Kitchen Renovation recommendations? (another reno thread)

DawnDrifter 29 June 2020 26

Hi all
I know this has been done before but…
We are about to to a rip and replace for our kitchen and would like to hear recommendations from fellow Rioters who have gone thru a Kitchen reno lately(or are doing one currently).
– Which company is best?
– Which company is worst?
– What to look out for?

Not looking for flat pack or anything like that, we want a custom job with efficient use of space(internal draw and cabinet inclusions) and a good finish.

Any advice would be great. Currently have got a measure, design quote booked in with one of the ‘big name’ companies in Canberra next week but im thinking of getting about 4-5 of these before deciding on who to pick.

Thanks in advance

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26 Responses to Kitchen Renovation recommendations? (another reno thread)
batmantrilogy batmantrilogy 7:50 pm 04 Jan 16

Hi DawnDrifter,

We recently got our kitchen renovated and were in the same boat as you. We did the quotes with the big gun and also with the local mob.

We ended up using a mob in Mitchell, I have also bookmarked them as they also did our bathroom reno. is their website.

Good mob and they take pride in their work.

shelley0011 shelley0011 2:10 pm 19 May 15

I realise that this is an older post but I wanted to relay my experiences for anyone who is still looking for kitchen renovation recommendations.
I recently had a complete kitchen renovation. After “shopping” around, I decided to go with a smaller company as I felt that with the larger companies I was just an “address” not a real person who had ideas of my own. I went with Brad from Purr-fect Kitchens 0409986436. Brad provided me with a free quote as well as giving me some good design ideas to visually maximise my kitchen and also improve its serviceability. From some photos cut from magazines, etc. he was able to incorporate my ideas into a beautiful kitchen with made to measure cabinets, some glass, stone bench tops and glass splash backs. His quality to detail is exceptional, good time frame and good price, though I will state he is not the cheapest.
I could not be happier with the end result and highly recommend him for any kitchen and cabinetry needs including laundry renovations and wardrobe installations.

bundy28 bundy28 10:19 am 16 Apr 13

Can’t recommend Image Kitchens and Bathrooms highly enough – fantastic operators, very personalised service – the lady that answers all the calls is very professional and extremely helpful and Stuart and Paul are the main tradesmen that oversee everything – they are on site every day to make sure everything runs smoothly and carry out most of the work themselves. Bit hard to find in the phone book, they advertise under 1300REVAMP which is their telephone number as well 1300738267

Pebble Pebble 5:37 pm 31 May 12

I had my kitchen done about 2 months ago from the kitchen company and I couldn’t recommend them higher! My designer so lovely and let me change my mind a million times before I finally a decided on all my finishes. The project manager Adam met with us 3 times during the process to make sure we were happy and he picked up on tiny things that we didn’t even see! The thing I found best about this company was that everything was custom designed and was basically the same price as the companies who had set designs. Very happy customer!

devils_advocate devils_advocate 9:45 am 04 Jan 12

Get a quote from Robert Sigismundi. He and his brother do awesome kitchens at a great price. And good design sense. They will actively spot problems and identify solutions.

catada catada 1:34 am 04 Jan 12

Hi, I just saw your post, I am just about to get my kitchen done, how did you go?

Pedro61 Pedro61 10:27 am 02 Mar 11

G’day all,
When we decided to renovate our kitchen I started looking for recommendations for Joiners / Kitchen makers in Canberra. The only useful place was right here on RiotACT. We initially went to another company to get quotes for new doors and a Stone overlay on the benchtop. They are a well known national company that specialises in that type of renovation. But after reading this posting we decided to go with Crown Kitchens and Joinery, run by a Spanish guy called Paco in Queanbeyan.
We have not regretted the decision one bit. For about $3000 more than the cosmetic makeover from the other guys, we actually go a totally new Kitchen. New layout of cabinets, new smooth glide, soft close drawers, a SOLID stone benchtop, more efficient use of space with lots of drawers instead of shelving, a full 100cm fridge space to replace the original 80cm, and overall much more storage. The kitchen looks fantastic.
When there were a couple of minor things that didn’t turn out quite as I expected (as there usually is with almost any project), Paco fixed them, quickly with no fuss and to my satisfaction. Paco and his son are full of good suggestions about design, colours, cabinet location and sizing etc. And they are also both excellent tradesmen. Backed up by Pacos wife Isabel at the office, they run small family company very professionally and very ethically. They appear not to have any advertising because all their work comes by word of mouth. Now I know why. Apparently they are now booked out for the next 4 months.
Would I use them again? Without hesitation. I work at an organisation of over 1000 people and occasionally people ask about tradesmen. Crown Kitchens will be at the top of my list.
Thanks Paco and Family

cath7472 cath7472 3:53 pm 01 Nov 10

We recently had a kitchen put in a house we were renovating. We used the Kitchen Company as their sales/design team were very good. The kitchen installation was fine – although they left the kitchen in a filthy state. We had a problem with our dishwasher however, and really had to hassle them (and their really rude, smart arsed plumber) to get this rectified. The problem was to do with the dishwasher installation. They really let themselves down from what was a terrific start.

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 3:47 pm 13 Oct 10

Depends on how much you know about the kitchen you want. If you’re happy watching Channel 9 and eating at a club, one of the advertising-based outfits will probably suit you, such as Kitchen Connection, Knebel etc. Their version of flatpack installation is competent.

However if you prefer a tradesman who knows how to maximise space, uses products that won’t show deterioration after just a few years and is almost certainly going to be up to 30% cheaper, then a local joinery firm is the best way to go.

I second the recommendation for Kitchens Direct, they don’t have a fancy showroom, just a workshop where everything is crafted to the mm. For my kitchen they were nearly 30% cheaper on the whole job, and constructed my benches to a non-standard size to accommodate my hot water service. Try getting a flat pack company to do that!

crack fox crack fox 2:28 pm 13 Oct 10

Affinity Kitchens and Joinery.

Rob from affinity has recently done some work around our home and we found him to be polite, knowledgeable and very reliable.

Rob helped us design our kitchen and laundry and his insightful advice proved to be invaluable.

We were very happy with Affinity and am planning on speaking to Rob about some inbuilt cupboards in the near future.

Blue Blue 9:50 am 13 Oct 10

Give M&M Kitchens in Queanbeyan a call. They give a free design and quote, and out of the 4 quotes we received, they were the second cheapest (beat the most expensive quote by close to $5k!). Only complaint was their plasterer wasn’t up to scratch, however on the flip side their tiler was great! I would also shop around yourself for appliances. You’ll save yourself a fortune.

switch82mac switch82mac 9:01 am 13 Oct 10

I would highly recommend going with Paco from Crown Kitchens.
I have had 2 kitchens designed and installed with him.
One in my old house and they have just finished the second one in my new house.
I could not be happier with the quality of work and design of the kitchen.
They also made all the vanities for my bathrooms, they built a custom entertainment unit for me and also did all cupboards and bench tops in the laundry for me.

One good thing is it is Paco and his son who come out and measure up the kitchen, give you lots of original design ideas I never thought of to keep things practical while maximising space(at no extra cost)and they are also the ones to make and install the kitchens.

I have had quotes in the past from other companies like benchmark, contemporary kitchens and the kitchen company but they were not as competitively priced as crown kitchens and also did not offer the kind of service a design ideas Paco gave me. They just came out and measured out my ideas while not really giving me many other options.

I highly recommend them and as per my posts in other threads of this nature around 8 of my friends and colleagues have gone with them after getting a quote from them.

If and when i move to a different house and it needs a new kitchen i will definately be going back to them.

You can contact Paco on 0431 061 742 or visit their showroom at 30 Hincksman street Queanbeyan.

DawnDrifter DawnDrifter 1:30 pm 12 Oct 10

Wow thanks for all the advice! :)) Great info Deezagood thanks
Im getting the Kitchen Company to come over next weekend to do the measure/design/quote thing so fingers crossed there. Seems they have had some happy customers on this forum but it looks looks like I need to call Benchmarc and a couple of other at a minimum

Thanks again

davecdp davecdp 12:48 pm 12 Oct 10

Talk to Peter and Lee from

They used to work for a big name company then decided to go out on their own. I’d recommend a quote.

screaming banshee screaming banshee 12:02 pm 12 Oct 10

Holden Caulfield said :



semaj semaj 11:44 am 12 Oct 10

We used About Kitchens in Queanbeyan last year for our kitchen reno. Very happy with the service and the finished product.

The design was excellent, unlike some they listened to what we wanted, and also added some good suggestions of their own. Price was very competitive as well.

roccon roccon 11:43 am 12 Oct 10

Thumbs up for the Kitchen Company. Had mine done 8yrs ago, excellent service and price and it still works and looks as well today as it did then.

MarkS MarkS 11:40 am 12 Oct 10

We used Contemporary Kitchens at Hume and found their work very good and price reasonable

deezagood deezagood 11:19 am 12 Oct 10

The Kitchen Company (Jen was our designer) designed and custom-made our very complicated kitchen with its weird angles and strange spaces. They don’t charge you for the design or quote either. It was about $10,000 cheaper than the nearest quote (we got four) and they were really good at discussing ways to reduce the cost (laminate instead of stone benches, tiles instead of glass splashback etc…). The quality perhaps is not ‘gold standard’ but I sure can’t tell the difference and most of my renovating friends have also gone with the KC based on the quality of our end product. We ended up opting for the more expensive finishes (stone, glass etc…) because the Kitchen Company were so much more affordable in other respects. You can also save a packet if you buy your own appliances, shop around and drive a hard bargain. I literally went from the Good Guys to Hardley Normal and Bing Lee and then back around again to get the best price possible. Ended up going with Harvey’s and got a free cutlery set as the only thing they could do to beat the Good Guy’s best price. Saved about $1000.00 from the first quote provided.

Other tips; take home your cupboard samples, place them in your kitchen area and view them in difference lights – day and night etc… as colours can look really different once in your home and at different times of day. The colour we loved in the showroom looked like pale banana once we had it in our house – blech. Also – take home stone bench samples especially if you like light colours) and test them with various ‘stainers’ like tumeric or curry paste, beetroot, red wine – leave the stains overnight and then see if they wipe cleanly away the next morning. For appliances – join Choice magazine/website as a member and read the reviews of your appliance products – invaluable advice about value for money and product quality. We ended up with different brands for different purposes based on the Choice reviews. Make sure you have chosen your appliances (and their sizings) before you have your kitchen measured for the final quote, as they will need these details and it may dictate your end design. Avoid anything trendy that may date your kitchen (such as built in wine racks!)- go with neutral colours for benches and cupboards and get creative with your splashback colours) as this can easily be taken down and resprayed if you get sick of the colour in a few years.

Have fun!!!

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:13 am 12 Oct 10

(Three post nutbag…)

Above, when I say the stock is old at the Winnings warehouse sale, I should clarify. The sale items are generally new stock, but the model lines have most likely just been replaced. Some stock is ex-display, but the majority is still in boxes and never been used.

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