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Kingsleys Chicken Queanbeyan

By therealarigold - 21 December 2009 16

Kingsleys Queanbeyan has reopened for some strange reason this week, can someone shed some light as to why they suddenly shut 4 or 5 years ago, a few rumours getting around at the time gossiped about food safety inspections gone wrong……?

Any information would be appreciated.

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16 Responses to
Kingsleys Chicken Queanbeyan
Rcubed 1:30 am 08 Jul 10

Good me Canberratowie, I thought towies were made of sterner stuff. Chilli sauce is supposed to be “arse burning hot”! You only live once. Otherwise stick to tomato sauce. Sweet chilli sauce is vile like those ready-made Chinese sauces that come in a jar.

canberratowie2 3:54 pm 24 Dec 09

Goodness me jenny s you sound like your married to kingsley himself !!
There is a very long winded story involving the old franchisor of the shop and Kingsleys but I’m not going into it as I don’t want to get sued !

And they lost me as a customer when they got rid of the sweet chilli sauce and replaced it with arse burning hot sauce !!

Hells_Bells74 5:17 pm 23 Dec 09

If Kingsley’s were to ever close in Belconnen I would cry! It’s one of the few places (let alone fast food) that mostly always get it right!

I’m still reeling from reading the Canberra Centre Kingsley’s is gone (stupid, it was so popular), what on earth would I eat in there now. The kebab place got scabby with customers and stopped making Bursa Kebab plates. The McDonalds I still have a vendetta against making me late back to work or no time to woof down a cheeseburger meal after their long and lengthy waits for fast food. That NEVER tasted like they cared about quality anyhow, personally preferring all other Macca’s stores myself.

The rest is hit and miss and after decades of the same shit they still do it exactly the same not so great (ever price increasing) way.

Long live Kingsley’s!

JennyS 2:35 pm 23 Dec 09

Kingsley’s has been closed in Queanbeyan because they have been unable to recruit enough managers for all their stores. This has been the situation since the unemployment rate in the A.C.T. region fell to around 3.5% about 5 years ago – where it still is, despite the “recession”. No health problems, and no franchisee problems.

If you or anyone you know has experience and would like to be a Kingsley’s store manager, why not apply? You can apply on their website –

astrojax 1:29 pm 23 Dec 09


Mordd 8:55 pm 22 Dec 09

Ah thanks pot hole, i did get them mixed up lol, I know the one you mean now, will go check it out if they are open again. 🙂

watto23 3:12 pm 22 Dec 09

It was the Calwell store that closed, as did the Pizza Haven and the garden centre/hardware store. The building got demolished a year or two ago.

Everything moved into the Lanyon valley really which was where those Calwell shops got alot of business from.

Pot Holes 9:43 am 22 Dec 09


That is red Rooster, kingsleys is in Crrawford St at the front of the car wash.

Mordd 1:49 am 22 Dec 09

Is this the yass road store? When did they close? I got something there only a couple of months ago, whats this “suddenly shut 4 or 5 years ago”? Is there another store somewhere else in Queanbeyan as well?

Ryan 6:25 pm 21 Dec 09

From memory the store at Conder was also closed for a couple of years before mysteriously reopening.

Golden-Alpine 4:05 pm 21 Dec 09

I had heard years ago it was due to staffing issues. Sad to hear about civic closing, used to work there many lifetimes ago.

bd84 3:23 pm 21 Dec 09

They announced it about a month or so ago and signalled their intention to do so before then and have also been advertising for staff in the newspaper. Kingsleys’ owner likes to have his say and likes a good scrap from what I have seen. From memory, the decision to close Queanbeyan years ago related to a lack of staff and the store wasn’t profitable at that time. They recently closed their Canberra Centre store after a disagreement about the lease with QIC and a losing court battle. I’m guessing a fair few of the staff from that store will have moved over the border.

George 12:26 pm 21 Dec 09

From what I understand it was a legal dispute between the franchisee and franchiser which only has been recently settled. I have no idea who won or if the original franchisee is back running the store. They look pretty busy to me though!

RandomGit 12:00 pm 21 Dec 09

Gone Wrong or gone right?

Mia80 11:08 am 21 Dec 09

I saw this too on Sunday and became a little excited.

But I have to agree that the closure and grand re-opening is a little curious.
All Google ever gave me was “Temporarily Closed”…

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