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Laser eye surgery recommendations?

By sulikm 14 January 2010 32

I am considering having laser eye surgery this year, but I’m not sure where to go. Has anyone had their eyes done recently at either of the below providers? Any recommendations?


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Laser eye surgery recommendations?
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fabforty 10:36 am 21 Apr 13

I have had laser surgery through Vista Eyes and found them fabulous. Others I know have had the same thing (but at Canberra Eye Hospital) with no problems at all. I can’t tell you how unbelieveable perfect eyesight is.

I am sorry the poster previous to me had a complication. I suspect this is quite rare.

poppy 7:33 pm 20 Apr 13

katsby said :

A newcomer to the RiotACT, I posted a query in the wrong thread…I meant to do so here: has anyone any up to date info on laser eye surgery in Canberra? I’m particularly interested in any experiences with Personal Eyes in Kingston…

I haven’t had laser eye surgery but as someone who has chronic eye problems and extensive experience dealing with eye docs, I would suggest don’t do it, especially if you live in Canberra, Australia. If you have complications, you will be dealing with some of the longest waiting lists and some of the poorest eye docs in the country if not the developed world. Don’t kid yourself that your lasik eye surgeon will be there for you if things go wrong. These guys make a fortune off lasik and some cataract surgery and aren’t interested or skilled in anything else. Are you aware that laser eye surgery can cause severe chronic eye pain for which little treatment exists? Are you aware that laser eye surgeons do not normally report these statistics to patients as part of the informed consent, as they do not consider quality of life problems if they do not affect the vision? Are you aware that most eye docs in Canberra will not accept patients suffering from painful ocular surface diseases? Do your research and find out what it is like to suffer from severe dry eye, which is commonly caused by lasik eye surgery. I can also assure you that many of the doctors in Canberra offering lasik surgery WILL NOT treat your severe and painful dry eye with even the most basic treatments, even though it may affect your ability to use a computer, drive, sit in air conditioning, etc. Please do not believe that severe dry eye can be treated by using eye drops a few times a day, this is simply not the case. And if you are considering lasik due to vanity (wanting to get rid of glasses), consider how you will feel with constant red and irritated eyes, crusty bits and discharge, inability to wear make up, etc. Oh, and severe dry eye causes scarring to your corneas and surface of your eyes too. And yeah, if you think glasses and contacts are a hassle, consider what it will be like having to apply eye drops every 15 minutes just to prevent a corneal ulcer. If you want to test whether your lasik eye surgeon is OK, say you are concerned about the possibility of post-lasik dry eye and ask them to evaluate you for the possibility of dry eye beforehand. At the least, they should apply dye to test your tear break up time. If they fob you off, run a mile. Best of luck to you if you seriously want to do this here in Canberra. Cross your fingers that you do not have a bad outcome.

katsby 5:43 pm 20 Apr 13

A newcomer to the RiotACT, I posted a query in the wrong thread…I meant to do so here: has anyone any up to date info on laser eye surgery in Canberra? I’m particularly interested in any experiences with Personal Eyes in Kingston…

Gungahlin Al 10:18 am 14 Jul 11

I had mine done back in 2002. At Lasik in Melbourne not that that is any use here. Been absolutely brilliant ever since. Life is so much easier without glasses or bloody contact lens hassles. Can’t focus so closely now though that is expected.

byproxy 1:07 am 14 Jul 11

howdy all,
a few people in this thread have mentioned the sebban eye centre in Sydney…
I just thought I’d give an update: based on this recommendation, i had ASL surgery done there a few weeks ago.
the verdict: frikking tops.
the price is now $1288 per eye, and all up, including an extra procedure they did to help me avoid having dry eyes afterwards, and including copious amounts of valium for post-op care, came to about $3000.
The procedure itself was very quick and easy – taking about 5 minutes tops.
The lead-up to the procedure took three hours of having multiple tests done, waiting around, and receiving post-op care instructions with my carer.
The recovery process involved three days of sleeping (with the assistance of valium and painkillers) while my carer would periodically wake me up during the day to feed me and put drops in my eyes. It was almost as good as a holiday, and I appreciated the chance to catch up on some sleep.
My only criticism would be that the written post-op care instructions were a bit disorganised, and my carer had trouble following them as they were confusing and unclear. Still, we made it through ok and my recovery has been great – I do get tired eyes after a day in front of the computer, but apparently it takes 2 months for the whole thing to settle down completely.
I receive free follow up appointments for a year (one at 2 weeks, one at 6 weeks, one at 6 months and one at 1 year) at the clinic in Campbelltown (if I want to drive up and back in a day), or i prefer to use the appointment as an excuse for a weekend in Sydney.
Now, still, about ten times a day i remember that i am not wearing glasses and that i’m not about to stab myself in the face when i put on a jumper / hug my fella / fall asleep watching a movie / etc… or that they fog up when i walk into a heated bar, or that they’re just generally a complete pain in the nose to wear, it’s really great. I found it much easier to justify $3000 to have the procedure done in Sydney than $6000 for the convenience of staying here in Canberra. I chatted to another patient who had travelled down from Brisbane to Sydney for the same reason.
So, thanks to those of you who recommended the sebban eye centre and for pointing out that eye surgery doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive.
Also, Dr Sebban commented on the large number of patients he sees from Canberra, which gave me the chance to plug the riot act. 🙂

lasereyesurgery 11:32 am 14 Apr 11

Just wondering how you went with the surgery. Which company did you go with and do you have any feed back on the operation?

Gardnerz 10:27 am 05 Feb 11

I have ageing eyes, apparently, perfect long distance, hard to read the phone book, script +1.5, has anyone had corrective surgery for this type of problem? How many years does it last for, any complications, where did you have it done and how much? by the way, I think glasses look Hot, so many nice designs, but cannot wear a multifocal.
Thank you

Daniel P 11:51 pm 28 Mar 10

Apologies, I can’t work out how to contact another member independently of a forum . I’m scheduled with to have the surgery with Sebban in about 3 weeks and I wanted to ask either Lilli or LaLa are couple of questions if they didn’t mind. Not sure how to do that though without posting my email address.

grumpyrhonda 1:30 pm 14 Feb 10

I had both my eyes done about 7 years ago by Rick Wolfe. The best thing ever! I was a minus 8 prescription. 7 years ago, it cost me $2000 per eye. I had absolutely no regrets. The staff were brilliant. The operation was very quick and easy. NO REGRETS.

LaLa 1:50 pm 16 Jan 10

+3 for Sebban Eye Centre in Brookvale. Myself and 2 friends have all had our eyes done there, I would do it again if I had to. If you can organise to stay with friends it makes it even more cost effective. It cost me $988 per eye 2 years ago. They work on referral only and do very little advertising, hence how they can keep the cost down.

fortyseven 6:40 pm 15 Jan 10

I just had mine done in December at the Australian Institute of Eye Surgery ( in Sydney and was extremely happy with the whole thing. The cost was $1250 per eye (the website quotes double that but that’s out of date, trust me) and even though it’s in Sydney there is a decent hotel 2 mins away that’s reasonably priced.

I had it done with my wife at the same time and the only regrets we have is that we hadn’t had the procedure done earlier, worth every cent.

harley 3:05 pm 15 Jan 10

Not good, Artie.

With Dr. Rick @ vista, I had follow-ups for over a year afterwards, though with the Optos, not Rick. I had follow-up surgery (with Rick again) as the result wasn’t perfect – I don’t know what my vision was, but I could drive and use the computer, but it was annoying. I think I went in 3 or 4 times between the first and second procedures, then at least 3 more after the second.

I don’t regret the money I spent, but I am now kicking myself that I could have gotten a better deal. 🙂

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