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John Hargreaves quits cabinet after drink driving charge

Kerces 7 June 2006 49

The ABC radio news just ran a story that Municipal Services and Housing Minister John Hargreaves has resigned from Cabinet after being charged with drink driving last night.

Police stopped him on the Tuggeranong Parkway, driving home after post-budget celebrations.

The ABC reported Mr Hargreaves measured 0.097 on the breathalyser.

I believe the Speaker has accepted his resignation.

UPDATED: The Chief Minister has put out a media release saying Mr. Hargreaves is not resigning from anything but rather is stepping aside pending “legal resolution of the incident”. (thanks to Areaman for the heads up)

FURTHER UPDATE: The ABC has finally got the story online including very sympathetic comments by Bill Stefaniak.

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49 Responses to John Hargreaves quits cabinet after drink driving charge
Heavs Heavs 12:48 pm 07 Jun 06

I’m just surprised Mary Porter’s staff haven’t already been on here saying how ‘deserving’ she is of a chance at a ministry.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:49 pm 07 Jun 06

Hey Thumper, is Dunny worried his uniform allowance is going to be slashed if the ESA is moved under Justice????

Thumper Thumper 12:49 pm 07 Jun 06

yeah Ferret,

I agree, we have clowns on both sides, But only one set of clowns have the power to stuff it all up.

I’m not changing my vote, it will be against Stanhope.

He ensured that after the fires with his ‘responsibility’ speech.

seepi seepi 12:50 pm 07 Jun 06

I will change my (longstanding labor) vote. The dragway and many other planning issues are what has made my decision final. And the disappointment of Katy Gallagher turning out to be just like the rest of them – mouthing pr platitudes while screwing people over.
I’ll be voting Green, or some sort of independant. Greens will do well in dragway affected areas (Deb’s seat). Failing any independents I’ll do my first ever donkey vote and write F. Off with your Dragway on my paper.

areaman areaman 12:54 pm 07 Jun 06

So you’ll continue to not vote for him… well that’s hardly a shock.

I do agree that we deserve more than just the “least bad” government, and sometimes the stanhope ogvernment provides that, but some of the things in this budget have raised questions for me.

areaman areaman 12:56 pm 07 Jun 06

seepi, I live in molongolo, but hardly consider myself Dragway affected, Apart from Pialigo I’m not sure where would be.

Thumper Thumper 1:02 pm 07 Jun 06


The whole point is that we don’t have an effective opposition. Stanhope will get back in again, maybe with a reduced majority, but he’ll still be CM.

To have effective government you need effective opposition. For the majority of Stanhope’s reign he has not had to worry about opposition and thus could continue doing pretty much what he wanted to with relative impunity.

Maybe this just shows us the folly of self government in this town?

ant ant 1:57 pm 07 Jun 06

Having been Dragway-affected in the past (only good thing to come out of privatising the airport was that it was closed down), I have no illusions about the rights of residents when some noisy lobby gets the gov’t to do something like that. Once it’s in, it’s a fait accompli and your “rights” are meaningless.

After such a harsh budget, necessitated by the ACT’s negative financial state, it seems amazing that they’d blow so much money on such a problematical facility.

I’d much rather see them focussing on wider things that affect the community.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 2:25 pm 07 Jun 06

So, explain to me guys. does this just mean he won’t be minister for something? I mean, they won’t get rid of him and include the next labor person who would have won in Brindabella will they?????

This is a major issue, so only answer if you KNOW, not if you are guessing.

blub blub 2:34 pm 07 Jun 06

It means he just won’t be in Cabinet. He’s not resigning as MLA. Just giving up his ministerial post – until the court hearing – depending on the judgement he might be reinstated as minister.

terubo terubo 2:59 pm 07 Jun 06

More worrying, are the times he probably hasn’t been caught.

Indi Indi 3:07 pm 07 Jun 06

30 pieces of silver says he won’t be staying all that long – there’s just a hint of generational change going on it would seem at the moment..Ted’s out, so who’s the next likely suspect facing the broom?

seepi seepi 3:35 pm 07 Jun 06

The whole of molonglo isn’t dragway affected, but the voters of Hackett, Ainslie, Majura Valley, Campbell, Watson, downer and dickson make a significant number – enough to keep Deb in I’d say. + the same area has lost their local college.

areaman areaman 4:33 pm 07 Jun 06

Of course there’s a mountian in between them and the dragway, I guess we’ll see when it’s built. I know as a long time east Ainslie resident I never had a problem with aircraft noise and is the a ADF firing range around there somewhere because I’d often hear exposions as well, but again not so loud as to be annoying.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:05 pm 07 Jun 06

Hargreaves didn’t look like a drinking man to me!

seepi seepi 5:09 pm 07 Jun 06

You’re right – the ‘mountain’ (hill) doesn’t stop the firing range noise, and the dragway noise will be much louder and go from 10AM to 10PM. The ‘mountain’ also has a great big saddle (hole) in the middle of it. The goverment’s own noise report predicts extensive noise disturbance. The ‘mountain’ has been known (and loved) up to now as the Mt Majura nature park. Once the dragway goes in the govt has retitled it: Dragway noise buffer zone. noice!

areaman areaman 5:23 pm 07 Jun 06

The question is how often would the noise be much louder than the airport? If it was everynight till 10 on the dot that would be an issue, if it was a couple of times a year, let them have their fun.

Indi Indi 5:42 pm 07 Jun 06

Seepi I’ve never heard of a dragway operating 12 hours a day every day…how about a few minute bursts a few times a week, fortnight or even a month.

If the initial funding from the govt is enough and Stanhope thinks its a sound idea (I don’t think the public would though) to throw some coin to the petrolheads, let them run and fund it forever thereafter!

seepi seepi 6:41 pm 07 Jun 06

It is to operate on weekends only, with some 3 day events. It will be louder than the airport for the entire time it is operating. It will be 80 Decibells in Hackett (enough to drown out conversation). That is only the ‘average’ of the noise. There will be much louder noise spikes as races start etc. These will be enough to wake shiftworkers/babies in their beds. this is in the suburbs. Residents in the actual Majura Valley are being offered hotel accomodation during Dragway events as their houses will be unlivable due to noise! (who will meet this ongoing cost?) This information is all in the EPA report available on the act govt website. However since the report was done, the govt has stated they cannot afford to dig the dragway 5 metres into the ground, as a noise abatement measure, so noise levels will be much much worse. This is why affected residents are very upset. If you want to argue various points about decibels, whether it will be worse than the airport etc, please have a look at the report first. This info is all directly from the govt report.

seepi seepi 6:43 pm 07 Jun 06

PS – noise levels on Mt MAjura nature park (to be renamed Noise buffer zone) will be 100 Decibells. 80 decibells is when converstaion is impossible. Thisw 100 decibel figure is only an average. Noise peaks will be much much worse. For this reason the EPA has had to rewrite the ACT noise code to accomodate dragway events. Under existing noise polution laws in the ACT the dragway could not operate.

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