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Latham stepping stones under threat

By Mike Bessenger - 13 September 2012 34

I was informed today that some politician does not like walking her dogs over stepping stones and is pushing for a $250000 bridge to be put across.

The stones have been there as long as I can recall and I crossed them daily as a kid to get to school and Belconnen. Nowadays I take the dogs there as it’s the only safe spot along that stretch of the creek the dogs can safely get into the water for a swim.

Special Meeting: Stepping Stones at Latham – Proposed Replacement Bridge

Submitted by Shirley Gourgaud on Mon, 26/09/2011 – 6:55pm

Following a meeting on Wednesday 21 September at the ‘Stepping Stones‘ on Ginninderra Creek at Latham with Mr Tony Gill, RoadsACT, those there agreed that, due to the lack of consensus for any bridge, we would discuss the issues further at a public meeting.
The staff room/library at the Latham Primary School has now been booked from

6.00pm – 7.30pm,
Thursday 13 October

A draft agenda for the meeting is set out below. Please forward any alterations to me,, asap so all participants can be prepared.

  • Welcome and brief synopsis of the situation to date (Shirley Gourgaud) (5 min)
  • Presentation of diagram of the proposed pedestrian bridge (Tony Gill) (5 min)
  • Speakers for the proposal (15 min)
  • Speakers against the proposal (15 min)
  • Q&A session by audience of all speakers (30 min)
  • Ballot (10 min)
  • Refreshments/Neighbourhood Meet and Greet (15 min)

Given the time restraints, three speakers on each side of the discussion would be very manageable. The BCC will bring a laptop with overhead projector for any person wishing to give a powerpoint presentation.

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Latham stepping stones under threat
SnapperJack 11:19 am 14 Sep 12

If she wants a bridge there it would be in the wrong place. When the roads in Belconnen were being planned in 1966, Dalley Cres (north) was supposed to continue via a bridge over Ginninderra Creek and link up with Florey Drive. For some reason the bridge was never built.

If a bridge is to be built then it shouldn’t be over the stepping stones, it should be the long lost missing link to finally complete Dalley Cres.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 11:06 am 14 Sep 12

RugbyWhat said :,149.028003&spn=0.00134,0.002064&t=h&z=20


As much as i dislike this town, it does have a bunch of little cool things like this that im finding out about even after living here for 30 years.

dtc 9:57 am 14 Sep 12

Dont forget the stepping stones over Sullies at the ANU (2 lots!). All stones should be banned, they arent natural.

p1 9:37 am 14 Sep 12

The environmental impact of such a bridge is unacceptable. I demand the build a tunnel instead!

Thumper 9:33 am 14 Sep 12

A mate mine fell in the creek one day crossing the stones. We’d just spent 5-6 hours in the pub.

Haven’t laughed so much in my life 🙂

Conan of Cooma 8:43 am 14 Sep 12

I bet people on unicycles also don’t like the stepping stones.

RugbyWhat 3:24 am 14 Sep 12
Brindabella 10:37 pm 13 Sep 12

$250,000!? Can’t we spend this money on more phallic owls, or a humidicrib or something else?

Mordd 8:46 pm 13 Sep 12

Can we get a photo added of said stones please? I have heard of them but never seen them myself, curious to actually see better what the fuss is all about.

Thumper 8:06 pm 13 Sep 12

You’ve got to be f***ing kidding….

Who is the pollie? Name and shame.

Jethro 7:57 pm 13 Sep 12

There were signs about this posted at the stepping stone either earlier this year or late last year. I thought it was a joke.

Kramer 7:47 pm 13 Sep 12

Is this April fools?!? How many mobility impaired people go down that way, and actually want to cross the creek. It’s a cool spot to run across the creek, kids love it and if they need to cross when it’s flooded then they can walk up to the bridge.
I think we have far better things to spend public money on. A piece of public art in the nearby area would be a vastly better investment (seriously).

Spykler 7:43 pm 13 Sep 12

housebound said :

There’s enough bridges along that part of the creek. Said politician could go a different way rather than going all religious right and demanding we change to fit her lifestyle choices.

Totally agree, leave those stones alone, building another walk bridge would wreck the character of the creek..I have been a Latham resident for 30 years and have never once heard of anyone complaining about the stones..Where has this crapola come from all of a sudden?

housebound 7:30 pm 13 Sep 12

There’s enough bridges along that part of the creek. Said politician could go a different way rather than going all religious right and demanding we change to fit her lifestyle choices.

Conan of Cooma 5:12 pm 13 Sep 12

I bet people in wheelchairs don’t like the stepping stones, either.

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