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Laptop & PSP stolen from TCH Ward

By reemy 20 August 2009 24

A heartless thief has stolen an Acer laptop computer, a PSP (which was on loan) and 2 games (Atari and Rome) from a room in a ward of The Canberra Hospital yesterday.  My 2 and half year old nephew has been in this ward for over 2 weeks dealing with complications arising from a debilitating chronic illness and has been a very sick little boy.  His parents have been keeping a bedside vigil this whole time and both are understandably exhausted both physically and mentally.

Yesterday afternoon they took their son for a walk in a wheelchair just to give him a change of scene and when they returned they discovered the laptop, PSP and games missing.

The most devastating part is that they have lost photos that were on the computer.  The laptop is replaceable, the photos are not. At this stage they would happy to just have the photos returned.  If the thieves have any heart at all they could burn the photos to disc and then anonymously drop them or even post them to the ward.

This is a cruel and heartless act – I mean, who steals from people who’re obviously dealing with a seriously ill child??

Any information would be much appreciated.  

You can contact Janine directly on 0408 286 926.

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Laptop & PSP stolen from TCH Ward
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niceplacetolive 3:49 pm 25 Aug 09

We had a similar occurrence when our daughter was in hospital two years ago. She was very unwell and could only listen to music. Someone stole her MP3 player. When we replaced it, it was stolen again.

I should add that a plasma television was stolen from the ronald macdonald room during this time as well.

I can understand the parents not wanting to leave the bedside of the children – THEY ARE NOT SAFE IN THERE as this proves that anyone can come and go!
Security of the Children/adolescent ward requires urgent attention

Spam Box 5:25 pm 22 Aug 09

janine d said :

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Jeff. This amazing person who we have never met, has generously replaced the PSP including three games. We’d like you to know how much your kindness has helped lift our spirits. THANK YOU!!! Janine and family.

This is the quote that needs to be highlighted and spoken about! We can always go back to bitching about ‘druggies,security etc’ at a later date

Nice work “Jeff” – seriously 🙂

Hopefully somehow these photo’s will be returned.

Jamie Wheeler 12:14 am 22 Aug 09

toriness said :

peterh said :

I don’t think that telling someone to keep a copy after the notebook is stolen is really worthwhile. Perhaps if we focused our efforts in monitoring ebay and similar sites for a notebook matching the description after one is obtained, would be of greater benefit.

It is nice to say you should have done this or that, but it is too late in this case.

damned good advice generally speaking though isn’t it.

i know there is the old adage ‘if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’, but if you leave your stuff lying around in a public place, don’t be surprised when they get nicked. crims are crims and have little or no conscience – they don’t give a rats that your child is sick no more than they give a rats about breaking my window and coming into my private home and stealing MY laptop.

Too true. If it was a druggo on heroin the whole nature of the drug is you don’t give a rats about anything but your next hit. A junkie on heroin could watch a family mowed down by a truck and not feel a single thing. A sick kid to a junkie is just an easy target for some quick business. As I’ve found out myself the hard way thieves can strike anywhere at anytime, so best not trust anybody anywhere.

Mike Crowther 8:24 pm 21 Aug 09

My own child has just been discharged from that unit housebound. There was no access checking during normal operating hours I walked in with a slow nod to the desk. (and Im a pretty dodgy looking character) And anyway, why should medical staff also perform security functions? They’re busy enough as it is.

20 years ago I was employed in Hospital security. Female patients were indecently assaulted by scummies just wandering in with a ‘scope slung around their neck…..nurses bags were stolen from their desk….equipment was stolen then dumped cause the crim couldn’t figure out what it was (let alone where to fence it)…triage staff were routinely punched. It was a jungle back then, I’d hate to think what it’s like now. I left after being ridiculed as an alarmist ratbag for recommending a tightening of access to the Nic (neo natal intensive care unit). Three years later a new born infant was stolen by a nutter.
Sort of pales the eletro-game thing by comparison. I think Australians just don’t like the idea that security in necessary.

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