Kangaroo cull attracting misguided protesters

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The Lawson Kangaroo cull has attracted a large amount of media attention over the past months. The trade off between relocation and just knocking them off has come down to a cost issue and since the Federal Government isn’t ponying up the cash to relocate it’s back to the lethal injection for skippy.

I heard on the radio today a bunch of protesters missed the mark by running in and upsetting a number of sedated roos. The problem was they weren’t the ones earmarked as death row as they thought and they were the ones partaking in the anti-fertility treatment.

Good work.

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verbal verbal 10:45 am 21 May 08

Another update on action out at the roo cull site:


Sammy Sammy 10:55 am 21 May 08

Fricken hippies

barking toad barking toad 11:49 am 21 May 08

Well, the ex-partner of ‘one leg’ hasn’t turned up yet but apparently some old boiler from Cop Shop has, along with some no-name from Neighbours or some other show.

And ABC news reports that some illegal campers from old parliament house have jumped the fence, lit a fire and said sorry to the roos. It’s not clear whether they were there just to get a quick feed or because they used to be fans of Cop Shop. If the latter, they’ll feel like it’s reality TV because Mr Plod has arrested them.

Because of the extra publicity the event’s attracted, expect to see more hand-wringers arrive in the hope of being on the local TV news tonight.

VicePope VicePope 11:52 am 21 May 08

God created kanagaroos so that sheep would have something to look down on. This has been so silly for so long. They can be moved, at considerable public expense. They can be destroyed humanely. They can starve to death. This situation reached this pass because people didn’t act because of a pack of people who seem to think the third option preferable to either (a) paying for the first or (b) letting the second happen.

tap tap 12:09 pm 21 May 08

Who are the people who want option c?

VicePope VicePope 12:12 pm 21 May 08

Those who resisted anything being done unless and until it was their preferred option. The brainless hippies.

tap tap 12:22 pm 21 May 08

No, they want option a.

tap tap 12:24 pm 21 May 08

Being against option b doesn’t mean they neccesarily prefer option c.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 12:32 pm 21 May 08

Yes, but people who have other, more realistic concerns, like schools, hopsitals, clean running water, and Al Grassby statues generally said “Pay for it yourself if you want it that badly”, to which the protesters have replied “Nay, for we are poor emaciated vegans who believe that the Government should obey us and our addled-brained reasoning”.

Hence, delays until they die.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 12:33 pm 21 May 08

If it were feral goats, feral pigs, feral hippies, feral camels or feral donkeys being culled I’m certain that no-one would give a flying fcuk about the cull. But all because it is a native critter that has reach an unsustainable population level all the bleeding heart, wet behind the ears, shrub hugging, unwashed, pinko, Labor voting numpties come out and protest against it.

RuffnReady RuffnReady 12:47 pm 21 May 08

Freakin neo-fascists. I am proudly left-leaning, possibly even a “hippy” by your standards, but I agree with culling the roos. How does your ignorant frame deal with that?

bonfire bonfire 12:56 pm 21 May 08

you never see any protests when the urban cows that dot the ACT open spaces disappear off to become hamburger.

gross hipocrisy on behalf of animal liberationists.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 1:04 pm 21 May 08

Ruff, if you agree with the need for a cull then you do not fit the targeted demographic of my rant.

tap tap 1:07 pm 21 May 08

Skidblanir: Incorrect. There was not enough time given to see if the protestors could get the money themselves. And don’t try and pull wedge arguments, ‘if you are for schools, you must be aginst the relocation of kangaroos in Lawson.’, it is obvious and untrue.

Neanderthalsis: You figured out that the protestors aren’t happy because the kangaroo is native, not to mention our national symbol all by yourself? Add to that the fact that there is a far more humane option available and you might actually begin to understand.

bonfire: No, never once has there been any protests about the way animals are farmed. Remember though that this is about the fact that there is a more humane option available that isn’t being taken because of cost.

barking toad barking toad 1:13 pm 21 May 08

Seeing as the Defence wallahs weren’t prepared (allowed?) to release the forces onto the land for live target practice then option (c) was fine with me. If the tucker got scarce the hopping ones would just move to some other paddock. The grass would grow again and the one-legged flies or whatever would increase in plague numbers to keep the greens happy.

But seeing that “something had to be done!” a cull is as good as (c). Except for hand-wringing hippies and other attention seekers it attracts.

Here’s a hippie thought!

Why not phone Paul and get him to send out the jumbo that recently delivered his new car and he could take some of the hoppers back to his place – release them onto his mull of kintyre. He can’t be too busy now that he’s given one-knee the flick. And he can take up Tim Flummery’s idea and add sulphur to the jet fuel to save the planet. It’s win-win-win-win.

Hand-wringers are happy, hippies are happy, hoppers are still hoppy, and the great unwashed get some revenge for transportation on leaky boats.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 1:16 pm 21 May 08

Tap, did you at any time offer to load a dozen or so ‘roos into the back of you Trabant and drive them to a more suitable site? If you feel so strongly about it, start being part of the “humane option” yourself.

tap tap 1:23 pm 21 May 08

neanderhtalsis: ‘if you feel so strongly about x, then you must do y and z or else you are crap.’ We covered these poor arguments back in the tibet protest thread. But ill answer you question, no, at no time did i offer to load a dozen or so ‘roos into the back of me Trabant and drive them to a more suitable site. You got me. *round of applause*

I would have definately contributed financially for it, if enough time were given. So i would have been a part of it.

Thumper Thumper 1:28 pm 21 May 08

A trabbie…


Oh, that is subtly excellent…

Crikey Crikey 2:00 pm 21 May 08

I listened to Wildcare’s spokesman, Coralie Letica, this morning and she is dumb as. In summary she said, that we would not have this problem if Canberra wasn’t put here in the first place and that we shouldn’d be farming sheep.

It’s not the roo cull that will put people off visiting Canberra it will be dumb-arse’s like Coralie Letica.

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