Kangaroo cull attracting misguided protesters

Special G 26 May 2008 143

The Lawson Kangaroo cull has attracted a large amount of media attention over the past months. The trade off between relocation and just knocking them off has come down to a cost issue and since the Federal Government isn’t ponying up the cash to relocate it’s back to the lethal injection for skippy.

I heard on the radio today a bunch of protesters missed the mark by running in and upsetting a number of sedated roos. The problem was they weren’t the ones earmarked as death row as they thought and they were the ones partaking in the anti-fertility treatment.

Good work.

143 Responses to Kangaroo cull attracting misguided protesters
tap tap 9:31 pm 22 May 08

Imarty: Lame.

tap tap 9:27 pm 22 May 08

Duke: Good point. Im honestly not sure they should be. This would lead me to wonder why other culls should take place, rather than why this one shouldn’t.

I can only assume that in the cases of other culls in australia the reasons are different, the overpopulation may be due to something other than a ruddy great fence keeping the poor bastards in. Maybe it is because in this particular case, the blame is so completely with the humans that makes this one different. A main reason for this cull is to protect native species, which is a little strange. I almost hope these other species are endangered, at least that would make some kind of sense. But most importantly the difference is that there really is another option available. This relocation was going to be a trial, so its fair to assume that if the trial was successful then chances are relocation might have become more widely used all around australia. Maybe the difference is no one had realistically thought about other options before.

But what really gets up my nose about this is the money. It has been decided that it would cost the federal govnernment too much (the figures about how much it would have cost are still disputed). There was the option available to wait and see if the animal rights groups and other people against the culling could raise the money, or at least make up the difference between the price of this humane slaughter (yeah… emotive words, but true ones) and the relocation. Yet they just didn’t. Things were in motion towards raising the money, a month or two would have been enough to find out if the money could be raised or not. Why didn’t they let that happen? What did they have to lose?

imarty imarty 9:00 pm 22 May 08

DMD,you are an idiot, you too tap. It is a cull. They are not killing off an entire mob. Relocation was always a poor option. The kangaroos are a pest and not just in this instance, it is harming the ecology of the area. Sure we might be ultimately responsible for this but hey, you can’t change history. Sure better planning is required for the future so efforts in this area may be a more sensible option than freezing your arse off out at Lawson or whinging here.
All other arguments here are merely superfluous and just make you feel better as some of the more level heads around here ahve stated.
We aren’t at the top of the food chain for nothing.

Duke Duke 8:43 pm 22 May 08

No, i’ve read all the comments DMD, and i’ve read the papers. They’re culling approximately 400 of the estimated 750 kangaroos. Your fondness for hyperbole does your cause no help.

So I repeat, why should ACT grey kangaroos be treated differently than the other roo mobs around Australia?

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 5:58 pm 22 May 08

Duke, you obviously have not read any of the posts above you. This is not a cull. They are killing off an entire mob of kangaroos.

Duke Duke 4:39 pm 22 May 08

At the very least could somebody explain to me why the ACT kangaroos deserve special treatment? Both local and Federal governments seem to understand that roo culls happen all over Australia all the time, so why would they spend money saving just the Canberra ones? Suely if they were to relocate the Canberra roos they would have to apply the same moral principle to all kangaroos wherever they might be.

tap tap 4:38 pm 22 May 08

Special G: Make it feasiblethe government should spend the money. Therefore spend the money. Easy.

Will they disrupt another area? No, because they are being slaughtered. If they had been relocated then thats what we would have found out, the whole thing being a trial and all.

Ozhair: Im pretty sure it was Maelinar who brought the subject of japanese whaling into this. Even people who are for the culling of these roos can see that this will have an effect in australias debate with japan over their whaling.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:36 pm 22 May 08

Ozhair, I am not saying that the roos are endangered. I am also not trying to gain ‘media coverage’ by addressing how this issue will obviously arise in further debates between ourselves and the Japanese over whaling. Just wait, I’ll call my agent to confirm this…

Special G – Eastern Grays are native to this area. The local environment will be able to adapt a lot easier to a forced migration of Eastern Grays (I doubt anyone would be shipping them to Europe, where the rabbits came from, or South America, where the toads came from). Do you think Eastern Grays stick around when the area they are inhabiting comes under threat? Or do you think they might move a few kilometers to safety?

Ozhair Ozhair 4:24 pm 22 May 08

Wow, you go away for a few minutes…

Japan claims the whales are not endangered, this however flies in the face of most other statistics on the subject. Japan is a lone voice in using the “not endangered” argument.

Not even the cull protesters can make the claim that roos are endangered.

What I’m saying is that the protesters shouldn’t be the ones to draw a comparison to roos and whaling simply to garner some extra media coverage. This is weakening one argument to strengthen another. They should be pointing out to the Japanese media that the cull and whaling are two completely separate issues, and put forth their own arguments against the cull.

Special G Special G 4:21 pm 22 May 08

I think tap is trying to get his rating up by multiple posts. I have read your posts – when on topic you simply say relocation is the answer yet fail to address any ideas on how to make this a feasable option. People relocated bunnies and cane toads and we have seen how they panned out – will the Eastern Grays when relocated to another area disrupt the environmental balance in that area?

tap tap 4:17 pm 22 May 08

Agreed DMD, thats what i was saying.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:14 pm 22 May 08

Even if the minke whale weren’t, tap, killing a animal of that size to get at a few small parts is pretty brutal. Japan has access to many other meat sources.

They will use this culling as an argument against us and they have every right to. Australia has lost credibility on the world stage in regards to the treatment of it’s native species.

tap tap 4:06 pm 22 May 08

Are you guys sure that the minke whale is endangered? cause im pretty sure that the japanese are adament that they are not.

tap tap 4:04 pm 22 May 08

Good point DMD, and while we are it it did a firm answer (everyone agreed on) for the cost of the trial relocation ever show up?

tap tap 4:03 pm 22 May 08

The trolls response to being called a troll is to counter-accuse the other side of being trolls

Ummm, who did the counter accusation again?

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:02 pm 22 May 08

By the way…how much money is being spent rounding up the kangaroos, dart-gunning them and moving their bodies?

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:01 pm 22 May 08

Maelinar, I assume you’ll be leading to the call to arms in the great Japan/Australia whaling war? Japan still hasn’t yielded to our almighty-ness so far.

The fact that the Americans beat the Japanese (then proceeded to pound them with nuclear weapons) with Australian help has very little effect on the diplomacy between Japan and Australia regarding whaling. It’s pretty plain obvious – Australia protests against Japanese whaling, Japan tells us to f-ck off. Hardly the attitude you’d expect against the major world power you seem to think Australia is.

Thumper, you are correct, Whales are endangered, Eastern Grays are not. However, whether the kangaroos are endangered or not has never been the center of the issue here. The question is, is it justifiable to kill an entire mob of kangaroos, regardless of the overall species’ population, for the purposes of building on the land they inhabit? The further question, which in my opinion has not been satisfactorily answered, is there no feasible alternative? It should not cost $8750 per kangaroo to move them. Even if it does, why hasn’t enough time been given to allow money to be raised if the government cannot foot the bill themselves? Or even better, why an’t they look for contractors that don’t charge as much?

Until those questions answered the blood will be on the government’s hands.

tap tap 4:00 pm 22 May 08

Special G, if the trial relocation did take place i would hazard a guess at … say zero protestors?

I havn’t missed the point. But im not just going to completely repeat myself again. Not worth it. You can find my answers on this post.

Mælinar Mælinar 4:00 pm 22 May 08

The trolls response to being called a troll is to counter-accuse the other side of being trolls. How novel.

What they fail to realise, is people with a memory longer than 5 minutes will remember the last thread they serially protested on, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that, and so on.

Their actions speak louder than words. Since I’m no longer feeding them, they appear to be getting hungry.

Special G Special G 3:53 pm 22 May 08

tap – You’re not getting the point – relocation was deemed to be too costly and as such is not being put back on the agenda. At the end of the day costs associated with an option need to be considered and people with the purse strings were not prepared to dish out $7k per roo to have them relocated. If this was the case how many people would be protesting about the needless spending of funds on an animal that in many areas is a pest. Too many skips are detrimental to the environmental sustainability of an area placing other species at risk. To a degree we created the situation and now are fixing it.

The reason the roos are being tranqed and injected is the danger trace of firearms in an urban environment being unacceptable otherwise skip would be getting shot as is the normal process.

I still reckon farming the roos is a much better option than anything else offered. They are already fenced of.

yum yum.

tap tap 3:47 pm 22 May 08

Neanderthalsis: So this is your style then, when you are caught out on something you just claim your opponent is a troll. There is one other person like that on here, and people are taking him less and less seriously because of it.

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