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LBG to be expanded?

By Thumper - 1 April 2008 22

A freind of mine who works for Environment told me something interesting the other day. he was at a meeting with people from the Water Australia National Committee.

The discussion was on enlarging Lake Burley Griffin and, from what I overheard, it would entail removing Scrivener dam and building a new dam some distance further down the river. I believe the idea is that LBG would then have a greater capacity for storage and this water will be able to be pumped out and used on the arboreum, as well as other public lawns and gardens.

There was also some talk of dredging the Jerrabombra Wetlands to allow for more storage capacity but they seemed to believe that there would be a lot of opposition to this and thast they would have to find a way n which to turn the general population against the wetlands, something like a malaria scare.

Interestingly, there was also discussion on removing the dam wall on Lake Ginninderra and rebuilding it further downstream at Florey drive Macgregor. This would allow the lake to expand all the way through Evatt, Spence, and LAtham and, like LBG, expand the capacity immensely. As for LBG, this extra water capacity would then be used on public grounds such as Kippax ovals, melba ovals, etc.

What do people think about that? How many legless lizards will be killed if this goes ahead? And what about other wildlife?

One would hope that these proposals have be thoroughly thought through.

Whatever the case, it could be interesting.

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
LBG to be expanded?
Thumper 11:47 am 01 Apr 08

I may have made up some of the above story.

But only the bit after ‘A freind’…

(yes, typo I didn’t notice…)

CanberraResident 11:35 am 01 Apr 08

Don’t know about you, but I’ve been spelling the word “friend” since grade 3.

Danman 11:32 am 01 Apr 08

April Mofo fools… Next you will be telling me google can see the future

p1 11:03 am 01 Apr 08

It kind-of backfired though, as many people thought it’d be a good idea.

It is a good idea. It’s that or introduce ill-tempered sea bass with fricken lasers on their heads, and wait for them to mutate…

S4anta 10:54 am 01 Apr 08

Thumper… mushrooms… bad.

ant 10:14 am 01 Apr 08

Some years ago, when people still read the CT, on this very date they published a front-pager about draining the lake to get rid of all the carp.

It kind-of backfired though, as many people thought it’d be a good idea.

neanderthalsis 10:12 am 01 Apr 08

The idea of a malaria scare is priceless. Given malaria is a tropical disease and not suited to the Canberra climate, they would be much better off coming up with something like Murray River Encephalitis.
Even then, instead of draining/dredging the wetlands, I’m sure the environmental types would suggest spraying (similar to what they do in Far North QLD / NT to kill the little buggers).

Thumper 10:05 am 01 Apr 08

They last drained it in the 70s so they could catch Alexander bunyip.

papadoc 10:03 am 01 Apr 08

Oooh, they should drain the lake! I wannna see all those tunnel’s the pollies use to travel between Russell and Parliament House in their armoured golf carts.

la mente torbida 9:57 am 01 Apr 08

Yes please, raise the dam wall at scrivener…I want a waterfront property

andy pandy 9:53 am 01 Apr 08

I heard that the federal government was going to re-route the federal highway across lake george as the current route is geologically unstable. hadn’t heard about the lake proposal though , interesting concept

justbands 9:48 am 01 Apr 08

All residents could be relocated to the promised land, Queenbeyan… & given spellings lessons.

p1 9:45 am 01 Apr 08

A much better return on investment as far as water storage is concerned would be to dam all the exits and flood the entire Tuggeranong valley. All residents could be relocated to the promised land, Queenbeyan…

justbands 9:35 am 01 Apr 08

I’m sure the original plan was for the lake to have another basin…Dairy Flat perhaps?

Joe Canberran 9:32 am 01 Apr 08

you’re yanking our chain aren’t you Thumper? This is that bad joke referred to in the 106 thread isn’t it?

Ahh sorry, forgot what day it was…

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