Jamie’s Italian Canberra closes doors

Ian Bushnell 16 April 2018 37

Jamie’s Italian Canberra has not been able to escape the downturn in fortunes for Jamie Oliver’s restaurant empire. Photo: Jamie’s Italian.

Jamie’s Italian Canberra has closed suddenly, with the Canberra Centre restaurant not opening on Monday and the phone disconnected.

Both Fairfax and the ABC reported that a statement from the Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group had confirmed the closure ‘with immediate effect’.

They also announced that Brisbane-based Hallmark Group would take over operating the Australian franchise of the Italian chain.

Jamie’s Italian restaurants in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Parramatta and Adelaide will now operate under Hallmark Group, and the Canberra restaurant is the only Australian Jamie’s Italian franchise to close.

The ABC reported that the closure meant 41 people had lost their jobs – 13 full-time and 28 casual. The establishment has said that all workers will be compensated.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver took control of his Australian holdings a little over 12 months ago, buying his six Jamie’s Italian restaurants from the receivers of the failed Keystone Group, but since then, Oliver’s UK interests have run into trouble.

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37 Responses to Jamie’s Italian Canberra closes doors
Sarah AnneEdwards Sarah AnneEdwards 1:22 pm 17 Apr 18

Not a surprise

Shaun Hazell Shaun Hazell 12:54 pm 17 Apr 18

Been a couple of times earlier on and the food was pretty ordinary

Capital Retro Capital Retro 11:32 am 17 Apr 18

I walked past this place about 8.30pm last Wednesday night after seeing a great doco about stolen works of art at Dendy.

The staff had already closed it down for the night in contrast to other nearby Asian theme restaurants which were full with patrons waiting for a seat.
I think Jamie’s original clientele have moved on to the hipster precinct in Braddon. I never had the urge to try Jamies (Italian) although I love Italian food.
Somehow I can’t associate a grotty looking “bangers & mash” heavy English accent person with the finesse of Italian food.

Donna Judge Donna Judge 11:07 am 17 Apr 18

Luke Judge remember this place? The staff were great, the food not so much. Our meals were terrible and overpriced.

    Luke Judge Luke Judge 11:08 am 17 Apr 18

    Yeah strip steak was just that 4 strips of steak 🥩

Lily Edwards Lily Edwards 7:43 am 17 Apr 18

Helen Pope but what about the $10 meal deals 😱

John Garvey John Garvey 6:50 am 17 Apr 18

I have pretty much the same opinion as everyone else it seems. Overpriced food and poor service. I quite like a Negroni as an aperitif, so I know what they are supposed to taste like. The one I was served did not have any gin in it.

Anohs Llihpmeh Anohs Llihpmeh 12:09 am 17 Apr 18

We went a long time ago with a group of friends= extremely salty food, poor service/expensive. Vegan/no lactose friend clearly id'ed her needs when ordering = dairy dressing on her food, she ate and sore tummy result. We gave constructive and sincere feedback on the night and later in writing and no acknowledgement of our concerns/resulting problems .. our desire was a simple sorry, thank for feedback, we will take on board ... Famous name franchises unfortunately have little control over the end product ... the name does not always maketh the food served. We prefer realised small establishments/local money in/local produce out to us, more creative/hands on food = happiness for us as customers.

Carolyn Luchetta Carolyn Luchetta 11:01 pm 16 Apr 18

Angela well that rules this option out for dinner!

Peter Zivkovic Peter Zivkovic 9:16 pm 16 Apr 18

Horrible restaurant

Peter Bee Peter Bee 8:37 pm 16 Apr 18

Woeful customer service and too exey for what it was

Louise Nauenburg Louise Nauenburg 8:13 pm 16 Apr 18

Sad that Jamie’s name was in anyway associated with the restaurant grp. They ruined Kingsleys now Jamie’s.

    Darren Wade Darren Wade 4:56 am 17 Apr 18

    didn't realize 'borrowing' a face washer a few years would cause them to go under :)

Lucy Baker Lucy Baker 8:06 pm 16 Apr 18

I didn’t know there was a Jamie’s in Canberra. I cannot believe they thought the Canberra Centre would be a good location!

Cath Hillman Cath Hillman 7:46 pm 16 Apr 18

Hmmmm luck the boys got out when they did !

Daniel Pickering Daniel Pickering 7:44 pm 16 Apr 18

Richard Gallier they never recovered from the Gordon drink spilling incident.

    Richard Gallier Richard Gallier 8:42 pm 16 Apr 18

    Started bad and obviously went downhill 😂

Angie McDuff Angie McDuff 7:29 pm 16 Apr 18

Not surprised. Last time I went it was dreadful customer service, average food and to top it off my 4 year ended up with gasto (food induced). Have never been back. Such a shame as it started out really well and was a great place for kids to eat out.

Mick Andrews Mick Andrews 7:23 pm 16 Apr 18

Bring back Zefferelis!!was the best

Jay Bee Jay Bee 7:22 pm 16 Apr 18

Christian - as we were saying

    Christian West Christian West 10:10 am 17 Apr 18

    Aaron and I walked by on Saturday looking for somewhere to eat and I suggested there. But then we went and had toast instead. I'll never try Jamie's now. Oh well.

    Tom Munro Tom Munro 10:30 am 17 Apr 18

    Christian West good decision. I bet the toast was more satisfying

    Christian West Christian West 10:37 am 17 Apr 18

    Tom Munro Actually it was really really disappointing. I should have had dumplings instead

    Tom Munro Tom Munro 10:41 am 17 Apr 18

    There’s never a bad time for dumplings

Amy Broadhurst Amy Broadhurst 7:22 pm 16 Apr 18

Amy Vig lucky we went there for lunch!

Ben Cridland Ben Cridland 6:51 pm 16 Apr 18

The chefs and staff will already be snapped up by other restaurants!

Jessica Wardell Jessica Wardell 6:48 pm 16 Apr 18

Didn’t this happen a while ago?

I thought I heard that Jamie himself had to step in to save the place last time

    Luke Miller Luke Miller 7:00 pm 16 Apr 18

    Some restaurants were said to close, but Canberra was excluded... Until now.

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