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Katy aspires to be CM

By Thumper 1 July 2008 55

By accident I stumbled on this absolute puff piece by the CT on Katy Gallagher.

Make up your minds after recent events within her portfolio. And previous form in other portfolios.

And it mentions RiotAct.

WARNING; Scary photo of Jon Stanhope on site.

What’s Your opinion?

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Katy aspires to be CM
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Pandy 6:32 pm 04 Jul 08

Mr Evil. Barr actually faces the wall, slightly leaning foward.

shakedown 6:29 pm 04 Jul 08

Katy Gallagher’s true grandeur lies in her unalloyed mediocrity.

Andrew Barr is a careerist and an opportunist who is utterly bereft of any principles whatsoever.

Both would therefore be excellent choices for ‘Chief Minister’ of the ACT.

fhakk 11:30 pm 03 Jul 08

Barr has promise, but is way too young. I don’t think Katy actually wants to be CM. Corbell used to be in with a chance but blew that a while ago. Hargreaves wants to retire soon methinks, and none of the backbenchers I’m particularly keen of.

I reckon our next Chief Minister hasn’t been voted in yet.

hobbyhorse1 10:35 pm 02 Jul 08

Any positive reviews on the current MLAs or new candidates?

Mr Evil 10:06 am 02 Jul 08

I can’t imagine Barr as leader: I thought he only liked standing at the back?

Crikey 8:38 am 02 Jul 08

I must have similar tastes to Thumper as I also do not rate Katie, Pratt, Burke, or Hargreaves. But I think the most useless Assembly person is Smyth.

ant 9:20 pm 01 Jul 08

Santa said:

S4anta said :

Yes, she probably is being groomed. But then so was Zed before he lanuched the night of thousand plastic picnic knives.

hee hee. I like that one. Add that to the funny picture of him in jeans and leather shoes, and you’d kill his political future, much like being filmed walking on the beach in socks and sandals killed John Hewson’s.

bd84 8:54 pm 01 Jul 08

Jon can help her pack her office right after he finishes helping with Hargreaves’

Ian 8:43 pm 01 Jul 08

Katy isn’t exactly over-endowed with competence, but then she’s not overwhelmed by competition if there’s a race to take over from Stanhope. Maybe Barr gives the occasional hint of semi-competence, but thats about the limit of it in the Labor side. And they are orders of magnitude less incompetent than the Libs.

RuffnReady 7:54 pm 01 Jul 08

A puff piece to be sure, but this bit about Stanhope I actually agree with:

”When you hear words like ‘arrogant’ and ‘angry’, I don’t see that at all in Jon. I see intense and someone passionate about his city and I see someone who’s got enormously strong convictions and someone who is very principled. And when you have a person with this mix of characteristics, you are often out on a limb.”

I don’t know why people hate him so much… he’s not perfect, sure, but has there ever been a perfect politician?

Mælinar 7:44 pm 01 Jul 08

I wouldn’t put Sonic in charge of a municipal garbage truck. He’d revise the timetable and put out stupid pamphlets about odds and evens, and then re-revise the entire thing again in 6 months, requiring an even more complex arrangement of pamphlets in order to not only debunk the first lot, but to re-explain the second.

The new earmarked suburbs (how long until Ginninderra Falls) would have daily rubbish services, but as soon as they have houses and streets, they will be incorporated into a re-revision.

A memorandum of understanding to not pollute foreign countries will be signed, but no such arrangement will be agreed with NSW, or even Queanbeyan for that matter. About a month after the MOU is signed, the CT will run a story about us somehow polluting foreign countries – I’m just yet to figure out how.

And somehow it will be a federal fault why our garbage isn’t being picked up by his truck.

As for the garbage that does get picked up ? One may call it that, but others consider it art. Strategic piles along the GDE and other 1/2 pie government initiatives run poorly.

The only thing sonic’s decent at is a hairdresser’s dummy. Some novice would have a cnut of a time getting enough gel into that hair so that it stuck down.

Deadmandrinking 6:47 pm 01 Jul 08

It was typed during my laughing.

Pandy 6:39 pm 01 Jul 08

No problems. I laughed pretty hard when I realised my typo. But then……

Deadmandrinking 6:36 pm 01 Jul 08

Sorry mate, it was a low blow.

Pandy 6:35 pm 01 Jul 08


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