Jets and Vapour streams over Canberra

loki964 9 December 2009 57

[First filed on: Dec 6, 2009]
Hi all,

So, has it just been me noticing all the Jets flying over Canberra today?? (Sunday) I have watched more planes flying over head all very close together today then I think have ever flown over Canberra before (ok slight over statement…but you get the idea…), Anyone know if there was any military ops going on as im sure there cant be that many people flying to and from Sydney and melb!!

[Ed] I took some photos of what was left:
Only possibilities I came up with was RMC or ADFA graduation but RMC is probably not until Tuesday.

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    57 Responses to Jets and Vapour streams over Canberra
    takahe2 takahe2 9:45 am 14 Dec 09

    I’ve been enjoying the contrails too. I love how they start out so sharp. Thanks for the info.

    dr phil dr phil 3:20 pm 10 Dec 09

    Norway has something beter then we do in the skys…. take a look. It might be Rudds new plane, Canberra to Norway in 2 seconds

    che che 10:17 pm 09 Dec 09

    If anyone gets photos, feel free to send them in

    and since when does ADFA have graduation on a Thursday?

    Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:48 pm 09 Dec 09

    An F-111 flypast will occur tomorrow for the ADFA Graduation –


    MSPA 427/09

    Wednesday, 9 December 2009


    WHAT: Flypast by an F-111 strike aircraft during the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Graduation Parade.

    WHERE: ADFA, Northcott Drive, Canberra ACT.

    WHEN: 10:20am Thursday, 10 December 2009.

    An F-111 strike aircraft from Number 6 Squadron, will fly over the Australian Defence Force Academy on Thursday, 10 December 2009, as young graduating officers from Navy, Army and Air Force participate in their final Academy parade before continuing on the next stage of their military careers.

    The aircraft will approach ADFA from the east at a height of 500 feet, and will pass over the Graduation Parade at 10:20am, local time.

    F-111s will be retired from the Royal Australian Air Force in December 2010 when their replacement – the F/A-18F Super Hornet – becomes operational.”

    Watch out for the chemtrails!

    mddawson mddawson 1:42 pm 09 Dec 09

    On sunday evening I counted 9 vapour trails overhead, 3 in the process of being made.

    Ari Ari 9:49 pm 08 Dec 09

    The planes are actually spraying Mortein.

    This thread proves it:

    Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 7:59 pm 08 Dec 09

    …oh, I forgot to mention – one photo shows 6 aircraft – with an additional one out of the frame to the left… that was about 630pm, Sunday… the “holding pattern” is breaking up in the right of the frame… (from a driveway in Kambah). The sunset ones were taken closer to 8pm in Dunlop on the way home…

    Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 7:53 pm 08 Dec 09

    Sunday’s significant amount of air traffic, particularly heading to Melbourne… I suspect that most were returning to Melbourne with the hundreds (thousands?) of people who went up to Sydney for the V8 Supercar event… I suspect additional flights to what is usual… that – and an interesting/unusual atmospheric weather…

    I got some photos, posted on Flickr

    Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:27 pm 08 Dec 09

    Another thing that occurred to me today is that these trails might be from Airbus A330 aircraft, as they seem to have a very bad habit of going off and doing their own thing when the pitot tubes and flight control computers malfunction.

    PM PM 4:13 pm 08 Dec 09

    The Reptilian reinforcements are coming!

    ryza ryza 3:52 pm 08 Dec 09

    Pilots getting ready for Summernats…

    s-s-a s-s-a 3:38 pm 08 Dec 09

    The only time I’ve ever been served a hot drink in scum-class on a jet between Sydney and Canberra was during a triangular holding pattern over Lake Burragorang due to fog in Sydney, which persisted until we were forced to return to Canberra (fuel).

    why would a plane do two u turns?

    Ummm… strategies to delay arrival time for public transport coming into a busy terminus such as pulling off onto the verge and leaving it idling for 15 minutes don’t tend to work so well with aircraft!?!?

    harvyk1 harvyk1 2:24 pm 08 Dec 09

    bd84 said :

    The vapour steams were also noticable over southern Canberra this morning about 9am. Could be a coincidence but ADFA’s graduation is today.

    Any planes they fly for the graduation (don’t think they will) won’t be high enough to leave contrails. Contrails don’t normally appear until a plane is pretty high up, and by that stage the contrails are usually the only sign that a plane is infact there.

    Funky1 Funky1 12:43 pm 08 Dec 09

    No, no, no. It’s a sign for the invading alien fleet. Land here, where you see the paperclip symbol.

    I bet if you checked globally, these trails will be near every major city. Coincidence?? I think not!

    bd84 bd84 12:30 pm 08 Dec 09

    The vapour steams were also noticable over southern Canberra this morning about 9am. Could be a coincidence but ADFA’s graduation is today.

    taninaus taninaus 7:12 am 08 Dec 09

    Chop71 said :

    Red Bull air race at 30,000 feet

    I wish – the lake would be a perfect setting for red bull in Canberra!

    Mordd Mordd 11:37 pm 07 Dec 09

    Hmm, the science (or lack of it??) is over my head, this bit is the only bit I know is correct:

    Quote: harvyk1

    “Not yet, they would still be talking with Melbourne centre. Infact I do believe Sydney approach doesn’t take over until the plane is virtually landing, also with exception to the tower at Canberra airport itself, all of Canberra’s airspace (including Canberra approach) is controlled out of Melbourne centre.”

    eh_steve eh_steve 11:31 pm 07 Dec 09

    Holding patterns should be loop-the-loops. That would be awesome.

    Mathman Mathman 10:36 pm 07 Dec 09

    Hmm, the Liberal Party is taken over by climate change deniers, ETS is defeated in the Senate, global leaders are about to start talks on climate change and all of a sudden there is a massive increase in chemtrails linked to global dimming – co-incidence? Probably.

    bileduct bileduct 10:17 pm 07 Dec 09

    stonedwookie said :

    explan this if these are normal flights?
    why are there no trails being left today?

    Inside jobby job!

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