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Killing off the libraries

By johnboy - 21 February 2007 31

Students of history will know that a decline of civilisations can be observed through the reduction of services at the periphery.

So it’s interesting to see on the ABC that the same consultancy report who did for Griffith library is now gunning for more:

“It also recommends that one library at Tuggeranong be closed while libraries at group centres like Dickson and Kippax be scaled back.”

Mr Hargreaves says it won’t be the report that leads him to close more libraries (leaving the way open it would seem, to close more anyway, just without warning the community).

When the organs of the State have withered away does that mean we can ignore their stupid regulations as well?

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Killing off the libraries
Absent Diane 8:55 am 22 Feb 07

So basically libraries are relevant to some (those who can’t afford internet access or to buy books) but irrelevant to most.. those who can afford books and internet access. Given that most kids would have access to school libraries and resources we can disregard them.

I would be interested in finding stats on how many new users actually became members of libraries. I was suggest it was on the side of less economic to keep them open.

I am all for readily available and free information, but if it is not being used then it is a waste of money.

johnboy 8:41 am 22 Feb 07

You can afford to buy a book, that’s rather the point.

Also the public internet access is a major argument for the retention of public libraries

Absent Diane 8:38 am 22 Feb 07

The libs won’t do any different.. or if they do they will just privatise everything…

Anyway the library system needs a re-jig… it needs to be competitive with the internet for information.. even though you could say that the interweb is pretty loose with facts, it is still fast and easy.

And personally when I want to read a book I just buy it for the most part.

Thumper 8:10 am 22 Feb 07

BTW, Didn’t these idiots just build the new Kippax library?

Great foresight by these incompetant numpties.

Thumper 8:10 am 22 Feb 07

What the hell is this government doing?

Public libraries. Ahem, PUBLIC libraries.

Hargeaves is a tool. A money pinching, incompetant tool.

Vote these idiots out before Canberra is a barren wasteland of Stanhopian ideals, but no services.

simbo 11:58 pm 21 Feb 07

Woden and Dickson are both currently doing a reduced hours survey (supposedly just a “proposed plan”) – I’d be interested to know if the results are made public…

Pandy 10:28 pm 21 Feb 07

This guvmint must go.

miz 10:17 pm 21 Feb 07

I suspect they will try to close Erindale, not Tuggeranong Library, as they seem to want to concentrate everything where the paid parking is! However this would have the unwanted side-effect of disadvantaging the students at E’dale College. Both Tuggers and E’dale are shared school/community libraries. I adore E’dale as it’s handy, easy to park or bus to, and not overwhelming and huge like Tuggers. Much nicer for kids too.
What is WITH these government people that they feel they must close down everything good about Canberra? Who are these crazy consultants, and how much did they cost? I am getting pretty fed up with the “strategic thinking” of this government.

Pandy 9:39 pm 21 Feb 07

Yeah just look at Amber Jane Westin

emd 8:43 pm 21 Feb 07

It’s obviously part of the plan to boost the ACT’s population. It works thusly…

ACT women currently have Australia’s lowest fertility rate. We also have Australia’s highest average income and education levels.

So, if we cut education by closing schools and libraries, the next generation of Canberra women will have lower levels of education.

Closing suburban schools also makes it harder for working mothers with multiple kids. (Try dropping the kids off all over town, then get to work on time, then leave work in time for the pickup run.) This encourages mothers to stay home with their kids, dropping the average income for Canberra women.

Ergo, Canberra women will have more babies because they are poorer and less educated.

I-filed 8:42 pm 21 Feb 07

Dickson Library has been deliberately run down over the years…how about a scheme where ACT citizens give good books to the library and accrue a sort of merit points system that can be offset against parking fines… we all have recent books on our shelves that we’re unlikely to read again…and the donor could have some kind of priority over borrowing back ‘their’ book…

Pandy 8:29 pm 21 Feb 07

Means Erindale as the geographic centre of the Valley (I exclude Lanyon) will get a face lift.

bubzie 5:12 pm 21 Feb 07

closing tuggeranong library? WTF??
they are so not closing down my school’s library…

Yep. always knew the goverment were on something.. (

gurunik 5:09 pm 21 Feb 07

Not to mention the reduction in hours at woden library…..

bonfire 4:30 pm 21 Feb 07

With the reduction of services, i expect a commensurate reduction in taxes.

I note my rates have risen to almost double what they were only two years ago.

I havent noticed a dramatic increase in services in the same period.

Any government fee not based on cost recovery for a specific service – is a tax.

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