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Jeremy Hanson answers your questions

By johnboy 19 February 2013 31

Setting a new record for email interview replies Liberal Leader Jeremy Hanson has responded to your questions with these answers:

1. poetix
What is your favourite music, and why?

Pretty diverse tastes from AC/DC to classical but if I have a favourite it’s country music with a bluesy edge. Reason being I play the guitar and sing along really badly which is easier to do with that style of music. Just bought Mark Evans and Dave Tice ‘Brothers in Arms’ on ITunes which might give you an idea.

2. Thumper
What is your stance on the over supply of bloody pokies in this town?

Ask the Labor Party, they’re the experts on pokies…

Seriously though, I’m not anti pokie. We won’t be looking to significantly change the current number in the short term.

3. PantsMan
Given the corruption findings by NSW ICAC in relation to the former NSW Government, and every NSW council around the ACT, do you think we are immune for corruption? Should the ACT have an ICAC?

We are not immune from corruption but I’m not in favour of an ICAC in the ACT. I think we are too small for such an entity to be practicable or in any way cost effective. We can always refer matters to the Police, as was the case over emergency department data doctoring.

With the Police, Ombudsman and Auditor General we are well covered but if we were to go down the ICAC route we could perhaps have a joint ICAC with NSW similar to the way we share the ombudsman with the Federal Government.

4. caf
How will the Canberra Liberals change under your leadership?

The values, principles and broad direction of the Party won’t change. I’m a different person from Zed so our styles will be different and I’ll let others be the judge. I had 22 years in the Army so I’m mindful not to be typecast as the ‘Colonel’ and will work hard to take the party and people of Canberra with me.

5. bundah
In light of another woeful decision where a Canberra man has avoided gaol for crashing and killing his wife while high on cannabis what will you do to fix the ongoing joke that the judiciary has become in this town over the last decade?

I’m mindful of the important separation that exists between the judiciary and Assembly members and won’t comment on individual cases.

I am however very proud that last term I introduced the ACT’s first drug driving laws, which at least gives police the powers to try to prevent these sorts of crimes.

I understand the concerns that the community express regularly about our court system. One area that does concern me greatly is the issue of bail and how it is applied.

6. jett18
What single issue in Canberra do you see as in need of change the most?

The single biggest and best change would be a change of government. We need a Government focused on delivering better basic services for the people we are paid to represent rather than the current fascination with being ‘the most Green progressive Government in Australia’.

What we have now is a push for needles in the jail instead of shorter waiting times in the Emergency Departments, public art programs instead of local services programs, banning plastic bags and shopping trolleys instead of cleaning local shops. Basics count.

7. rosscoact
How would a Hanson Liberal government increase and diversify Canberra’s income base?

Get more out of being our National Capital and the seat of Government and attract all the business connected to that, including hospitality.

Take on a more substantive role as a regional centre.

Look to the things we do well such as high tech and tertiary education and look at ways for those sectors to grow.

Make it more attractive for business to do business in Canberra through de regulation and micro economic reform – we are over taxed, overregulated and underserviced.

8. urchin
What would you do to make housing cheaper. Not easier to buy (land rent, etc.) but *cheaper*.

Ultimately it’s supply and demand. Land release has not been well managed in this town and there is significant room for improvement.

Stamp duty relief for first home buyers is also important, as is addressing the massive overtax that is Lease variation Charge. Both of these are that taxes make housing less affordable.

9. Skidbladnir
Why has it been about 15 years since the ACT populace viewed the local Liberal party acting as a viable government, let alone a viable alternative government, and how will you address this?

I don’t agree with this statement at all. Last October, more people voted Liberal than Labor, getting us the best result in history and close to government. However, the last remaining Green member joined with Labor with the intent of making the ACT the most extreme green and left jurisdiction in Australia.

In time I believe an increasing number of ACT residents will grow to dislike the extreme agenda the Greens/Labor Government is pushing.

One of the reasons we did do so well last term was our attention out in the community. We will continue to be out on the ground, listening, talking and being interested in what matters to you. Expect to see a lot of the eight Canberra Liberals MLA’s out in the community for all four years, not just the election year.

10. frontrow
Under the Liberals, will parking fees be set to effectively ration parking, maximise revenue or punish drivers in order to encourage public transport?

No – we are not anti car or anti parking. Around 90 percent of all adults in Canberra use their cars. The sort of price escalation that Labor uses to drive people out of their cars is something we reject.

Will parking meters be upgraded to accept cards or at least notes? If not, will you at least be able to buy pre-paid parking vouchers for Civic in Civic?

Credit card parking was a Liberal election policy in 2012 released by my deputy Alistair Coe.

Will flexible work arrangements be supported by offering pre-paid vouchers for non-consecutive days?

Happy to look at that, sounds like exactly the sort of thing I would support..

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Jeremy Hanson answers your questions
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ToastFliesRED 9:18 am 21 Feb 13

p1 said :

ToastFliesRED said :

2. zombies don’t play pokies so the numbers are irrelevant

Couldn’t be more wrong. Pokies are only played by zombies. In fact, anyone who spends more then about five minutes per year on a pokies instantly becomes a zombie with poor maths and not even the motivation to search out fresh, juicy brains.

You are totally right, I stand corrected. my mind must have been off in zombie land not to have spotted that one

p1 7:58 am 21 Feb 13

ToastFliesRED said :

2. zombies don’t play pokies so the numbers are irrelevant

Couldn’t be more wrong. Pokies are only played by zombies. In fact, anyone who spends more then about five minutes per year on a pokies instantly becomes a zombie with poor maths and not even the motivation to search out fresh, juicy brains.

PantsMan 7:33 am 21 Feb 13

zippyzippy said :

Shopping trolleys are banned??

Well, they are considered “litter” outside shopping centre precincts.

If a retailer (read “evil corporation”) does not prevent other people (isn’t evil corporations preventing other people doing things a breach of their human rights?) taking them outside the “shopping centre precinct”, it is liable for a $33,000 fine!

This was another nutjob idea from The Greens, extorted out of ACT Labor and us.

Read section 24G of the Litter Act 2004: A “penalty unit” for a corporation is $550.

If only we could do something to make Canberra more conducive for business, and boost the economy!

c_c™ 12:07 am 21 Feb 13

I’m actually quite impressed with his answer to 5. Pollies are too often quick to play the tough on law and order card, which makes them look like fools and prompts them to make dud suggestions about what they can actually achieve.

zippyzippy 11:58 pm 20 Feb 13

Shopping trolleys are banned??

ToastFliesRED 12:58 pm 20 Feb 13

IMHO the point being missed here is that after the Zombie Apocalypse this will all be irrelevant
1. zombies don’t listen to or play music (with the exception of Rob Zombie)
2. zombies don’t play pokies so the numbers are irrelevant
3. the corruptability of zombies is well known and fully transparent, the offer of fresh brains will sway any zombie
4. zombies don’t need political parties of any persuasion, all we (oops, they) want is fresh brains
5. the judiciary is irrelevant to zombies, what’s the point they are already dead
6. not enough zombies
7. no need for an income base, only a fresh brains base
8. zombies don’t need houses per se, so the price is irrelevant, all that’s needed is good hiding spots to attack from
9. see 4. but even zombies remember that the last time the Liberal Party formed government it was with the help of an Independent, who was also rewarded with a portfolio
10. zombies don’t drive and so car parking is also irrelevant, nor do they use push bikes or buses and regardless of whether they are high on ganja they should not be allowed behind the wheel of any vehicle anyway as they would cause more crashes in the search for fresh brains

it is also a little known fact that zombies adore ducks so they are the perfect distraction if you are ever attacked by a zombie

jett18 12:53 pm 20 Feb 13

Thank You Jeremy– it’s nice to hear a pollie actually say the statement that most of us crave to hear “basics count”.
We seem to be dealing with a current government who are interested in making every day life just that little bit difficult for people. Plastic bag bans, rise in parking and bus fares… what I believe residents of Canberra want is functioning, well kept city with good services and we’ve waited a long time to see it…

astrojax 12:18 pm 20 Feb 13

yee-haa! does he like western, too, or just one of the two kinds of music?

Deref 12:07 pm 20 Feb 13

CrocodileGandhi said :

He is strangely portraying having a progressive government as a bad thing. I look forward to his plans for an alternate, regressive government.

I look forward to Tory rule here so we can be just like Queensland.

Gismondo 11:58 am 20 Feb 13

re Question 1 – never heard of Evans or Tice but imagine if he said Nickelback !

Ghettosmurf87 11:27 am 20 Feb 13

alum2600 said :

DrKoresh said :

And no more of this “Well really WE won the last election” crap, please. You didn’t win, because if you had won you’d be Chief Minister (except we all know that Zed only kicked-off because he lost again) it’s as simple as that. Stop being sore losers and actually do something to convince me you’re slightly less s***e than the current mob.

Spot on.

They really can’t (surely, please) keep harping on about being the real winners for the entire term…

They didn’t get enough votes to form government. More people didn’t vote for them than did.

Pretty much this. The Liberal Party received a WHOPPING 41 more first-preference votes than the Labor Party, across the entire territory. It’s a bit rich to claim this as the basis for which the Greens, who received over 23,000 votes across the territory, should have supported them instead of Labor.

And lets be honest, in what universe were the Greens ever going to support the Liberals over Labor, especially after the slating that Zed delivered to them straight after the election, pretty much demanding they side with him as the Libs outpolled Labor. In no way does 41 more votes give you some kind of moral right to be supported by the balancing party, despite your policies and alignment being poles apart.

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