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Kangaroo cull attracting misguided protesters

Special G 26 May 2008 143

The Lawson Kangaroo cull has attracted a large amount of media attention over the past months. The trade off between relocation and just knocking them off has come down to a cost issue and since the Federal Government isn’t ponying up the cash to relocate it’s back to the lethal injection for skippy.

I heard on the radio today a bunch of protesters missed the mark by running in and upsetting a number of sedated roos. The problem was they weren’t the ones earmarked as death row as they thought and they were the ones partaking in the anti-fertility treatment.

Good work.

143 Responses to Kangaroo cull attracting misguided protesters
tap 1:56 pm 22 May 08

Ozhair: When you say protestors self serving purposes can be to feel that they’re doing something important do you really consider that a bad thing? You do not think this issue is important, they do. And the organisers feel a power trip, well they might, most leaders do i spose, not neccassarily a bad thing of course. Also of these self serving reasons, none of them discount the protest at hand. If a protestor thinks ‘im doing something important by going and protesting this issue i feel strongly about’ What is wrong with that? Remember in your opinion this issue isn’t worth it, in theirs it is.

Cull/Slaughter just calling it like it truly is. I think that using the word culling is a way to remove emotion from whats really happening.

And yes, cynic you are. 😉

I disagree with you on your opinion on protest (and protestors overall), and in this particular issue. But yeah, that happens.

Ozhair 1:53 pm 22 May 08

Deadmandrinking said :

I assumed that’s what you meant by ‘serial protester’. How in the hell is that a put-down anyway? Are you saying that people SHOULDN’T exercise their right to protest when an issue arises?

Of course not. I’m saying that there’s a certain mindset that protests for the sake of protesting, usually with little idea about the actual issues. And that I think there’s an element of this in this current protest.

The title of this topic is “Kangaroo Cull Attracting Misguided Protesters”. In discussing why I believe they (and some other protesters) are misguided, I believe I’m no terribly far off-topic. And certainly more on-topic than usually occurs in these forums.

Deadmandrinking 1:48 pm 22 May 08

Take a look at your track record, Mael. This may be the first time in years you’ve ever said something on-topic.

Umm…no, because they are rounding the kangaroos up and killing them.

barking toad 1:48 pm 22 May 08

Ngunnawal people tap? No, I mean the mob from the illegal camp.

Not sure if they’r worried about the natural way or life cycle. Where’d you hear that? Was it on the news?

Mælinar 1:44 pm 22 May 08

heh – the umbilical serial protesters are now offering forum rules that they’ve broken countless times themselves.

Anyway – since the fence has been cut, isn’t it a natural conclusion that the roos will eventually disperse or is this one of those lemmings issues ?

Deadmandrinking 1:44 pm 22 May 08

I assumed that’s what you meant by ‘serial protester’. How in the hell is that a put-down anyway? Are you saying that people SHOULDN’T exercise their right to protest when an issue arises?

tap 1:41 pm 22 May 08

Duke: Isn’t this the federal government?

Regardless of which , no its not. This has been covered in many comments already, try this one from FC Well the money isn’t going to aid ppl in Burma now that it hasn’t been used to relocate the roos, now is it?

Also see my comment Can someone give me a link to the speech where the prime minister said something along the lines of ‘We have 3.5 million, we can either save the kangaroos in Lawson, build a youth centre, or send aid to burma. What’ll it be?’? If not, then please stop trying to argue that this is the case. That point has been well and truly answered by many of us now.

Has the ACT(??? Defense land isn’t it?) Government decided the money could be better spent on ‘human causes’. What are these human causes? All I have heard is that its just too expensive.

Ozhair 1:39 pm 22 May 08

DMD, who’s the fool? I’ve never once mentioned China or Burma.

Ozhair 1:38 pm 22 May 08

Tap, I did say my comments were entirely my own opinion.

And I wasn’t pushing the actual cause as much in my last post, because I know it’s pointless. I have my view on this issue, you have yours, and it’s very obvious that there will never be any way that we will come together over it. On other issues you may find we stand side by side.

My post was my view on the “serial protester” mindset, using this particular case as an example, so as such may be slightly off-topic. No, as far as I know Resistance has nothing to do with this particualr protest, but I never said they did. I was referring to “groups like Resistance, etc” as part of the mindset discussion.

What self-serving motives do these sort of people have? The need to feel that they’re doing something important, that they are the ones making a difference against the almighty Machine. In the cases of those who rally these things, it can be a power trip. Once again, my opinion, based on a number of years of observation. Sometimes they get things right and do good, a lot of times they seem to be woefully misinformed.

Once again, I believe there are causes worth standing up about. My ex was part of the People Power movement in the Philippines that ousted the Marcos regime. I know that good can come from protest.

In this instance, yes, Defence went for the cheaper option. But that’s a harsh reality you have to face; sometimes the money just ain’t there.

The people created this cause – Because I’m pro cull, not anti, I will happily say that I believe it’s the protesters who have beaten up and overinflated the importance of this issue.

Yes, some of these people are against the cull (or shall we keep on using those deliberately emotive terms like “slaughter”?) because that’s what they believe. Yay for them.

But, cynic that I am, I doubt the personal motivations of many of these people.

And point taken on my “majority of Canberrans” statement. I was guilty of the “opinion as fact” mistake I’ve accused others of. True, just because the majority go along with something doesn’t make it right. But just because a minority of self-righteous protesters make a lot of noise about something doesn’t make it right, either.

And in this particular instance, I think you’re wrong.


Deadmandrinking 1:37 pm 22 May 08

Vg, rarely does culling involve killing an entire mob. Anyway, they are killing this mob because they want to build something on the land they inhabit. That is not culling, that is a poor way of dealing with the environment before you undergo construction.

Ozhair, you are a fool, I’m sorry. Tap should not be wasting his time on you. This issue has nothing to do with China, or Tibet. To post an opinion on this topic about Tibet would be going off-topic and would not be helpful to this debate. I suggest you learn how a forum works before you post. Start by learning how a conversation works.

RuffnReady 1:30 pm 22 May 08

RuffnReady said :

Freakin neo-fascists. I am proudly left-leaning, possibly even a “hippy” by your standards, but I agree with culling the roos. How does your ignorant frame deal with that?

I was commenting on the way people like to polarise things into “US v THEM” and call all people who give a damn about the environment “hippies”, “clueless tree-huggers”, etc.

Anyway, the roos need to be culled. And it needs to happen on Mt Majura too.

Thumper 1:22 pm 22 May 08

I’m not wading into this because it’s simply not worth it.

However, the self serving purpose will become evident when Isabelle Coe fronts a magistrate for trespass in the coming days.

Duke 1:09 pm 22 May 08

Tap – the references to funding for Burma, China, schools and hospitals is entirely relevant. See unbeknownst to some protesters, the ACT doesn’t have a bottomless pit of money it can throw at every needy cause – the Government must ration its money.

The ACT Government has decided the relocation money could be better spent on human causes.

tap 1:08 pm 22 May 08

Ozhair: Well the first two paragraphs are merely bashing the people who you think are behind this, not the issue at all. Quesiton though, does resistance have anything to do with this protest? Another question: What do you think the protestors have to gain out of this? what is their self serving motives? And I really hope that your answer will have more substance than ‘the protestors just want to be on tv!’.

Defense did say there is an alternative. Remember what this is about? That they changed plan from a trial relocation of the kangaroos to slaughtering them because they decided the first option was too expensive. This means defense knows there are other options, but just took the cheapest.

The people created this cause… Do you mean the people who fenced in the poor bastards in the first place? if so, then true. The protestors did not though, they are reacting to something happening that they disagree with, as is their right.

You keep mentioning this secret self serving purpose behind the protests. Don’t you think its more likely that the protestors are simply against the slaughter? And not just acting against the slaughter to… do what exactly?

Oh and I’ll take your word for it that the majority of canberrans agree with you shall I? Although what point you think that proves im not sure, just because an idea is popular (if in fact it is) does not make it right.

Barking toad: If you are talking about the ngunnawal people, perhaps they realise that this slaughter has nothing to do with the natural way, or a kangaroos life cycle. It is simply a slaughter that does not have to happen.

Thumper 12:51 pm 22 May 08

Stop bringing logic, experience and common sense into the arguement. It’s not relevant.

barking toad 12:35 pm 22 May 08

While we’re talking about “labels” and “serial protesters”, can anyone explain the motive of the smokers from the illegal camp?

Traditionally these “protesters” would have been chasing skippy with those pointed sticks and throwing lumps of wood that come back if you miss. But these implements didn’t get a mention in the press. And the fire didn’t get a mention for cooking purposes.

As they’re familar with the skippy life cycle I can’t imagine they’d be lining up with the neighbourly Ms Corke on the extinction bandwagon or aligning themselves with Coralie.

What’s the go I wonder?

Ozhair 12:08 pm 22 May 08

Okay, let’s try this again.

As with anything else said on these boards, this is just my opinion. Maybe I’m getting overly cynical in my old age, but having been to a lot of protests over the years in the course of covering them for the news, I’ve formed the above-mentioned opinion on “serial protesters”. Observing from the outside, I’ve come to seriously question the motivations of a lot of people who participate in groups like “Resistance”, etc, believing them to be entirely self-serving. These people have an agenda they want to push as much as any politician.

While there are issues I do believe need to be brought to and kept in the public attention, in this particular case I personally feel that the issue has been blown way out of proportion and has been taken over by the afore-mentioned self-servers.

So, yes, I am thinking about the people, not just the cause, because it’s the people who created this cause.

YOU say there is another way, Defence says different. Just because it’s the big, bad Government doesn’t automatically mean they’re lying. The animal libbers come up with their own experts to refute what the Government says. Just because the info comes from the protest side, we’re supposed to automatically believe that their numbers are correct?

The Government may have an agenda here, but so do the protesters, and I’m not just talking about saving a few roos. My opinion in this case, and the opinion of the majority of Canberrans, sides with Defence. Just because a lot of people don’t agree with you doesn’t mean they’re “apathetic” as I believe one person described them in the video on CanberraVotes. It means that they believe you’ve got the wrong end of the stick.

Oh, and if we’re talking about wedge arguments, could the protest side please stop going on about “How could we possibly kill an animal on our national emblem!” Now THAT really has nothing to do with this cull.


tap 12:03 pm 22 May 08

Its funny how as soon as someone is labelled a “protester” of a “hippy,” people tend to devalidate what they are protesting about. That’s what labelling does.

True. I also wonder why people are so against the general premise of protesting.

tap 11:57 am 22 May 08

wait wait the Thoughtless, selfish, cnuts. was a quote as well.

tap 11:56 am 22 May 08

I wonder how the dreadlocked and unwashed would respond when informed their actions are being directly beamed into Japanese households – and is affecting their international position on eating yummy whale.

Thoughtless, selfish, cnuts.

Still wondering how be against the slaughter of kangaroos is at odds with being against the slaughter of whales?? Funny though, I heard a protestor the other day saying exactly the same thing, except with the word ‘government’ instead of ‘dreadlocked and unwashed’…?

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