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L plater caught doing 203 kph.

By Thumper - 27 December 2006 71

No link [ED – as yet] but I heard on the news early this morning that a 17 year old Kambah man, although I hestitate to say man, was caught doing 203 kph just outside Yass last night.

This fuckwick did not have his L plates on, and yet he is free to drive in the ACT until his court date, set in February.

think about it folks. A 17 year old doing over 200 kph. Scary thought. This dickhead obviously has no repect for law or for other people’s safety.

I hope the licenced driver gets the book thrown at him/ her as well for allowing such an idiotic thing to happen.

I say bring on confiscating of vehicles.

What’s Your opinion?

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71 Responses to
L plater caught doing 203 kph.
VYBerlinaV8_now with 8:08 am 28 Dec 06

As a fellow 5.7 litre V8 owner, one thing I never do is lend my car to youngsters, or people I don’t know very, very well.

A youngster with the foot flat in such a vehicle can get themself into a lot of trouble very quickly. If I had access to this type of car as a p-plater, I doubt I would be here to tell the tale. Like Vic, I don’t really have anything to prove.

Vic Bitterman 11:23 pm 27 Dec 06

Gurunik raises some damn good points.

My very first car, a 1982 JB Camira, afforded me my first and *only* speeding ticket ever. Done for 140km/h on the Hume at Bookham (how appropriate) in 1990. (For the doubters, it was on a long downhill stretch – the mighty Camira needed every metre to get up to this speed 🙂

My present vehicle, a 2004 Holden SS VYII Commodore with a 5.7 litre V8 engine, well, I don’t reckon it’s gone above 130km/h. It’s capable of 220km/h plus easily. I guess at my (im)mature age of 35 I don’t need to prove its top speed.

nyssa76 10:10 pm 27 Dec 06

gurunik, sorry I didn’t have that “luxury”. I had to buy my own car – a 1980ish Toyota.

My own children will have to save to buy their own second hand cars and they won’t be the newest and the fastest. They need to understand that a licence is a responsibility and not a right.

It’s also about educating your kids and for the kids, actually taking responsibility for your own actions.

gurunik 8:33 pm 27 Dec 06

how many of you humans out there, after having licence, freedom and parents car, have not ‘seen how fast it’ll go’…..really.
when i tried it, it was an xe falcon s pack. just did 220kmh down broulee straight and was wild ride.
today the young un’s get a much better handling, preciser, docile, and quicker vehicles. as their first experience at the wheel. that will do 220+ if you hold them flat. easily.
now give said child keys to the car, and hope you have been a good parent. and taught them well. and remember that we are all damn lucky to be here with so much poorly controlled steel wizzing by everyday.

lenny 7:26 pm 27 Dec 06

I would have to agree with bubzie the poor little fellas from Kambah, thats how they are brought up down there

lenny 7:23 pm 27 Dec 06

What a legend

nyssa76 6:47 pm 27 Dec 06

Don’t forget the 18yo female, also a learner, who was caught doing 152kph in a 90 zone in the Belconnen area.

You can take away the chance to get a licence, but you can’t “police” it. Shame we can’t ban them from ever being on a Canberra road.

What dickheads.

bubzie 5:46 pm 27 Dec 06

Hmm, the guy’s from kambah, which could explain why he thinks that its totally ok to go 200kms/h..

I think the learners test should be harder, so fuckwits like him cant drive.. (yes, this is coming from someone who got her l’s 3 weeks ago..)

LIC 5:02 pm 27 Dec 06

I take the view that a fuckwit like this will never learn so never should be allowed the privilege of having a license, anywhere, anytime.

Hasdrubahl 4:32 pm 27 Dec 06

Yep. Limit them to 850cc cars. My first one was.

VYBerlinaV8_now with 2:58 pm 27 Dec 06

“What on earth is a learner doing in a car that can even *get* to 200km/h?”

Therein lies the problem. Same goes for P-Platers.

Morgan Lee 2:55 pm 27 Dec 06

There will be lunatics on the road, they are called Canberrans. Drivers with ACT licences are more likely to be killed on the road when they travel interstate than any other state or territory dirver. And boy, Canberrans are terrible drivers, almost as bad as 4WD owners from Bowral.

fnaah 2:42 pm 27 Dec 06

What on earth is a learner doing in a car that can even *get* to 200km/h?

I’m driving up to Sydney this weekend, I hope there aren’t any lunatics like this on the road (although it’s only a slim hope…)

seepi 2:26 pm 27 Dec 06

There was no licensed driver with him.
He can still drive in the ACT, but only as a learner – you can’t cancel a license for someone who doesn’t have one yet.

Nik_the_Pig 2:06 pm 27 Dec 06

Car a present from the olds you think?
Lose of license his present to them?
Inconsiderate so and so could have gone the whole hog and forked out for his funeral as a gift to the gene pool but I suppose that can be held of until next year should he not learn from this experience.

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