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Jungle Jim 3 February 2011 11

With last night’s deluge in the Tuggeranong area, we’ve become the lucky owners of a leaking roof and I was hoping that the clever and knowing folk here might have some recommendations for assessment and repair.

It’s likely to be gutter related, due to the flat-roofed sunroom attached so I’ll be out cutting a release soon, but I’m looking for someone to permanently fix the problem and assess the ceiling damage.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be much appreciated.


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11 Responses to Leaking roof recommendations
vhfyagi vhfyagi 6:03 pm 11 Jun 19

I would say unless you have emergency, use roof and balcony solutions http://www.rnbsolutions.com.au/about-us.html as last resort. They are very expensive. $330 call out fee plus $165 per hour after first hour is what you going to pay. The guy on site for 90 mins, he was late for 15 mins, then spent 15 mins on his mobile to talk to his mate, then started setting up the ladder… Most of time he used mobile to record voice, video and photos as evidence so his company can provide a very “evidenced” quote. Just for an example, seal three leaking gutter joints will cost you more than one and half grand, repair paint bubbled 1mx0.5m eave board will cost you more than one and half grand. The good side is they will come out quickly, not like others in Canberra who are not interested in your leaking and repair jobs.

    Roof and Balcony Solutions Roof and Balcony Solutions 12:04 pm 29 Nov 19

    Hi vhfyagi,

    We are sorry that you feel this way about the quote provided, and wish you had brought this to our attention at the time of your job.

    It appears you have misinterpreted the in-depth Scope of Works required for repairs. We’d love to help resolve your hesitations. Please feel free to contact us via admin@rnbsolutions.com.au

    Roof & Balcony Solutions

JC JC 9:09 pm 12 Jan 15

I second the comment above. Just because you’ve had water come into your roof during an extreme storm doesn’t mean the roof is leaking. Like most things roofs and drainage is designed to a certain specification, but some storms can well exceed that specification.

In my house, which I built in 2000 I’ve had just one storm that was so bad that the ‘roof leaked’ and damaged the ceiling about 2 years back now. Turns out all the tiles, capping, flashing etc were fine, but the roof and gutters just couldn’t cope with the storm. Not a surprise really I was standing in my covered deck when it hit and water was raining down almost horizontally and soaking me a good 5m from the edge. So of course any rain on the roof was just getting driven so hard it had no where to go but onto the ceiling.

Moral, sometimes sh@t happens and not much you can do to prevent it.

BerraCitizen BerraCitizen 3:27 pm 12 Jan 15

Just thought I would add that we’ve had a leaking roof for a while. We were suspicious that it seemed to coincide with our shade sail getting installed. The shade sail company sent someone to look and said it wasn’t their doing. We got in RnB Solutions (http://www.rnbsolutions.com.au/) as a result of a recommendation here.

RnB sent Darren and an apprentice named Adrian. It took them a whole of ten minutes to figure it out. It was because someone (most likely the shade sail company) cracked the roof tile and glued it with silicone but only glued the visible part of the tile and not the part of the tile that sits under the tile it sits next to.

Either way RnB were excellent and I’d recommend them to anyone one looking to fix a leaking roof.

domintec domintec 12:53 pm 15 Dec 14

I would highly reccommend James Miller from http://www.rnbsolutions.com.au/about-us.html
I had some leaking on my tiled roof with sarking paper underneath. Another roofer came in three times but still cant find the real cause. I then got really worried and researched a lot about how to fix hard to find leaks, but this really is something that I have to rely on an expert to help. So I looked through most roof specialists’ websites in canberra area. It took me a while to find James’ website. I’m so glad I found him and tried him, a very nice and knowledgeable guy! He told me fixing leaking roof is like guesswork, but just get better at the guesswork over time. He certainly is right and certainly is good! He did all he can on his first visit and told me what he would do next if it didn’t fix the problem. Luckily, we didn’t need to try any further. James fixed it at his first attempt! We’ve been on this leaking problem for so long that we couldn’t even believe it’s finally fixed. We’ve had several heavy storms now and it’s completely dry. I thought I would share my experience here so that anyone who is going through same pain would find the right guy sooner!

bikhet bikhet 5:36 pm 06 Feb 12

I’d recommend John Seville (6254-4065). We too had a leak during the downpour and got him to fix it for us. He returned our call promptly, did the job the same day we called, and for a reasonable price. Don’t know if it’s actually fixed as it hasn’t rained today, but he seemed to know what he was doing.

Also got him to assess the roof for anything else that needs doing and give a quote. The quote seems reasonable and once he’d pointed it out I could see that all the stuff he thought needed doing did in fact need doing.

I’d use him again.

BossyBoots BossyBoots 4:08 pm 06 Feb 11

Rollersk8r said :

Above All Roof Maintenance solved a roof leak problem for me – but I think the price was heavily influenced by the fact I had no choice but to get it done ASAP. Enough said.

Ditto – get several quotes and bargain with them.

gazket gazket 8:38 pm 05 Feb 11

with heavy downpours no house gutter will hold all the water they are just not big enough.
clean out the gutters and downpipes, you can always drill a few holes in the front of the gutter say 20 mm below the back , so when the water gets to high it will overflow out the front and not over the top of your fascia.

cracked tiles just silicone them back together if you don’t have any spares.

Drew9 Drew9 11:46 am 04 Feb 11

I just had a leaky roof / cracked tile fixed by a company called “leaking roof repairs” – they’re in the yellow pages. I rang a few places but this guy was the only one who even answered the phone (some said they would call me back, but they never did). Anyway, this guy was pretty good – he turned up when he said he would, and he fixed the problem on the spot. The cost was reasonable. The phone no is 6247 4648. I would use him again.

Good luck with your problem…..

Rollersk8r Rollersk8r 10:22 am 04 Feb 11

Above All Roof Maintenance solved a roof leak problem for me – but I think the price was heavily influenced by the fact I had no choice but to get it done ASAP. Enough said.

taninaus taninaus 7:50 am 04 Feb 11

I am interested in any recommendations too – there is a lovely brown patch growing on my ceililng!

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