to City Hill from the law courts

Out of interest, why are you trying to get to City Hill? Other than to cross the 3-lanes of traffic on the other side, of course. Anywhere youre going that you can cross city hill, chances are theres a crossing that is safer and more convenient.

Sgt.Bungers Sgt.Bungers 2:24 pm 26 Nov 10

Not the brightest time to be crossing that road, but I have done it myself outside of peak hours.

Your post illistrates how uncatered for pedestrians are on that stretch of road, particularly outside of floriade times. A person who needs to cross that road on foot will either have a 15 minute detour to under commonwealth ave bridge, or to walk down to Parkes way.

Perhaps a permanent pedestrian bridge near the Futsal courts or where the current temporary lights are sometimes installed, may be an answer?

Half a billion plus can be spent trying to save 15-20 minutes travel time for those in cars in Australia, yet people on foot are expected to simply live with such detours in order to stay out of the way of those in motorised vehicles.

It is good however that so many people were prepared to slow down to make room for this particular pedestrian… in my experience trying to cross 3 lanes of traffic (outside of peak hours) to get to City Hill from the law courts, should a person driving a motor vehicle come screaming around the hill at 70km/h+ in the 60km/h zone to find a pedestrian on the road, it is acceptable practice to maintain speed, lay on the horn, miss severely injuring or killing the pedestrian by mere cm as they clamber indignantly off the road… then spend a few seconds tutting about the dangerous behaviour of the pedestrian as they come to a stop at the London Cct traffic lights.


astrojax astrojax 2:04 pm 26 Nov 10

eyeLikeCarrots said :

Parents need to be licensed.

surely, as a road user, you mean ‘registered’, like cyclists ought..?


p1 p1 12:48 pm 26 Nov 10

pierce said :

Clearly pedestrians should be registered and required to wear registration plates before being allowed on the roads. This will ensure that they are accountable for their behaviour.

And we’ll be needing some extra cameras, to make sure no unlicensed lycra wearing pedestrians are on our roads.

deye deye 12:27 pm 26 Nov 10

rogerthat said :

There’s a tunnel!?

On the other side of the bridge, unless you count walking around and under the bridge on this side as a tunnel – which is the safest way to cross

rogerthat rogerthat 12:14 pm 26 Nov 10

There’s a tunnel!?

Erg0 Erg0 12:11 pm 26 Nov 10

Yeah, I’ll generally run straight across three lanes of traffic if I can’t find a sign to tell me what to do…

J Dawg J Dawg 12:01 pm 26 Nov 10

She probably left her bicycle at home…

gourmetmumma gourmetmumma 11:53 am 26 Nov 10

I too was dumbfounded yesterday and so much so that I called the local police station to report the following…
A driver who initially appeared to have no idea of any basic road rules and almost caused 3 accidents right in front of me I would usually only make my own judgment and curse a little. However on pulling up next to her at a set of lights, she had a 4 year old in the back section of the station wagon unrestrained jumping around, a child of about 8 in the back seat also unrestrained, and a toddler ON HER LAP holding the steering wheel with her while she was driving!!!!
When I called the local station I gave the rego number and reported it. They were pretty helpful however since I didn’t report it immediately there was not much they could do other than log it in case anything further gets reported.

I-filed I-filed 11:24 am 26 Nov 10

There isn’t exactly clear signage letting pedestrians know how to cross that bit of road – e.g. via the tunnel. Poor woman – what a scary experience for her.

Fiona Fiona 11:18 am 26 Nov 10

crappy thing is it’s my fault if I hit her 🙁

eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 11:12 am 26 Nov 10

Age does not equal wisdom.

The terrible part is that her spawn will grow up thinking her behaviour is normal.

Parents need to be licensed.

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 11:05 am 26 Nov 10

Pedestrian dared to run the gauntlet of Commonwealth Bridge…. and people actually stopped and provided safe passage for her and her children. What will be next!

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 10:51 am 26 Nov 10

Good strategy. She escorted her children safely across a busy road. 😉

Diggety Diggety 10:38 am 26 Nov 10

Was it a chicken? If so there are several answers.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:27 am 26 Nov 10

I’m hoping another RA reader saw this and that they may have seen the start of this melodrama. Perhaps there was a reason Mum went on her crazy crossing, but I’m struggling to think of a credible explanation.

Muttsybignuts Muttsybignuts 10:22 am 26 Nov 10

Lazy and arrogant I suspect.

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