Letterdrop: Thinking Voting for Greens?

jemmy 19 November 2007 37

I got a pamphlet in the letterbox today, Thinking about voting for the Greens? It was about the risk a voter takes by voting Greens in the Senate and giving them the balance of power. It hits at the Labor Party for dealing with the Greens. Fair enough, get the info out there for all to see. Everyone’s got a right to an opinion, surely.

It has the usual mish-mash of irrelevent associations, quotes from several years ago, and absurd “A implies B, therefore B implies A” logic fallacies. We’re all pretty used to it by now, I guess. Even though mud-slinging irritates me enormously, we won’t see it reduce because research shows that character assassination does work in elections. There are very good reasons why, and they don’t say much that is good about the human condition, but that’s a topic for another day. Mud-slinging does work, that’s why American election ads are almost all negative ones, and we’re going that way too.

However, although irritated already, it irks me more when the mud-slingers try to hide and don’t even have the courage to show themselves. The pamphlet has no party logo and is written by an individual, Andrew Heath, who I’ve never heard of.

A quick google search shows he is not only a Liberal Party official, he is the Campaign Director for this election! An anonymous pamphlet critical of the Greens and Labor, written by the Liberal’s Campaign Director.

Heath, at least have the courage of your convictions and reveal yourself when you write these things. I might think a bit more of you than a bit of a cowardly-custard.

There is a letter in today’s The Age, “Ssh, It’s the Liberals” complaining about the same anonymous pamphlet, except that their pamphlet comes from a Julian Sheezel who is the State Director in the Vic Liberals.

Perhaps Andrew Heath isn’t acting alone but is part of an organised campaign arranged to take place around the nation. All in all, it appears there are sneaky antics afoot. Come on Libs, don’t hide behind tricky pamphlets, be plain and upfront.

(The letter writer expresses the view that the pamphlet’s colour of green has been intentionally chosen to be misleading. He also has an interesting slant that the pamphlet demonstrates that the Liberals believe they have lost the election because it mentions Labor and Greens in power, which is a no-no for spin coming from an opposing party.)

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37 Responses to Letterdrop: Thinking Voting for Greens?
astrojax astrojax 3:09 pm 19 Nov 07

sorry smilesr (Find me a political party that treats me like an intelligent person and I will vote for them.) looks like another vote for ‘none of the above’, then!

and btw, on topic, do people really actually read junk mail?? well, i’ll be. ya learn sumfink every day…

smilesr smilesr 12:51 pm 19 Nov 07

Actually you must be in Fraser to get Troy. In Canberra its Natalie.

smilesr smilesr 12:45 pm 19 Nov 07

Yeah, but Annette Ellis comes in as not having filled out the survey either, yet she gets a preference vote-for card with the Libs last still; look at the fine print with the ** and #.

pierce pierce 11:49 am 19 Nov 07

I took a look at the GetUp site smilesr, I went hard right in my answers and it told me to vote for the CEC guy.

Troy Williams came last because he hasn’t filled out their survey that they use to compare your views with the candidates. McMullin came ahead of the Greens, Dems and Socialist candidates.

BeyondThought BeyondThought 10:52 am 19 Nov 07

Like the “Save Our Senate” campaign isn’t trying to be “independent” whilst plugging away at every opportunity for the Greens.

thetruth thetruth 10:51 am 19 Nov 07

or then there is the billboards that have the Howard working families quote with reference to http://www.howardfacts.com.au – all without ANY reference to the ALP

smilesr smilesr 9:49 am 19 Nov 07

The Libs aren’t the only ones doing this. GetUp – calling themselves apolitical but with links to the Greens, are doing an online campaign How Should I Vote that no matter how you answer the quiz questions, always places the Libs last.
Find me a political party that treats me like an intelligent person and I will vote for them.

thetruth thetruth 12:23 am 19 Nov 07

Where are the Greebs on RiotACT

Happy to pump out electronic junk mail but not enter the bullpit???????????

Vote 1 Kerrie for an independent Senate – nice cynical manipulation. In the Green party machine backrooms : ” I know lets associate the word independent with the person. At the same time down play the Green PARTY part – that will make people think that they are voting for an independent voice not a part of a party machine.”

sweetpie sweetpie 12:14 am 19 Nov 07

Where’s Senate candidate Gary Humphrie’s courage to sign his name to the brochure? Instead an anonymous item is posted with all the paid for junk delivery mail ( I saw the motorbike…)It’s not good enough to not reveal who has put the brochure out.Nor for Andrew Heath’s authorisation – ACT Liberals Director of campaign)see other comments – to be the only giveaway.(Yeah I googled him too coz I was thought all the drug festival, tax twaffle was so lame…) How disingenuous of Humphries. Does he think the electorate is so dumbo as to not be suspicious of the origins of such a piece of sensationalist, made up ALP/Greens badpress? He he. And even after a media release put out by Senator Humphries on 27 Sept announcing his intention to run a clean campaign which “does not misrepresent the views or policies of another party.” By chance, as a journo, I just happened to see that one at the time) So its Ok for Humphries – or his campaign director to make up alot of claptrap, print it on green paper to confuse the punters…But its not OK for him to put his name to it.Sounds like you have a major internal ethical dilemma to deal with Gary Humphries .Doesn’t exactly make one want to trust you if re-elected to the Senate. What sort of voice or political professionalism/standard/ethics would you show us there, this time around.Hang on by your fingernails this time Gazza. Whatever teh outcome, you’re under scrutiny & will be proise-watched.But first you gotto win. Voters don’t like dirty tricks, so maybe it’s time to come clean….

jemmy jemmy 12:08 am 19 Nov 07

Jemmy has no political affiliations. However, I am frustrated that we let politicians and parties get away with behaviour that would have company directors gaoled. Ignoring it allows it to continue, so I’ve stopped ignoring it.

thetruth thetruth 11:17 pm 18 Nov 07

and who is Ant and Pandy?? they seem to know who all the lib are – what are there afiliations.

For the record – not a member of any party. Tried to join the Labor party, but was not allowed to join as I was not a member of a union. I believe in not being forced to join a union – so no ALP membership for me.

I have served both Labor and liberal Governments. I have voted labor more than liberal – but did vote Liberal last time.

typed and spoken – thetruth

sirocco sirocco 10:55 pm 18 Nov 07

Both parties have always done this crap – I usually ignore it – but at least you were able to look up Andrew Heath on the internet – who the hell is “Jemmy”?

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 10:49 pm 18 Nov 07

Although Gary Nairn seems to have taken responsibility for this piece of shit, I must say that it’s eerily reminiscent of the tactics of those scary donate-but-don’t-vote Brethren fanatics.

boomacat boomacat 9:16 pm 18 Nov 07

Both the major political parties are guilty of this.

I think the electoral laws should be amended so that where someone is campaigning on behalf of a party, they should have to disclose their party affiliation on the material. At the moment, they just have to show name and address.

Totally misleading, person reading thinks they are hearing from an independent community voice when in fact they are getting party propaganda.

sepi sepi 8:55 pm 18 Nov 07

Newspapers today had an article about how the greens are looking good to win Gary Hargreaves’ seat.

If only lib polling had shown that a few months ago and we could’ve had some bonus money thrown around.

Pandy Pandy 8:52 pm 18 Nov 07

100% with you ant

ant ant 8:48 pm 18 Nov 07

It’s pretty disgusting. It shows that they think we are stupid, and able to be affected by such tripe. Sadly, there must be some basis to their view, but still.

I’ve been bombarded with addressed and mailed crap from Gary Nairn (although the return address is in Sydney). Our taxes at work. I hate that. Most of the crap is about how bad labor is, and how one mustn’t vote for them. I’ll vote for the Greens AND Labor, so there you Liberal fascists.

justbands justbands 8:43 pm 18 Nov 07

The libs pull this sort of stunt EVERY election. I will NEVER vote liberal whilst they do this dishonest stuff.

sepi sepi 8:37 pm 18 Nov 07

When I once delivered political stuff we were told that as it is area specific it counts as an addressed mail, not junk mail and to give one to everyone. This is the same for neighbourhood watch newsletters.

Ben H Ben H 8:34 pm 18 Nov 07

What bugs me is that political pamphlet distributors ignore my “no junk mail” sticker. I’d rather read about pizza deals.

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