Lawson Kangaroo breeding ground a secret NATO base?

Thumper 7 January 2008 11

I just had to add this simply because it’s a pearl.

Taken from a conspiracy/ UFO/ General loonie weird stuff sort of website I give you the following:


A rumored secret underground base at Belconnen, in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) near Canberra, has joined Area 51 in the USA and the underground base at Corsham, Wiltshire, UK on the ufologists’ roster of UFO-related sites.

The base is known as “the Sheep Paddock” and is said to be located beneath an actual pasture in the Great Dividing Range near Canberra. Within the field are several antennae arrays and a small cinderblock security building that houses the elevator to the underground command post.

“There are at least three stories underground,” one source said. “On the third level, staff members man computer terminals.”

Some Belconnen watchers believe that the supposed base will serve as a national command post during civil unrest in Australia caused by Y2K. Others maintain that the base is merely an out-station of the Royal Australian Navy communications center at Lawton.

Interestingly, that portion of the Great Dividing Range is rumored to be undercut by humungous limestone caverns.

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11 Responses to Lawson Kangaroo breeding ground a secret NATO base?
West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 1:10 pm 17 Jul 07

Check this out then:

“This quite massive building was to be constructed behind an existing, much
* smaller one, which, until then, had been known to the public only as the
* “Deakin Telephone Exchange.”
* That it was not, and never had been, simply a “telephone exchange” finally
* came to light in the 1975 JPAC Approval Report, when it admitted that the
* existing building had a comprehensive basement which housed NASA’s micro-
* wave communications headquarters in Australia. Part of the justification
* of the “need” for the new, much larger building, was that by 1980, it was
* expected that NASA would run out of room in their existing home.”

Thumper Thumper 8:31 am 16 Jul 07

The man eating badger story was a gem…

pierce pierce 9:05 pm 15 Jul 07

Never believe anything until it’s been officially denied. 🙂

ant ant 3:37 pm 14 Jul 07

There was a funny story in the SMH yesterday about the british army in Iraq having to issue an official statement that they had NOT released man-eating badgers in the locality they were stationed in.

Hugo Hugo 10:27 am 14 Jul 07

Good to see that the computer nerds are kept at the lowest level.
We now know that the roo cull is required because the constant “thumping” is damaging the structure.

Thumper Thumper 10:27 am 14 Jul 07

Maybe that’s where the roos came from?

Alien kangas anyone?


pierce pierce 10:25 am 14 Jul 07

That’s a kick arse theory – 3 stories seems a little limited though – I’d make it a whole underground town

Thumper Thumper 10:02 am 14 Jul 07

NATO and aliens did it NTP.

jr jr 8:39 am 14 Jul 07

It is said that the storm water drain covers are actually missile silo hatches carefully disguised.

Ntp Ntp 1:27 pm 13 Jul 07

The next question is how did I manage to post a comment a day before the story went up?

Conspiracies abound…

Ntp Ntp 1:26 pm 13 Jul 07

This was in 1999 mind you

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