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johnboy 29 January 2007 45

We knew this day would come from the minute Jon Stanhope bulldozed Andrew Barr’s promises the closed schools wouldn’t be sold to property developers.

The Canberra Times today is buttering us up for the apartment blocks to march across the playing fields.

The Housing Industry Association’s executive director for the ACT and Southern NSW, Caroline Lemezina, said yesterday that many of the sites would be ideal for affordable housing and aged-care accommodation.

“They’re good areas to develop,” she said. “We have real problems with first-home buyers being able to enter the market. We should look at affordable housing on sites, but also housing for elderly people.”

Affordable housing and aged care? How could we possibly say no? The only surprise is they left out a promise to be kind to puppies.

But look, lets get serious. It may be tempting to have the closed schools stand as a momument to the realities of the Stanhope Government, but he can’t waste ALL the money that would come from flogging off the land, and at some point the extra domiciles hitting the market has to make housing more affordable.

And if reason doesn’t float your boat think of the cute little puppies poor/elderly.

Nyssa also sent in the following as a story:

We all knew it would happen, we just assumed that the Govt would hold off for 2 seconds and assess the impact to the community before the end of 2007. It’s not to be.

Today’s CT discusses the need to sell off the land to ease the “housing crisis”.

Now when Towards 2020 came out, Mr. Barr stated the land wouldn’t be sold to developers. My how times change.

Close schools = land to develop and sell off.

However, if the land is opened up to young families, where will their children go to school as most young families prefer to live close to their child’s school as opposed to being in the next suburb?

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45 Responses to Land grab
emd emd 9:01 pm 31 Jan 07

I bet this, plus the pay disputes, has an impact on the number of quality applicants for teaching courses in Canberra over the next few years. There seems to be no certainty in the job atm.

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:59 pm 31 Jan 07


Maelinar Maelinar 9:53 am 31 Jan 07

Since there’s only 1 school left (apparently), shouldn’t be too much of a problem then Nys…

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:54 pm 30 Jan 07

Should be 40-80 staff per school.

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:53 pm 30 Jan 07

miz, it’s crap. The news should get their facts right before they put it to air.

I, like your family members, have a letter dated with ACTDET letterhead for January.

Staffing in schools is still a mess – 1 1/2 weeks to organise 40-80 staff across all high schools. I’d hate to be the person organising that.

miz miz 10:40 pm 30 Jan 07

“knew” bollocks. Two family members, one primary and one high, only got word last week.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:57 pm 30 Jan 07

Did anyone catch the news tonight? Barr was on stating that teachers “knew” where they would be placed before Christmas (among other things).

Liar! Only primary teachers knew.

Yet another lie from this incompetant Govt.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:20 pm 30 Jan 07

Well said miz.

miz miz 6:32 pm 30 Jan 07

I think sometimes some places can be seduced into a superschool when a govt is going to build a brand spanking new school. Here, we just get bodgy amalgamations that are a poor social and educational fit.

miz miz 6:30 pm 30 Jan 07

The places that once endorsed superschools are realising their mistakes. Why must we in Aust always follow these crappy fads just when they are shown to be useless and sometimes even damaging? Eg, whole language, the dumping of rote learning, etc.

miz miz 6:28 pm 30 Jan 07

Gerrybuilt, superschools are an educational fad. The US in particular has gone down this road for some years and are now realising that actually the ed results are poorer and *surprise surprise* the literature shows there are what they term ‘diseconomies of scale’ they didn’t factor in when all they considered was saving money. Here’s an example of the literature
Also they seem to be inconsistent in that they are making some specialised early childhood schools but then want some children to be all in together from Preschool to the end of High School.
To put it another way, do you prefer large and impersonal, or medium-to-small and personalised, where they actually remember your name?

Bundybear Bundybear 6:06 pm 30 Jan 07

Sorry AD, wrong religion, no altar boys to wrestle, in fact not even an altar, altars get in the road when your dancing or expounding energetically.
Charity Computers also operate from there, refurbish computers and sell em super cheap.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 5:03 pm 30 Jan 07

Out of interest: can someone tell me why the “Superschools” model won’t work? – I’ve not met as great a deal of opposition to them elsewhere , i.e. other than here.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:10 pm 30 Jan 07

wrestling – to practice wrestling little alter boys to the ground?

nyssa76 nyssa76 3:59 pm 30 Jan 07

ross69 I left there in 1992.

My friend’s mother was one of the first students there and went to Yr 12. Apparently one year during the HSC a main burst and the Yr 12’s were photographed using brooms to push the water out of the girls locker area (one side of the canteen) as they couldn’t continue the tests with water around their ankles.

ross69 ross69 1:36 pm 30 Jan 07

Thanks for that Nyssa i never knew that, i only went there 10 years ago (but it feels like yesterday) and even then we were pushin close to capacity.

emd emd 11:52 am 30 Jan 07

Primary schools in the inner north have high enrolment numbers because they’re close to where lots of parents work. Now that I am forced to drive my kids to school, I will probably do the same – enrol out-of-area in a school on my route to work & childcare.

Danman Danman 8:09 am 30 Jan 07

deadset thumper – they had accomodation dramas when the PCYC in Turner was shut for reno’s and so the Good Lord* stepped in to give a helping hand.

*the opinions expressed herein are not necessasarily those of the author.

Thumper Thumper 7:59 am 30 Jan 07

Wrestling? Seriously?

Now that is funny.

I will admit, the mob who took over the old Charny school did a good job of refurbishing it, and they pack them in on a Sunday morning, usually as I’m nursing a hangover and buying a paper.

Danm those happy Christians!

Danman Danman 7:47 am 30 Jan 07

And Charnwood High is a bloody Christian convention centre or something….

– they (the christians) also hire space to a local amateur (american style) wrestling company.

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