Lanyon Drive flyover to cut Monaro travel times

Ian Bushnell 22 March 2021 64
Monaro Highway with Lanyon Drive

The intersection of the Monaro Highway with Lanyon Drive is a major chokepoint. Photo: ACT Government.

The $200 million Monaro Highway upgrade is a step closer with the release of concept designs for a southbound flyover at the intersection of the highway with Lanyon Drive.

The $45 million Lanyon Drive component also includes the removal of traffic lights at the Alexander Maconochie Centre intersection and the highway’s southbound intersection with Lanyon Drive.

The signalised intersection of Lanyon Drive and Sheppard Street will also be upgraded to improve access into and out of the Hume commercial centre.

The flyover, with on-road bicycle lanes, will improve traffic flow during the morning and afternoon peak periods and reduce travel times.

ACT Roads Minister Chris Steel joined with ACT Liberal Senator Zed Seselja to announce the release of the concept designs, with construction due to commence next year and take two-and-a-half years.

Mr Steel said the Monaro Highway was expected to carry 35,000 vehicles a day by 2031, as well as serving the residents of Tuggeranong. It was a key tourism route to the snowfields and a major freight route for the region.

The ACT Government would also be looking at improving other intersections on the Monaro, particularly at Isabella Drive but also Mugga Lane, and Tralee and Shephard streets.

Lanyon Drive flyover project

The concept designs for the Lanyon Drive flyover project. Image: ACT Government.

Safety improvements, due to be completed this year, were also well underway further south on the Monaro, with the addition of an overtaking lane and turning lanes near Royalla, which will improve safety for those on the way to the snowfields.

Mr Steel said a proposal for the highway to run through the Mugga Lane Solar Farm was never going to be adopted.

“We never intended to build the road through the Solar Farm. What we have done is benchmarked the current, preferred road alignment against other options as part of the necessary due diligence for an infrastructure project of this size,” he said.

Senator Seselja said the concept designs were a really important step in what has been a long journey that goes back to 2016.

”This flyover will make a big difference when it is delivered,” he said.

”Those who travel along this road know that Lanyon Drive is a major chokepoint and it’s only going to become a more significant chokepoint as we see the growth in places like South Jerrabomberra and Googong.”

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It means the people of Tuggeranong and Queanbeyan and surrounds will spend less time in traffic and have a safer commute.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said both governments had brought forward funding to accelerate the project and get the Monaro upgrade underway in 2020-21.

The Federal and ACT governments have committed $100 million each to the upgrade, which will take fours years to complete.

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64 Responses to Lanyon Drive flyover to cut Monaro travel times
Nigel Newick Nigel Newick 5:35 pm 22 May 20

I wonder how cyclists will be able to safely cross from Lanyon Drive to head North up Monaro Hwy.

    Gavin Jackson Gavin Jackson 7:46 am 23 May 20

    Nigel Newick or safely ride down the Monaro- definitely need a separate path (not just a line painted on a highway). I like what they did near ikea and the work being done on old Cooma road to Googong!

noid noid 4:27 pm 22 May 20

Typical Labor/Greens Government only doing half the job needed. Just like Ashley Dr they were not going to duplicate the whole thing until the Libs said they would. Hopefully with an election coming up we might see some sensibility….. not holding my breath though.

Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 12:27 pm 22 May 20

Where are the cries about how much our rates will go up to pay for this?

Plus it is only going to benefit one part of Canberra and shock horror a lot of NSW residents too.

    Khabi Rukman Khabi Rukman 8:15 am 25 May 20

    Ashley Wright $45m and $700m are two very different numbers...there's a long way to go before this card is played

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 9:32 am 25 May 20

    Khabi Rukman Article says $200m for whole project. But thank you for at least staying the correct construction cost of lightrail.

    Anyway I was being flippant I agree this needs to be done, though the point does remain.

    Khabi Rukman Khabi Rukman 9:43 am 25 May 20

    Ashley Wright The $45m that the article clearly states is associated with the Lanyon Dr flyover (without knowing along which parts of Monaro Hwy the rest of the $200m will be spent, and therefore who it actually benefits). But sure, even at $200m, it's less than a third of the cost.

Alex Colrain Alex Colrain 10:44 am 22 May 20

$45 not $200 Robert Knight

    Robert Knight Robert Knight 11:17 am 22 May 20

    Alex Colrain the full project is still going to shave only a few minutes off the trip.

    Alex Colrain Alex Colrain 11:27 am 22 May 20

    Robert Knight I dunno mate - she gets pretty backed up there in peak hour with cars backed up often to Hindmarsh.

    Robert Knight Robert Knight 11:30 am 22 May 20

    Alex Colrain yeah, but how does the cost benefit analysis show the costs of people’s lost minutes - and it really is just minutes - are captured in a quantifiable way. What real productivity is gained?

    Alex Colrain Alex Colrain 12:16 pm 22 May 20

    Robert Knight future proofing mate so we don’t end up like the major capitals in 10-15 years time.

    Robert Knight Robert Knight 1:13 pm 22 May 20

    Alex Colrain future proofing isn’t pouring money into a monocultural transport system which is proven not to work in the way intended.

Neil Chandler Neil Chandler 7:43 am 22 May 20

Why are they only building half an interchange? Surely the whole mess would flow a lot better if they built a flyover on the northbound side too and let traffic entering the highway merge from the left?

    Greg Tanner Greg Tanner 2:23 pm 22 May 20

    My thoughts exactly. Lanyon drive should cross both lanes to let southbound traffic flow with no lights, and northbound/Jerra traffic merge. The current Lanyon 2 lanes into one and then merge is a joke, as the merging traffic has all but come to a standstill from Lanyon drive being forced into one lane. Do these 'planners' actually spend any time looking at the intersections they're planning? Other examples are the GDE, where the bulk of the traffic will turn left into Parkes way - that should be the main flow with 2 lanes and a peel off for Tuggeranong. Ashley Drive/ Erindale roundabout - probably 95% of the traffic turns left at this intersection, it's designed with quite a sharp turn, rather than a flowing junction/merging lane.

    Neil Chandler Neil Chandler 3:05 pm 22 May 20

    Greg Tanner clearly they never played SimCity as children 😂

    Greg Tanner Greg Tanner 3:35 pm 22 May 20

    Neil Chandler I did some work for Adelaide roads about 10 years ago, some of the tenderers had some really neat simulation software to show traffic flows, impact of roundabouts and interchanges etc. Could model on a pretty large scale to show flow on effects in other networks. even included public transport corridors!

    Neil Chandler Neil Chandler 4:47 pm 22 May 20

    Greg Tanner i'm actually nerding out over this right now! Would be interesting to run some of Canberra's road projects through the same software.

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 4:58 pm 22 May 20

    Greg Tanner so two lanes turn off Caswell Drive (no such road as GDE) to meet two lanes from Belconnen and to meet two lanes from Tuggeranong (yes I know it is only one lane now, but same argument about main flow applies). So 6 lanes of traffic converging into 3 lanes or so you want 6 lanes and then a 7th when Clunies Ross Street joins Parkes Way too?

    Whilst yes the single turn creates congestion anything you do there will create congestion. So planners shock horror do plan and in doing so plan where congestion points will be.

    And besides I think there the biggest cause of congestion is Belconnen way joining Caswell Drive with people moving to inside lane to let them in and then back to turn onto Parkes way. That merge is the thing to fix.

Kellie Kottwitz Kellie Kottwitz 6:34 am 22 May 20

Graham on road bike lanes 😓👎

Brett Griffiths Brett Griffiths 2:01 am 22 May 20

The deadly choke point is actually coming from Cooma down the steep hill at the Johnson Drive roundabout, where a few years ago, it was reduced to ONE lane! In winter, the snow traffic can be backed up 5klms trying to get through this stupidly redesigned intersection! This is where a fly over is really needed!

    Greg Tanner Greg Tanner 2:17 pm 22 May 20

    Ha 5 kms...last June it was at a standstill from Bunyan. At one point I got out, walked to the back of the car and made a cuppa. Got back in and moved one car length...all because of this junction. Oh, and people not understanding the end of an overtaking lane.

Frances Carleton Frances Carleton 1:11 am 22 May 20

Yeah, once the years of roadworks are done...

Nikolina Pivac Nikolina Pivac 10:53 pm 21 May 20

Josipa Pivac interesting

Emily White Emily White 9:29 pm 21 May 20

Jarred omg they’re getting rid of the lights. Make the whole thing 100km 😇

russianafroman russianafroman 9:25 pm 21 May 20

The intersection between Lanyon Drive and Monaro Highway has glaring faults. The way it unexpectedly forces two lanes into one and then back into two again is absurd. There will be many accidents if that design goes ahead, what with people driving in the right lane and crashing into the barrier. Given the congestion and heavy traffic, you will need a separate slip lane for people heading east onto Lanyon Drive. The whole thing is still a spaghetti mess. And as others have mentioned, people or emergency vehicles have to drive all the way down and around if they want to go north.

Jim Roy Jim Roy 8:47 pm 21 May 20

Liam Wilson boots on lad

Andrew Toal Andrew Toal 8:41 pm 21 May 20

Maybe the could sort out mugga lane and look after ACT residents..

Evan Hawke Evan Hawke 8:28 pm 21 May 20

Wow, they are finally getting rid of that ridiculous intersection for the jail.

Ben Jones Ben Jones 7:50 pm 21 May 20

But this is south side. Surely this isn’t really going to happen ?

Wade Bermingham Wade Bermingham 6:44 pm 21 May 20

The merge just after it could do with a look into as well but with all that smoothed out opening it up to 100 kph is a obvious move

Yvette Jones Yvette Jones 6:43 pm 21 May 20

Might want to change the speed limit too while you’re at it and make it consistent the whole way through!

    Tēē Rőy Tēē Rőy 1:08 am 22 May 20

    Yvette Jones good suggestion they will make it 80 all the way

    Liz Hampton Liz Hampton 1:41 pm 24 May 20

    Tēē Rőy then also change traffic lights at morshead dr so you needlessly spend 10 minutes more.

Rebecca McCormack Rebecca McCormack 5:29 pm 21 May 20

Having traffic merge into the right hand lane of a highway was never going to be a good idea 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Alex Nicol Alex Nicol 11:04 pm 21 May 20

    Rebecca McCormack whereabouts?

    Rebecca McCormack Rebecca McCormack 8:15 am 22 May 20

    From Lanyon Drive (Hume/Jerrabomberra) turning right onto Monaro Highway Alex Nicol.

Darcy Ryan Darcy Ryan 5:26 pm 21 May 20

This upgrade was promised about 3 federal elections ago.

    Dale Wynn Dale Wynn 5:40 pm 21 May 20

    The barton duplication was promised back in the 80's.......

    Richard Bush Richard Bush 6:48 pm 21 May 20

    Gotta love a by-election👍

    Ray Ez Ray Ez 7:07 pm 21 May 20

    Darcy Ryan well people keep

    Voting for labour...

    Sammie Simpson Sammie Simpson 6:01 am 22 May 20

    Ray he said federal, last time I heard LNP were in charge at a federal level!

Capital Retro Capital Retro 8:17 am 21 May 20

What about the intersection of Monaro Highway and Johnston Drive?

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