Just thought this was interesting as it was beamed around here….

Thumper 24 August 2005 9

We have been advised by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) that there will be a National Day of Protest in respect of Student Unionism on Thursday 25 August 2005. From the information at hand the protests will be staged at DEST premises in Melbourne (2.30 pm) and Sydney (from 1pm). AFP advise that a protest is also planned for Canberra between 1pm and 2pm but there is currently no indication of the protest activity reaching DEST premises in Mort Street. All state and territory offices are aware of the planned protests, and have made local arrangements accordingly.

While DEST offices in Canberra are not currently targeted, people are advised to remain cautious of tailgaters and report any unknown persons to security.

Although unlikely, the building may be locked-down if the protest moves to Mort Street. Advice of the lock down will be communicated over the building’s public address system.

In the event of a lock-down, the front door entry and foyer to 16-18 Mort Street will be unavailable. Staff seeking to exit or re-enter the building will need to ensure they have their access passes with them, and use the rear entrance of 16-18 Mort building (off Murella Lane). A security guard will be placed at the rear doors to allow entry to the building upon presentation of your access pass. A guard will also be in the 14 Mort St front foyer. The building will not be accessible to visitors during the lock-down. Notification that the building has re-opened will be provided over the public address system.

If the protestors converge on National Office we request that people avoid leaving the building and stay clear of the main entrance areas and windows overlooking Mort Street. We also ask that you ensure your security pass is clearly visible to security staff and other DEST people and immediately report to Security on 39486, 38605 or 38233 any unauthorised persons in the building.

If you work in the 240 City Walk building and need to commute between 240 and other DEST buildings, please ensure you remain at a distance from any demonstration activity.

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9 Responses to Just thought this was interesting as it was beamed around here….
Thumper Thumper 4:03 pm 25 Aug 05

Well DEST here in Civic is totally uninhabited by anyone remotely looking like a protestor.

maybe I should go outside for a smoke and wander around shouting slogans….

Kerces Kerces 3:53 pm 25 Aug 05

I just heard on the radio that there’s several hundred students staging a sit-in at the Liberal Party headquarters in Sydney.

Thumper Thumper 1:48 pm 25 Aug 05

Very disappointing, there’s no-one here….

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:23 pm 25 Aug 05

Well, a ‘huge’ number of students have just left from the ANU to walk into Civic protesting. I counted no more than about 50!

Thumper Thumper 7:51 am 25 Aug 05

I can’t wait! It’ll be time to go down for a smoke and sit in the sun….

Ralph Ralph 7:50 am 25 Aug 05

I think the last protest they had a couple of weeks ago they managed to assemble about 50 people in Garema Place.

johnboy johnboy 11:44 pm 24 Aug 05

Now that Kimbo’s sold them down the river you wonder how they’ll react.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:01 pm 24 Aug 05

No doubt the ANU will manage to supply the usual bunch of socialist morons and lost sheep to the protest cause.

bulldog bulldog 4:48 pm 24 Aug 05

They should rephrase that to read:

“While DEST offices in Canberra are not currently targeted, people are advised to remain cautious of tailgaters in shitbox coronas and subaru DL wagons. Staff are also encourage to report any unwashed persons to security.

Tip for new players: If you have a student tailgating you, shift into first gear and pull away. Damn mooching drug smoking shitbox driving intellectualy condecending non-showering 2 minute noodle eating protesting hippies. Get a job!

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