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Beyond the expected

Katy off to Scandinavia

By Thumper - 26 June 2009 16

ZDNet Australia is reporting that ACT Health Minister Katy Gallagher has decided to travel to Denmark and Norway in August to learn about the countries’ e-health systems.

    “Scandinavia is considered a leader in e-health and design of health facilities,” Gallagher said in a statement. She hoped to gain some pointers for the territory’s e-health investment, which amounted to $90 million in this year’s budget.

    “In order to deliver a project of the scale and complexity of the CADP, it’s important that ACT Health draw on international expertise and learn from the world’s best,” Gallagher said.

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16 Responses to
Katy off to Scandinavia
gun street girl 11:23 am 27 Jun 09

sepi said :

It is sad tho that our lack of doctors and long waits in emergency have been treated with a phone line discouraging people from coming in, rather than with more resources.

Actually, I believe the opposite has occurred: the inability to effectively triage or treat over the telephone results in MORE recommendations to present to the ED “just in case” the case described over the phone is something serious. The telephone enquiry line idea may well have been copied, but there’s no accounting for bad decisions by other states.

sepi 11:06 am 27 Jun 09

The ACT started up the health first phone line where you could talk to a nurse 24 hours a day to see if you were sick enough for hospital. That has now gone national, so others have copied us.

It is sad tho that our lack of doctors and long waits in emergency have been treated with a phone line discouraging people from coming in, rather than with more resources.

WanniAss 9:32 am 27 Jun 09

Hasn’t the ACT signed up to NEHTA, Australia’s ehealth black hole? Not sure what they have delivered, but a few hundred million have been spent so it must be good. Maybe Katy just needs to pop down the Woden and visit the Commonwealth health department,24897,24645531-15306,00.html

trevar 8:29 pm 26 Jun 09

She’s not pinin’! She’s passed on! This Ka’y is no more! She has ceased to be! She’s expired and gone to meet ‘er maker! She’s a stiff! Bereft of life, she rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed ‘er to the plane she’d be pushing up the daisies! ‘er metabolic processes is ‘istory! Sh’s off the twig! She’s kicked the bucket, she’s shuffled off ‘er mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!

The cat did it 7:50 pm 26 Jun 09

maybe she’s just pining for the fjords?

deezagood 7:34 pm 26 Jun 09

I wishe we had a health care system that other countries wanted to copy!

Thumper 6:22 pm 26 Jun 09

I can’t stand Katie. She comes across as an airhead with no idea and she’s constantly wriggling out of any responsibility.

However, you can’t accuse her of taking junkets. I have no problems with this. maybe she’ll come back with some good ideas.

cranky 5:58 pm 26 Jun 09

Mr Evil has it pretty right. Katy could learn the secret to life/perpetual motion/Murphies Law, and still be able to bugger up their application here on the ground.

I doubt we will see any benefit, apart from a possible slight suntan on herself.

sepi 5:48 pm 26 Jun 09

I don’t mind this trip for Katy. It isn’t as if she is constantly overseas – this is the first trip I remember, and it sounds legit. It may be a nice bit of Denmark, but it isn’t a huge holiday destination.

trevar 5:05 pm 26 Jun 09

Oh, stop whinging. As much as I’d love to say nasty things about Katy, my experience has been that being present on the ground does give you a better understanding of systems and programs than reading about them or talking to someone on the phone. And having a similar population size does not miraculously turn a city into a better exemplar.

Katy is a horrible, whining little so and so, and not a very pleasant person, but I think there is hope that she may at least learn something, and if she doesn’t, we can at least hope that she’ll get lost, not be able to find the airport, and never come back. Either outcome is positive.

Mr Evil 5:02 pm 26 Jun 09

I wonder what the Vikings will make of Katy?

And, let’s face it, not matter what she supposedly learns while on this trip – she stuff it all up when she returns to Canberra anyway!

barking toad 4:53 pm 26 Jun 09

Town councillors need to travel to make our life better.

And foreign troughs are better to snout in.

Skidbladnir 4:39 pm 26 Jun 09

Masterclass disinformation by her media staff.

…Aarhus (Skejby) Hospital which is considered one of the world’s most modern and progressive university hospital campuses and is located in a regional centre of a similar size and characteristics to Canberra…

So, she’s going on a junket to the second most populated and most picturesque region of Denmark (Aarhus, on Jutland’s eastern seaboard), which although it is a ‘city’ of roughly 300,000 residents, is considered part of the Eastern Jutland Metropolitan Area, which is home to 1,200,000 people.
All of its major health and commercial services are in Aarhus, and Aarhus itself has a port which ships 12 million tonnes of cargo per year (ie: the zone she’s visiting might have an official population like ours, but economically we’re not in the same class).

This is like saying you’re going on a holiday to visit the City of London to see how well health\transport\community services can work for a resident population of 15,000, so should be fine example for Bateman’s Bay to follow, without mentioning that the City of London is a tiny part of the Greater London Metro Area.

…as well as with Sundhed – the organisation responsible for Denmark’s world leading personal electronic health record

Does she know that Sundhed is just the Danish for ‘health’? (hence the website is Danish Health homepage, just as is the ACT’s, and they are able to bring together health reporting, health records, etc because they already own them)

fnaah 4:27 pm 26 Jun 09

… or just used that new-fangled internets thing to do her research.

I’ve got some budget pointers for you Katy – don’t spend the money on junkets to Europe.

Mr Evil 4:02 pm 26 Jun 09

Of course, she couldn’t just have a video-conference link to discuss this with the Scandos!

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