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Johnboy to sermon Liberals

By kimba - 17 April 2007 28

A friend sent this notice to me….I wonder if outsiders can attend? Johnboy at a Liberals do – I’d love to see that 🙂

The Gungahlin Branch presents…
Johnboy – founder and moderator of RiotACT website.
What motivates a political blogger and how on earth does he keep coming up with the stories? What are the issues that he feels people really care about?

John Griffiths (Johnboy) was Born 1973 in Sydney to a navy family and was bounced all over the world on postings until 1981. He attended North Ainslie Primary School, Radford College and ANU, spent 2 years backpacking around North America, Europe and Asia during which time accidentally ended up managing a busy West London cineplex.
Johnboy returned to the ACT in 1997 and started working for Capital Monitor keeping organisations with a keen interest in policy and regulatory development (Banks, Telco’s, NGOs and Government departments) up to date from the Parliamentary Press Gallery.
He founded RIotACT in November 2000, while trying and failing to impress a girl. Since March 2006 has been trying to earn a living from independent web publishing.

Where: Gungahlin Lakes Golf and Community Club
When: 8 – 9pm Thursday 26th April
Bring: money for raffle! We really are fortunate to have such a mover and shaker coming to address our branch, so bring along any available friends or relatives – this will be a great night!
RSVP: 25 April to Alyssa Badgery:

[ED – *sigh* yes, I was asked and agreed to do it. I should note that I am available to any groups who would like me to speak to them, within reason (no NAMBLA, Nazi’s etc)]

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Johnboy to sermon Liberals
Jey 5:55 pm 17 Apr 07

Isn’t that Kerces’ job? :p

Good work JB, it would be great to see.

bugalugs 5:34 pm 17 Apr 07


He doesn’t do it for us. He is trying to make a quid. Pimping himself around is his choice.

kimba 5:29 pm 17 Apr 07

johnboy, I think it is great that you are out there promoting RiotACT – on your own time and without payment. The bugalugs of this world sit on the sidelines and contribute nothing!

johnboy 5:07 pm 17 Apr 07

Capital Hill to name one of several incidents when you scuttle out from under your rock? Before you slink off with your tail between your legs?

And you obviously don’t read much here, have any conception of what goes into making it work, or appreciation of it.

Best of all if you don’t like it I don’t recall forcing you to read it.

bugalugs 5:00 pm 17 Apr 07


You post real journalists articles than add a sarcastic comment.

Why again was I an ignoramus?

Mess 4:48 pm 17 Apr 07

and im not part of that particular group. Im sure you will do a great job Johnboy

Mess 4:47 pm 17 Apr 07

I would come, but i;ll have too much of an ANZAC day hangover. Im sure you will miss me tho 🙂

johnboy 4:44 pm 17 Apr 07

I don’t see me knocking myself you ignoramus.

Also good to see Bugalugs once again exposed as an ignorant blow-in.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 4:23 pm 17 Apr 07

Evidently, neither do you JB 🙂

johnboy 4:21 pm 17 Apr 07

It’s nice to know that the knockers have nothing better to do with their time.

Al 4:18 pm 17 Apr 07

I love the irony of this on the same page where this quote came up:

“You’ve done some bending over backwards to serve the Howard agenda in your time, but this takes the cake. ” – Anon

bugalugs 4:05 pm 17 Apr 07


So you’ve been doing this site for 6 1/2 years and this is all we get? How have you the hide to complain about others incompetence?

Lastly – Hubris is spelt with a “H”.


Jazz 3:37 pm 17 Apr 07

hehe, great to be one of the silent few behind the scenes. just in case my skeltons escape.

Deano 3:34 pm 17 Apr 07

If they consider JB to be a mover and shaker it is no wonder the ACT Liberals are in the wilderness!

LG 3:29 pm 17 Apr 07

“how on earth does he keep coming up with the stories?”

Answer: CT and ABC websites, press releases and reader contributions
– but I enjoy the commentary! 😉

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