John Hargreaves blames the media

Cal 12 October 2009 9

John Hargreaves can’t even take responsibility for his own resignation – by blaming the media he is, yet again, showing why he is (was)  such a poor minister. The fact is the Canberra Times, 666 etc give Labor a pretty good run because they have proven to be a very competent government.

You’d hardly call the Canberra press as vicious as say the Daily Telegraph and 2UE!

Hargreaves is just another polly who cannot look in the mirror and own up to his own failings; so he blames the press for reporting on his failings.  Stanhope at least admits his mistakes and apologises – JH is deluded if he thinks this was a media witch hunt.

ED – One imagines this was prompted by Mr Hargreaves’ resignation announcement which included this howler amongst a great deal of self-praise:

I leave the Ministry of my own volition, for personal reasons. As I said last week, the selectively negative media attention that has dogged me for the last 12 months has taken its toll on me and my family and has been a factor in my decision.

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9 Responses to John Hargreaves blames the media
RayP RayP 12:41 pm 16 Oct 09

Is Hargreaves living in fantasy land?

In the adjournment debate yesterday Hargreaves stated that his leave for medical treatment in November was not his reason for resigning from the Ministry.

This leaves as his principal reason for resigning that he was not enjoying the media atention he was receiving.

But Hargreaves also indicated that he would continue play an active role in the Assembly from the back bench.

Is Hargreaves being realistic or reasonable in apparently thinking that he can continue in the Assembly, and play an active role in the Assembly, but avoid being subject to further media scrutiny?

It seems more likely that Hargreaves provocative and aggressive political style will make him an ongoing magnet for media attention.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 10:46 pm 13 Oct 09

Don’t let the door slap your butt on the way out John.

vg vg 8:50 pm 13 Oct 09

If he stayed off the piss and shut his mouth occasionally the CT and other local media wouldn’t have had much to say.

Wanna look at whom to blame John, that guy looking back at you in the mirror is a good start. You should also thank the lord you were a pollie, as a mouth like yours gets smacked shut a lot in the real world

Silentforce Silentforce 7:16 am 13 Oct 09

I agree with “damien haas”.

The problem is two-fold.
1. Canberra is considered a training ground for young journos as ‘news’ is presented on a plate from polital parties and special interest groups that employ seasoned ex-media spin doctors who run rings around the ‘pups’. The ‘good’ journos move on interstate after a couple of years.
2. There is no alternative media in Canberra who will report things as they are. We need a media group who is made up of true investigative reporters who are supported by a reasonable budget, can collect and accurately analyse information, ask direct questions, offer all sides the opportunity to give their story and present it factually without favour.

Reporting facts supported by evidence may reduce retalitory lawsuits and raise the standards of our Canville politicians and journalists.

damien haas damien haas 12:09 am 13 Oct 09

Simply outrageous. The media in this town often give the government a very easy run. They rarely challenge spin, and rarely do in depth investigative reporting.

The problems with the tame media are due to employing very young and inexperienced journos – and as soon as they develop experience they are off to the other capital cities. So, we have a few old hands at the CT who write opinion/columns, and young journos finding their feet.

When these journos displease the government – the reaction is disgusting. The treatment meted out to Geraldine Nordfeldt – having her removed from reporting on politics, weeks out from an election was outrageous. Her crime? Reporting publicly available material.

Having seen Hargreaves in action, frothing at the mouth, ranting and yelling at a person at a public meeting, because they held an opinion at variance from his, I think he needs to look in the mirror to find the person responsible for his demise.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:25 pm 12 Oct 09

Hargreaves only has himself to blame – the media only worked with what he dished up to them.

I hope Sonic gives him the Grassby statue as a farewell gift!

bd84 bd84 9:04 pm 12 Oct 09

He’s always been good at making excuses for his own mistakes. I noticed his farewell salute mentioned all his “successes”, but I’m sure if someone listed his failures they would far outweigh what he has listed.

Now they turn their focus on getting whatshername into the ministry and to try to keep at least one of the seats on Brindabella. I was wondering why Labor didn’t give the other woman a ministry too, but then they need to keep someone with Hargreaves on the backbench to keep him company and to stop him falling asleep.

Thumper Thumper 8:47 pm 12 Oct 09

I blame riotact for hounding him to his political grave 😉

MrPC MrPC 7:47 pm 12 Oct 09

Hargreaves will be gone, but the Fireworks will return. Good riddance Hargreaves. What a pointless waste of space you were/are.

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