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Leaky Greens put blow-in Sheikh up against Gazza

By johnboy - 6 December 2012 32

The Canberra Times has inside word that former GetUp! extractor of funds from the trusting Simon Sheikh is going to be the Greens’ Senate candidate at the next Federal election.

The Australian Greens have pre-selected former GetUp! director Simon Sheikh as their ACT Senate candidate.

Greens leader Christine Milne was about to officially announce Mr Sheikh’s candidacy, but Fairfax Media understands the high-profile lobbyist won the three-way contest with an overwhelming majority.

The man who’s been here a few months but thinks he knows Canberra will be an interesting match against the rusted on Liberal Senator Gary Humphries.

UPDATE 06/12/12 11:59 The Greens have now put out their media release:

Former GetUp National Director Simon Sheikh has been selected to run for the Senate, promising to expand on his previous work by fighting hard for the issues affecting Canberra’s communities.

“As a former public servant and a campaigner for the community, I’ve spent my whole life standing up for communities against vested interests in big companies and big political parties,” said Sheikh.

“Despite hosting our nation’s politicians, the Canberra community isn’t heard loudly enough in federal Parliament but I believe that can change,” he said.

ACT Greens Convenor Clare Quinn stressed that Gary Humphries’ Senate seat was winnable for the Greens. “We live in the most marginal Senate seat in the country,” said Ms Quinn.

“If only 1500 people change their vote at the next election, we can stop the threat of Tony Abbott controlling both houses of Parliament and the devastating jobs cuts that would entail. Canberra voters are some of the most powerful in the country”, she continued.

Ms Quinn advised ACT Greens members about preselection results today. She congratulated Julie Melrose as the candidate for Canberra, Adam Verwey for Fraser and Indra Esguerra as the Greens’ support candidate for the Senate.

UPDATE 06/12/12 14:26: Senator Humphries appears to be relishing every opportunity to highlight Simon’s lack of ties to the Canberra Community.

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32 Responses to
Leaky Greens put blow-in Sheikh up against Gazza
Tetranitrate 4:59 pm 06 Dec 12

PantsMan said :

Simon “Blow-in Marxist” Sheikh must be destroyed.

If he was actually a marxist I might be tempted vote for him for sh*ts and giggles.
He’s a just a typical bourgeois career activist ever pursuing the latest trendy cause.

Getup adamantly refused to take up Prospers home buyers strike idea or run any other real campaign on housing affordability – it’s all about refugees, old growth forests, live animal exports and gay marriage: the typical rubbish that helps doctors wives and upper middle class 20-somethings feel better about themselves, with absolutely no action on the real, substantive social justice issues that affect millions of Australians.

PantsMan 4:25 pm 06 Dec 12

Simon “Blow-in Marxist” Sheikh must be destroyed.

schmeah 4:24 pm 06 Dec 12

Prediction: 1) We won’t be able to escape Simon between now and election day. 2) He’ll lose. 3) He’ll be on the next flight out

chewy14 4:12 pm 06 Dec 12

Bosworth said :

What do people think of his chances of defeating the Libs for the second Senate seat?


If Tucker and Hatfield-Dodds didn’t win, this bloke has got Buckley’s.

dungfungus 2:18 pm 06 Dec 12

Tetranitrate said :

What an insult to the people of Canberra.

Then again he is qualified for a seat in the Senate – I mean last time he was on TV he went to sleep.
I agree it is an insult to us – he is only after a job. He has two chances, none and Buckley’s. Can’t understand The Greens not putting up Caroline Le Coutier – she was a great worker for Canberra even though a lot of her policies were well meaning but misguided. I have yet to hear anything “green” from the former union funded Shieke.

Roundhead89 2:14 pm 06 Dec 12

Bosworth said :

What do people think of his chances of defeating the Libs for the second Senate seat?

I can’t see Gary Humphries being threatened by this. Indeed, having such a left wing person running is more likely to fragment the non-Liberal vote, harm both Labor and The Greens and boost Gary.

Remember at the last election The Greens had a strong local conservative candidate, Lyn Hatfield-Dodds who had been involved in community affairs for a number of years. Simon Sheikh is a fly-by-night blow-in who carries all the GetUp! baggage and is a turn-off to an electorate which has shifted sharply to the right as evidenced by the recent ACT election.

neanderthalsis 1:47 pm 06 Dec 12

Bosworth said :

What do people think of his chances of defeating the Libs for the second Senate seat?

He might give Kate Lundy a run for her money.

I don’t think there is too many swinging voters who voted Libs last time that will swing to the far left and vote for the Watermelons come next year.

johnboy 1:24 pm 06 Dec 12

There’s audio of the announcement for those so inclined.

Bosworth 1:19 pm 06 Dec 12

What do people think of his chances of defeating the Libs for the second Senate seat?

Tetranitrate 12:53 pm 06 Dec 12

What an insult to the people of Canberra.

astrojax 12:46 pm 06 Dec 12

get out!

Solidarity 12:43 pm 06 Dec 12

Whenever someone says GetUp are impartial to either side of politics, I cringe a little.

NoImRight 12:42 pm 06 Dec 12

Senators…like they represent an area.

p1 12:21 pm 06 Dec 12

Shame they couldn’t find someone who has been here a little longer.

AlpineViper 11:17 am 06 Dec 12


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