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Lay off the grog for Gazza’s sake?

By johnboy 17 March 2006 16

Liberal Senator, Gary Humphries, has put out a media release begging us all to drink a little less and avoid a repeat of last week’s unpleasantness outside Mooseheads.

“Canberra is regularly accused of having a boring night-life. If what occurred last weekend is an example of what occurs in a ‘real city’ then give me boring any day,”

Bugger boring, and Gazza with it I say.

He does, however, raise the point that if parents could see what their little darlings get up to there might be some repercussions. Who’s for public webcams around the hotspots?

What’s Your opinion?

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16 Responses to
Lay off the grog for Gazza’s sake?
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Absent Diane 3:23 pm 21 Mar 06

maybe if they controlled and legalised ecstasy they wouldn’t have so many fights…..

schmerica 10:33 am 18 Mar 06

haha… the reason everyone gets so bloody drunk in civic is because Canberra’s nightlife is BORING. The only way to have a good time is to drink! haha

seepi 4:42 pm 17 Mar 06

It is hard to get permission to put up webcams in public places. Canberra museums have tried and failed to get permission for this, to join in on world museum links.

bonfire 4:27 pm 17 Mar 06

yeah the cameras are so useful that the ones they already have arent manned.

its nice to know that your bashing will be on replay for the investigation.

perhaps a gendarme or three wandering around might be more effective.

toriness 2:36 pm 17 Mar 06

all this talk of beer is making me very thirsty though. bring on the end of the working day i say!!!

toriness 2:34 pm 17 Mar 06

all for cameras in ‘hot spots’ where they are clearly visible (to act as a deterrant to bad behaviour) but high enough to be out of harm’s way. if privacy is equated with smacking people’s heads in (which we seem to be hearing more and more about in civic) then i am all for invading it in that respect!

johnboy 2:27 pm 17 Mar 06

Maybe this is gazza being cunning.

he knows that today being drunken irish day civic will be quiet tomorrow night and now he can claim the credit!

LurkerGal 2:08 pm 17 Mar 06

I’m not giving up the grog for anyone! But I will be a good little chickie and continue to not drink in Civic.

bulldog 1:01 pm 17 Mar 06

Yeah – leave the beer alone!

I wasn’t going to post questioning the motives of such a poitnlees press release, but I will anyway;
1) Slow week and Gaz wants to get his head on TV and/or his name in the paper.
2) Ongoign stouche with Stanhope – he wants to show us all that he has a soft and sensitive side as well (pity it hangs over his belt).
3) He genuinely cares about the welfare of his serfs.

Meh – I don’t care either way, good on him for trying to justify his very large pay packet.

Mr Evil 12:59 pm 17 Mar 06

Well, Gazza, Vicki and Hargraves seemed to be having a great time at the Wig and Pen last night!

Thumper 12:32 pm 17 Mar 06

Sorry Gazza, I like my beer.

Can’t stand Civic though….

barking toad 12:23 pm 17 Mar 06

Our Chief Minister (praise him) should issue a Press Release and book a slot on TV to invoke the ACT Human Rights legislation and declare it is our right to go and get pissed and have a punch-up.

Surely this is the sort of thing for which the law was introduced.

johnboy 12:23 pm 17 Mar 06

Never been a huge fan of “privacy” in public places to be honest.

bonfire 12:12 pm 17 Mar 06

yeah good one johnboy, lets surrender even more of our rights to privacy.

johnboy 12:00 pm 17 Mar 06

Is it possible he’s taking policy advise from Sam?

Indi 11:49 am 17 Mar 06

he obviously hasn’t seen this:

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