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Karin MacDonald Should Join the Front Bench

By Tess-bag - 23 March 2006 63

Now that there is an opening on the ACT front bench with the resignation of Ted Quinlan, Karin MacDonald should fill that vacancy.

She clearly has the experience and has done a fabulous job in her committee work and as Govenrment Whip. There is no doubt the Stanhope Ministry would benefit from having a second woman’s perspective in Cabinet.

What’s Your opinion?

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63 Responses to
Karin MacDonald Should Join the Front Bench
che 4:26 pm 23 Mar 06

and theres not even any beer in it for us, whats going on?

LurkerGal 4:23 pm 23 Mar 06

And yet you both turn up on the same day?

I’m a card carrying member of the ALP and even I am finding this a bit tacky and obvious.

Cynthia 4:15 pm 23 Mar 06

katy gallaghers a shining beacon of capability and accountability.

Cheap sarcasm will get you nowhere.

bonfire 4:14 pm 23 Mar 06

although they probably have a hyphenated surname which confuses the staff at the lesbian ivf facility.

Tess-bag 4:13 pm 23 Mar 06

To respond to Lurker-girl – LMB79 and Tess may share the view that Karin is both competent and experienced and up to the job and should be on the Front Bench but we are not the same person.

barking toad 4:10 pm 23 Mar 06

We need more women in government because they’re, err, women?

How sexist.

Thumper 4:07 pm 23 Mar 06

Exactly my point. We don’t need men or women, we need competent pollies, which you seemed to have conveniently neglected to mention in your post.

If she’s up to the job, then by all means she should have it. But not simply because she is a woman.

LMB79 4:04 pm 23 Mar 06

We do need competent politicians and Karin is definitely that…competent, experienced and deserving of the Ministry…and as it appears some don’t know how to spell, it’s WOMEN!

Thumper 4:01 pm 23 Mar 06

With a connection to the ALP?

LurkerGal 3:59 pm 23 Mar 06

Anyone else think Tess and LMB are the same person?

bonfire 3:57 pm 23 Mar 06

is the act young labor party signing up en masse to riotact today ?

yes we need more wymmin on the front bench.

katy gallaghers a shining beacon of capability and accountability.

Thumper 3:57 pm 23 Mar 06

Why do we need more women? Are women just better than men in politics?

This push for more women in power is frankly ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong but what we really need is competent politicians, male, female, transgender, alien, whatever….

If that person happens to be a woman then so be it. No drama…

LMB79 3:52 pm 23 Mar 06

We definitely need more women in the Ministry and I agree that Karin has more than proven herself to be dedicated to the Canberra community over the past 5 years. Isn’t it time the Ministry better reflected our demographic?

johnboy 3:31 pm 23 Mar 06

it’s certainly an interesting conundrum.

DT 3:27 pm 23 Mar 06

That’s sarcasm, right?

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