Kangaroo cull attracting misguided protesters

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The Lawson Kangaroo cull has attracted a large amount of media attention over the past months. The trade off between relocation and just knocking them off has come down to a cost issue and since the Federal Government isn’t ponying up the cash to relocate it’s back to the lethal injection for skippy.

I heard on the radio today a bunch of protesters missed the mark by running in and upsetting a number of sedated roos. The problem was they weren’t the ones earmarked as death row as they thought and they were the ones partaking in the anti-fertility treatment.

Good work.

143 Responses to Kangaroo cull attracting misguided protesters
FC FC 3:47 pm 22 May 08

does having an opinion different to the majority now equated to being a troll?

tap tap 3:45 pm 22 May 08

Thumper: Im pretty sure the japanese argue that the whales they catch aren’t endangered either. Not that I believe the japanese on this subject, but our position of moral superiority has been badly damaged by this.

It seems it will. But ill be bitching and the protestors protesting until its done. You never know, a kangaroo or two might be spared the death penalty.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 3:44 pm 22 May 08

We need a big sign at the entrance that reads: DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS

Thumper Thumper 3:37 pm 22 May 08

The japanese will say we are hypocrits, and that is because we are

Just to point out a fact, whales are endangered, eastern greys are not.

Relocation is not going to happen. Which part of it don’t you understand?

25 posts out of 97, you’re a gobby little chap aren’t you.

Although I will say such persistance si admirable.

tap tap 3:34 pm 22 May 08

Well there is a fourth option to go with the third.

The japanese will say we are hypocrits, and that is because we are.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 3:31 pm 22 May 08

We could just tell them it is for scientific research and paint RESEARCH on the side of the rifles to show we’re legit scientists.

tap tap 3:27 pm 22 May 08

No word on why hiding our immoral acts from the japanese is a good idea?? anyone? sounds like a fairly hopeless idea to me is all…

tap tap 3:26 pm 22 May 08

Ok we’ll see if there needs to be another cull.

Once more: Third option you forgot: Put relocation back on the cards.

Mælinar Mælinar 3:26 pm 22 May 08

Neanderthalsis – yes.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 3:24 pm 22 May 08

Tap, you forgot the fertility treatment that will prevent a population explosion the next time we get a healty dose of rain and a lot of green grass. With that, they would not need follow up culls.

tap tap 3:20 pm 22 May 08

neanderthalisis: Sustainable poopulation until the next cull right?

Third option that you forgot: Put relocation back on the cards.

tap tap 3:17 pm 22 May 08

Shhhh lets kill the kangaroos quick and hope the japanese don’t notice!! And then the pesky protestors go and ruin it all by making a point of it.

Possibly we could stare the japanese in the eye over our view of their whaling (they claim the whales are not endangered…) a little better if we didn’t partake in needless culls of kangaroos? Surely that would give us the moral ground we want.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 3:11 pm 22 May 08

Is the fact that they are culling part of the population of roos on this site to ensure the sustainability of the population in the future totally lost on some people?

The population of kangaroos is too high to be maintained in a confined urban space and it is pitting undue pressure on other species that are considered endangered i.e the Sun Moth, Gindinderra Grasses, a species of grasshopper and the Stripey Legged Lizard. This is why the cull is taking place.

Most of us did agree that the translocation option was a relatively good solution, there were concerns that the problem would just be shifted elsewhere; but with a bit of forethought it could have worked. Now that it is off the cards the options are we can cull some of the roos, or leave them all to starve.

I know that I personally would prefer a smaller, sustainable roo population with sufficient feed on site than a huge starving mob. But then again, I’m inhumane…

Mælinar Mælinar 3:03 pm 22 May 08

p1 – I can’t read japanese, so have taken this from reports about reports – but I think it’s fair to say that the JWC are doing exactly that.

Of course to us over here in Australia it sounds perfectly natural, kangaroos ain’t all kangaroos, and whales need protection at all costs, even from their own stupidity.

In the Japanese mind, they used to whale off their coastline. Then someone figured out that NZ and Australia were closer to the whales, and decimated the species. Now that they have the fishing capacity to get whales again, they find it highly empirical of us to dictate to them why we should leave whales alone.

Of course, we have beaten them once, so can tell them to do certain things, unlike Gallipoli and Vietnam, where they can say ‘come and try to take it again then’ to us.

So they use our situation re: kangaroos to their advantage. If you look beyond the ‘but this thing is a kangaroo, the other is a whale’ emotive crap that some others profess I’m wrong about, you’ll find their media is abuzz with our hypocritical stance.

Which is strengthening their position on whaling. The longer this continues, the more damage is being done, as it is under the glare of Sauron’s eye.

Ozhair Ozhair 3:01 pm 22 May 08

FC – Fair comment. As I said, I’m probably working from a jaded, more cynical viewpoint, which some may see as unfortunate. But it’s always served me in that I will never automatically fall in behind one side or the other as many seem to do. And that goes for both sides, your apathetic masses and the “radicals”. That doesn’t mean I’m a fence sitter, but that I’ll be careful about into which ring I throw my hat. (Yes, I know, I’m murdering my metaphors)

And just for the record, I fully support the fundamental right to protest. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to question the motivations of those protesting just as much as those they’re protesting about.

FC FC 2:44 pm 22 May 08

Ozhair: I get what you are saying about the serial protesters – but again – it might just be that people care – and about a variety of things.
Also – Canberra isn’t exactly a big city – so people continuously being at protests would stand out more than in other places.

Not directed at you anymore Ozhair –
But I seem to get the feeling that our society is one that seems to support apathy.
In a whole lot of areas.
It really saddens me sometimes that peoples minds just shut off to anything that doesn’t fit inside there box.
I wonder if it comes down to people thinking that if you start caring about one things, thing you might have to care about another – and Oh – it might take some effort on their behalf and might even change the status quo. and this isn’t directed directly at the roo issue – but in a broader sense.
This is how change comes about.
By people (usually the minority) start caring about things, speak up about it, they might even protest about it!
they usually get vilified by the mainstream, they get frustrated, wonder with so many opposing people if its worth the fight, they continue on – then a while later the thing they are fighting for becomes normal and all the maintream that were previously completly against it and all the “radicals” carrying on about it, now seeing it as normal claim they always thought it made sense..

p1 p1 2:26 pm 22 May 08

Care to align the Japanese media presence at the last protest with your above statement p1, or are you as full of it as Tap and WMD?

I didn’t mean say that they wouldn’t think it justifies their killing of whales, just that to think it does is fu<king stooopid. I’m sure the Japanese Whaling commission will milk it for all the propaganda it is worth.

Ozhair Ozhair 2:26 pm 22 May 08

Just like to point out that I have never actually tagged Tap as a “serial protester”. He didn’t get what Skid was talking about in reference to him in an earlier post, and I tried to explain it in terms of my own personal catch-phrase, which I then decided needed further clarification. I did in fact state that I hadn’t read enough by him to form an opinion on him personally.

Tap, in fact, is doing a reasonable job of representing his side of the argument. I still don’t agree with him, though 😉

The whole roos/whales thing really has little to do with this cull. It’s just one of those things where, as I mentioned, people are using the situation to push their own agenda. Roos number in their millions, whales are highly endangered. Whales are shot with explosive harpoons, these roos are tranqed then injected. There’s really no comparison, and I’m wondering what the protesters at the site have been saying to the Japanese news crew. Are they the ones drawing this comparison, and in so doing weakening the anti-whaling protest, giving the Japanese “if they can do it, so can we” amunition? Isn’t this self-defeating?

tap tap 2:01 pm 22 May 08

Maelinar: Still wondering how be against the slaughter of kangaroos is at odds with being against the slaughter of whales?? Come on little buddy, admit that you got it a litte wrong there. Comepletely backwards even. Truth is that being for the needless slaughter of kangaroos here lessens our position on being against japanese whaling.

tap tap 1:59 pm 22 May 08

Meaning that I think the majority, probably everyone protesting this issue really only wants the kangaroos to not be killed. Not saying they have their facts straight on every in and out of the issue. If they do feel a certain pride for standing up for what they believe, I do not believe that lessens that they do believe. The self serving purposes you describe are not enough to make me think that they are there for the wrong reasons.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 1:57 pm 22 May 08

“My post was my view on the “serial protester” mindset, using this particular case as an example, so as such may be slightly off-topic.”

But why do you think Tap is protesting just for the sake of protesting? As far as I can see, he has provided credible reasoning for his opposition to the cull. Also, did you actually stop and think to ask if he was actually there? I haven’t seen him say it.

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