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Karin MacDonald Should Join the Front Bench

By Tess-bag - 23 March 2006 63

Now that there is an opening on the ACT front bench with the resignation of Ted Quinlan, Karin MacDonald should fill that vacancy.

She clearly has the experience and has done a fabulous job in her committee work and as Govenrment Whip. There is no doubt the Stanhope Ministry would benefit from having a second woman’s perspective in Cabinet.

What’s Your opinion?

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63 Responses to
Karin MacDonald Should Join the Front Bench
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burnoboy_no3 11:35 am 29 Mar 06

i saw the headline and laughed out loud!
tea-bag you cant be serious!

macdonald, thats gold!
*shakes head* this will keep me warm all winter.

Mal 12:48 am 28 Mar 06

Oh, Areaman, its not about you!

An MLA’s recognition level doesn’t magically decline just because they’ve left the front bench. You’d still expect them to pick up a proportional section of any party swing or “floating” votes from retiring members. This is what you observe in 04. Contrary to what you say, the increase in primaries for MacDonald & Hargreaves was proportionally pretty much the same (go do the calculations yourself). This is in itself impressive for MacDonald, since voters for a Grey Old Male would be expected to be more attracted to another Grey Old Male than a Young Energetic Female. I think you’re bending things too much to suit your prejudices.

My past observations of factional matters is that the small signs of open division, like I’ve referred to above, are the tip of a much larger iceberg. Given that, the Hargreaves faction’s relative numbers in “important places” are likely to be transient. Moreover, given that the Left is the largest faction at Labor conferences, it would be creating trouble for itself by supporting the precedent that numbers in “other important places” matter more, no matter how ephemeral.

Areaman, I think you realise that you’ve overshot the mark a bit, and that unintentionally you’ve given succour to those you yourself call misogynistic (and, for that matter, religious bigots) by repeating the things you’ve heard. (And BTW, this really isn’t a need to shout, we can all read.) As for “seen nothing” – there seems to be alot you’ve missed in other matters – is it not possible you’ve missed something in “MacDonald’s work” that the electorate clearly saw?

areaman 3:25 am 27 Mar 06

Mal, I wasn’t talking about the 2001 election, I was discussing 04 where she wasn’t running against any front benchers and had the benefits of incumbency, had a whole lot of former Wood ALP votes floating around yet still, to my mind underperformed. It true that most of Hargreaves’s improvement in his vote happened 98-01 due to the benefits on incumbency, which makes the point that his vote grew by a larger percentage than MacDonald’s did for the 01-04 period (when she should have been able to capitalise on new incumbency) even more painful.

Ha, now I’ve been accused on RA of being a member of the Centre Coalition and a member of the Greens. Well I’m neither, and nor would I want to be, though I’d rather be in the Greens if I had to choose. I never claimed that CC had the numbers at conference, but I can’t think of any of their motions being voted down, where as there were a heap of Unity ones that were (maybe if the SDA would stop putting the same “word from the vatican” motions every year they wouldn’t look so foolish). There are, however, to other important places where the Old Right does have the numbers over Unity: preselection (which is entirely rank and file), and ACT parliamentary caucus. What this means big picture for the two rights I have no idea, and while I do love seeing them squabble and fight, I’ve seen no signs (from my distant viewpoint) of either one collapsing.

Mal, I haven’t heard what Hargreaves’ mates are saying about MacDonald, though knowing them and their misogynist views it’s probably rather offensive. What I have seen is MacDonald’s work as an MLA over the last 4+ years, and in that time I’ve seen nothing that suggests she’d make a good minister.

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