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Kangaroo Protesters – Their opinions in their own words

By Jonathon Reynolds - 22 May 2008 204

I went out to the Lawson Naval Base this afternoon to have a chat with and video the protesters that have set up a vigil outside the main gate.I allowed the people I spoke with to express their opinions in their own words without the usual editing that occurs when a media grab is taken for either TV or Radio news.  You can make up your own opinion after watching the video HERE 

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204 Responses to
Kangaroo Protesters – Their opinions in their own words
VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 3:49 pm 23 May 08

vg: Ok so the only real aboriginals I wont see. No matter where I go. Right. gotcha.

You didn’t claim it as a quote, but the implication is there. You used the word but said you didn’t.

*shakes dick*

Ozhair 3:42 pm 23 May 08

tap has a lot of last words…

tap 3:38 pm 23 May 08

Oh and the word real in comment 49 was not a quote.

*shakes head*

tap 3:36 pm 23 May 08

VY: Ill cut and paste my comment shall I?

You know whats a good thing? That what you consider a true and fake aboriginal was absolutely no bearing on reality. Thats seriously good.

and the other one, comment 58, two comments after you’re original objection.

Oh i see what you mean, in a later post he said ‘true’ therefore i misquoted him. Where is this misquote? And anyway thats a bit of a semantic you are going for here, real or true, his point remains the same, so does mine. Here you go: “True. True? Aboriginals don’t have to pass some kind of a test, or live in a way you deem appropriate to be aboriginal. Thats true. Watch your choice of words next time.” – feel better?

Why are you still pushing this?

*shakes head*

imarty 3:33 pm 23 May 08

Danman, “commercially harvested”
see link

Danman 3:28 pm 23 May 08

Pity you did not do any boxing at the PCYC tap, you certainly give the impression you like to be punched in the “Ring” on another note, vg – sweet – ill give em a bell – see what I can sort out……..Now Kangaroos….. mmm yummy – served rare (to avoid high protien changing of a quality cut into boot leather) and served with an apple balsamic vinegarette.

Also I wa sunder the impression that wild kangaroo can not be used fro domestic meat purposes because thye have worms etc.

It was my understanding that roo, emu, croc and all exotic cuts of meat that we see on our retail shelves are farmed animals for th epurpose of consumption yes ?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 3:16 pm 23 May 08

VY – The only time i quoted the word real was before he used the word true. *shakes head*

VG used ‘true’ in comment #47. You said ‘real’ in comment #49.

*shakes head*

Thumper 3:02 pm 23 May 08

Last words again?

Like I said in another thread, gobby….

vg 3:00 pm 23 May 08

Danman (as Tap’s last puerile attempt at witticism isn’t worth any more effort)

No longer live in Amaroo (nearby however) but yes, I do use the Charny club. My motivation for using it has 2 facets. First is what it costs me to use it because of what I do, and secondly because I believe that I should support it because of what I do for a living. I am very much into weights and although some of the equipment there isn’t as nice and shiny as Fitness First it still works just fine. A slightly chipped and rusty 20kg plate still weighs as much as a brand spanking shiny new one.

They have plenty of boxing there and it seems to be split on a couple of levels. Dead serious people and those just learning/fitness. Some ladies even giving it a whirl. You’d have to ring them to get the timetables etc and see if what they have suits your needs. I ‘learnt’ it as a kid and moved onto the more serious side with the ‘full on’ training later in life

The whole set up looks very temporary but that is more to do with waiting to see what might happen back in the City. It is a nice quiet gym for me and right next door to a Woolies so I can get something to eat on the way home.

My little fella also does Tots Tumbling down there which is worth the price of admission just to see the fun the kids have (but that’s the selfish side of me, the one that wanted to have kids who may behave like…..well, kids).

My suggestion would be to give them a ring and then maybe get in contact with the coach and discuss what you’d like to do

tap 2:54 pm 23 May 08

Ahh this is funny, when I lived in the area i went to PCYC Charny. Didn’t box, just did weights there. It was pretty cheap and nasty, but i guess thats what you get from a PCYC.

tap 2:50 pm 23 May 08

VY – The only time i quoted the word real was before he used the word true. *shakes head*

See the response after it. Number 58, even though what you accuse me of is not true, I answered it any changed the words accordingly. *shakes head*

Danman 2:47 pm 23 May 08

slightly ot but this is directed to vg

Mate, at the moment, I try and get active 4 to 5 times a week – alternating between running up to 5km and alternating with core body free weights sessions and skipping…

Whats the PCYC like ? I found that when i went to the one in Turner – it was like a bad boys club – probably just my impression. Now I am no twig, but I am not huge – but broad shoulders tree trunk legs and a slowly diminishing beer belly, but I felt a bit intimidated…. Whats the Charny one like (Assuming you go there, you have mentioned living in Amaroo, so I made that assumption that you go there)

Do they have boxing lessons, as I know squat about boxing methodology – but would like to give it a non competitive go, learning methodology and sparring, mainly for peak physical endurance more than how to “Bash” people, I am above that kind of attitude…

Maybe I need to set up a thread when I get home…. I will see… just keen for some cardio variety – and exercising by yourself is pretty mundane.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 2:37 pm 23 May 08

VY: Incorrect. read comment 34. He said real. *shakes head*

My pleasure.

I know. Which is why I specifically said that it had already been dealt with. My response stands.

*Shakes head*

tap 2:30 pm 23 May 08

Ok ill take the last word, fine by me. So this person is aboriginal in ethnic identification alone. The only thing that makes this person aboriginal by being aboriginal. True.

The alleged ‘fact’ this group of aboriginals wouldn’t know what their genuine culture is is a mighty large can of worms, and one we might have a lot more common ground on than you think. It must be fairly difficult for Aboriginals living in canberra to live a traditional aboriginal lifestyle.

Well it does look like you are already being more careful with your choice of words. Sorry if it sounds like im talking to an infant, i understand why you think that though, it feels as though im talking to an infant. It also sounds like you are trying to pick a fight over the internet. Thats about as lame as it gets man. Meet you on the oval after school? And you wonder why im talking to you like you are still a child.

Anyway thats my last word.

vg 2:18 pm 23 May 08

Down there 2 or 3 times a week Danman, all are welcome. Fantastic workout, you are right

No invite for Tap though. Just an analogy of how the courage of convictions often leaves when the courage is required. If I felt so strongly about the Lawson roos I wouldn’t be flapping away at a keyboard all day about it

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