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Katy aspires to be CM

By Thumper - 1 July 2008 55

By accident I stumbled on this absolute puff piece by the CT on Katy Gallagher.

Make up your minds after recent events within her portfolio. And previous form in other portfolios.

And it mentions RiotAct.

WARNING; Scary photo of Jon Stanhope on site.

What’s Your opinion?

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55 Responses to
Katy aspires to be CM
peterh 11:55 am 01 Jul 08

the poison chalice of education was Katy’s original portfolio. I am certain that she did not want to be burned by the backlash, which is why there was a portfolio re-shuffle.

MrMagoo 11:00 am 01 Jul 08

If it is time to replace Sonic, then obviously the ACT Labor Party will be looking to have someone who sits either side of the fence this time out and not squarely in the middle. Neither faction has had much sway given that Sonic sits in the middle with no allegiance either way. If Labor are returned in november, then you can say a big NO to Hargraves and I sincerely doubt Simon Corbell could do the job. Andrew Barr was touted as the shining light of the young Labour movement when he came to the Assembly but was handed the poison chalice of Education right when they shut schools.

Bascially in all of that, Katy would seem to be ‘next in line’ unless one of the ‘new’ candidates is earmarked for a rapid rise.

peterh 10:52 am 01 Jul 08

the health minister in NSW….

Clown Killer 10:16 am 01 Jul 08

…at least katy is competant

I think that remark has to be read in the context of her track record in a number of portfolio’s. Which would then lead the objective reader to consider – competent compared to what?

S4anta 10:09 am 01 Jul 08

Maybe it is time for new blood to be shown. Sonic has been around for some time, and a couple of commenting monkeys could be well served to remember their recent campaign training… and then think. Older leaders who attach themselves to the younger up comers are refreshing their image and attempting to reach out to a younger population base.

Yes, she probably is being groomed. But then so was Zed before he lanuched the night of thousand plastic picnic knives.

Loose Brown 10:04 am 01 Jul 08

Yes I like Katy Gallagher. I think she would make a good CM. However I also think John Stanhope is a good CM and he should stick around.

At the risk of sounding sexist, I suspect that even with all the ‘flexible working hours and staff’ to assist her, Katy’s current role would be near impossible at the same time as raising three children.

What’s not to like about her?

Thumper 10:03 am 01 Jul 08

Maybe it’s because she is a Minister and the others aren’t so they don’t get as much press.

Actually, I have a post waiting that criticises Vicki Dunne for wanting a review of the recent child care issues.

PM 9:58 am 01 Jul 08

All she does is whinge and say it isn’t her fault. If one were to believe her maybe one would think she’s half competent…

But she’d still be better than Sonic… probably.

tom-tom 9:51 am 01 Jul 08

thumper doesn’t like katy, what a suprise. i wonder why he doesn’t post similar smears about zed or jacqui burke etc, at least katy is competant.

emd 9:33 am 01 Jul 08

Straight to the pool room for ingeegoodbee

Ingeegoodbee 9:18 am 01 Jul 08

That hairy legged slapper will be CM over my arrogant dead body!

captainwhorebags 9:04 am 01 Jul 08

It makes you wonder how often RiotACT comes up in the corridors of “power” (laff) and what (if any) influence the content of this site has.

That photo of Manic Sonic is an interesting counterpoint to Angry Sonic.

Mælinar 8:28 am 01 Jul 08

He’s just firing missiles in your general direction Thumps.

Thumper 8:11 am 01 Jul 08

No I don’t.

I also don’t like Steve Pratt, Jacqui Burke, or John hargreaves.

Seriously though, do you really think she is CM material?

Deadmandrinking 7:42 am 01 Jul 08

You really don’t like her, do you?

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