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Lawlessness in Lanyon Valley

riotrossco 26 January 2008 76

2:22am this morning (Friday 26th January 2008), a golf ball enters my dining room window, showering the dining, kitchen and family area with glass, a quick call to 000 has me believing the police are on their way to alleviate not only my fears but that of the 4 children in the house ranging from 8 years to 19.

Forward 18 minutes (2:41am) and a car is dispatched to check the local area, forward 34 minutes (3:15am) the car arrives at the area and does not see any persons of interest wondering the streets.

Now around 4:00am I call the police (hence the details above) and am told my initial call was booked as a disturbance. Now this incident did disturb me and my family but it was far from that. What if the perpetrators had continued their barrage on my property or other properties? I was given the above details and a job number by a young constable, he also re-entered the call as “Property Damage”

During this time, my second eldest (18 years) and his friend who is staying over (19 years) went on their own search for the perpetrators and happened to find them at the local Woolworths service station. My boys overheard their conversation where the perpetrators laughed about it “The Ball” going through a bedroom window. These people thought they were hitting the bedroom window where my 8 and 13 year old sleep, and were happy about the damage they caused.

We have obtained a partial number plate and description of the vehicle; alas the police said there was nothing they could do, very ineffective.

Tonight I don’t think I’ll sleep as I am concerned the perpetrators will return, tonight I’ll be ready to take the law into my own hands, I know a call to the police who are meant to Protect and Serve will be a waste of time and effort as it seams Lanyon Valley is a neglected part of Canberra in the eyes of the law.

Any law abiding citizen of the Lanyon Valley would surely agree that police presence here is lackluster.

What’s Your opinion?

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Lawlessness in Lanyon Valley
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mikey 1:57 pm 29 Jan 08

Proving again two of the laws of nature.
1. Jetski owner = moron
2. NSW = hopeless public services

Deadmandrinking 11:55 am 29 Jan 08

Skid…yes, oh my god yes. My mother and I were heading back from Batemans Bay at the end of the long weekend when, first, she was tailgated by this f-king arsehole in a commodore with a Jet-ski trailer on the back. He overtook, but later caught up with his mates in similar vehicles, all with Jet-ski’s, on the side of the road somewhere just before the Clyde (birdies and observations of masturbatory habits were exchanged as we drove past).

They came back just as we were along the thin stretch of road towards Braidwood. Double-lines, a queue of returning holiday makers that resembled something you’d see in Sydney; all three morons decide it’s okay to speedily overtake for far longer than anybody should be on the right-hand side of the road, then suddenly squeeze in different positions with literally centimetres between the cars in front of and behind them and I’m thanking God for my mum’s braking ability. We thought ‘f-k it, might as well report these bastards for dangerous driving once we get into braidwood – for everyone sakes before someone gets killed.’

The Jet-skiing trio of cretins had stopped at the Cafe in Braidwood, so we drove further on to the cop-shop. It was unattended, but there was this automatic-button thingie that put you directly in touch with the call-centre, so we used that. We told them what had happened, gave our names and descriptions – then they hung up, no ‘Okay, we’ve got that down’ or ‘we’ll deal with it’. F-k knows what they did, but they obviously didn’t seem interested in seriously nutcase drivers who were putting more than a few holidaymakers at risk. We did see a cop car headed in the cafe’s direction, but didn’t see what happened – basically a toss-up between talking to the morons and merely being on patrol. The call-centre operator was rude and that was definatley not the way anyone representing the NSW police should be treating the public.

Skidbladnir 10:51 am 29 Jan 08

ACT Policing on 131 444 is less likely to get you dismissed as a nuisance caller.

There used to be a number for the ACT Policing Radio Room direct, which I can no longer remember.
(02) 6256 7777 is the ACT Policing switch, who can also put you in touch with anybody you like.

000 is onlyfor immediate danger and offender still in area, or serious major incident.
Hint: If the ladies on the other end of the line hang up on you (or do not try to talk you out of hanging up), its not important enough to be using 000.

Stainless Steel Rat 10:33 am 29 Jan 08

Special G, A fair point that I do conceed, but I have stayed up until three am more than ten times sitting in my driveway and have still seen neither… As I indicate above, I understand in the scheme of things this is pretty minor and doesn’t justify a full scale alert, but some visible presence might actually deter whoever it is.

VYBerlinaV8 10:29 am 29 Jan 08

There seems a remarkable propensity to write off ‘minor’ crimes as not being worth pursuing. I bet the kids sleeping in the bedroom who’s window was smashed don’t fell that way!

If you can catch the little bastards who did this, you’d be better off having a ‘polite chat’ with them so they know not to do it again. It’s not like the cops can/will/would do anything.

nyssa76 10:05 am 29 Jan 08

Oh and that was in Gordon.

nyssa76 10:05 am 29 Jan 08

As I said several years ago now, when a little shit tried to steal one of my cars (smashed the window where infant car seat was) and cut up both cars with a blade off a pair of scissors (leaving DNA evidence), nothing was done. He could have stabbed my husband as he had brandished it at him when hubby came out to see what the noise was.

Hubby heard the smash and went out, the kid lied to him and as he was calling police, the kid ran off.

Three houses down, he and his mates pushed a car into a garage (damaging foundation).

Police turn up – grab kid off streets (due to hubby’s description) “Is this the kid?” they ask him. “Yes” says hubby.

They let him go.

It takes another 40 mins to find him (July 3am) as we all stand outside surveying the damage.

18 months later, kid and his mates gets off. They (nor their parents) have to pay to repair our cars or neighbours car and house.

So our insurance rates went up.

mr_stirer 9:26 am 29 Jan 08

I have found that dealing with these barstards yourself is the best course of action. These little pricks need to be given an attitide adjustment more often. Why didn’t your son and his friend sort them out when they saw them?

I have taken care smart arses such as these on three different occasions and has always proved far more effective than when the police get involved.

astrojax 8:04 am 29 Jan 08

Not much different to them from throwing a golf ball through a window of a home, or a car or a bus.

Homes you can repair but if you get hit whilst driving it can kill.

um, so that’d be a difference then, gooterz? d’uh… ’emergency’ implies ‘imminent danger’, which applies to drivers/passengers of swiftly moving vehicles, greatly increasing the effective mass of the missile.

Special G 7:50 am 29 Jan 08

Mr Rat, you probably noticed the Police patrolling down your street the same way you noticed the kids blowing up your letter box and egging your car.

popgoescanberra 10:53 pm 28 Jan 08

Some say we shouldn’t blame the police themselves, it’s the system’s fault. Some of the police ARE total dumbarses though – the ones who came and investigated my burglary sure were.

Stainless Steel Rat 10:30 pm 28 Jan 08

oh, I’m in Isabella Plains by the way. (Yep, about four minutes drive from the police station….)

Stainless Steel Rat 10:29 pm 28 Jan 08

I’ve now gone through four letter boxes, had my car egged three times (the paint has been damaged from this) and three days after Christmas a bottle was smashed on my windscreen. That shattered the windscreen and left me $245 poorer. I undersatnd the police can’t be everywhere, but I’ve reported 8 acts of vandalism that have happened in my street. I understand that reporting it the next morning means they can’t fly out here in a car and find someone. I thank them for adding this report to their database and passing it on to the people that look into crime patterns to see if it can help find criminals. I also understand that being a cop is a hard and mainly thankless job. But after all of the above in about two years, I’m still yet to see one cop car drive down my street. I know the eggs and the mailbox are petty kid stuff, and not easy to solve short of video footage and an id…. but I can see a pattern here. They are continuing to vandalise becasue nobody is doing a dam thing to stop them. Well, $900 later I have moved the fence and gates on my property and now have off street parking for our second car……

Special G 9:43 pm 28 Jan 08

Vote for Mike Crowther in the next local election.

Special G 9:42 pm 28 Jan 08

Gotta love those riots reported by the CT – 100 people fighting in the street is generally two blokes having a bit of a cuddle and 10 people standing around filming it on their mobile phones.

cranky 9:31 pm 28 Jan 08


Thank you, that was beautiful. I should have seen that.

Thumper 9:27 pm 28 Jan 08

That would be ‘ranting’….

Thumper 9:26 pm 28 Jan 08

One must remember that deep down, way deep down, in Stanhope’s soul, is an idealistic view that society doesn’t really need police as people should be able to just all get on together and do the right thing.

Thus a bill of rights, not enough cops, a judiciary that seems hellbent on giving out the most lenient penalties possible, and rantin about the death penalty in Godknowswhereistan.

I’d hate to be a cop in this principality. You just know that you’re going to get politically screwed…

mikey 9:17 pm 28 Jan 08

Lawlessness in Lanyon, mob mayhem in Manuka, cabbie chaos in Civic … where will it end? Anarchy in Amaroo?

cranky 9:11 pm 28 Jan 08

Special G,

So @40 police per 100K, that makes us understaffed by about 140 Police.

I would suggest that 140 additional police would make an enormous diference to the whole crime/public order equation.

So why are we so shortchanged, oh great god Sonic?

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