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Letters to the Editor – on David John Mclaughlin

By Thumper 4 October 2006 49

I just thought this may be of some interest to readers. I found it whilst reading the Canberra Times letters to the editor.

“In July 2001 I was violently assaulted in Civic by David John Mclaughlin. I had been drinking and was very intoxicated and vulnerable.

Mclaughlin and a friend mugged and robbed me. His friend knocked me to the ground and then David proceeded to jump on and kick me in the head. Police later informed me that it was a particularly vicious attack. He was 18 when he assaulted me.

I suffered extensive head injuries and spent six days in the Canberra Hospital neurosurgery ward. I was lucky not to suffer brain damage or lose teeth or similar.

It is a tragedy when anyone dies. I write this letter so that people can establish a more balanced interpretation of the character of this young man about whom so much has been written recently.”

Any other wankers out there still want to put forward the Robin Hood argument?

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
Letters to the Editor – on David John Mclaughlin
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vg 1:31 pm 05 Oct 06

G is right. Once it gets to Court its a roll of the dice in this town. Court is not the be all and end all of our work, but when our work ends up there its in the hands of other people. Unfortunately they don’t have to explain themselves to victims

Special G 12:26 pm 05 Oct 06

Love your work snahon. VG has got it right though. My mates just like catching the bad guys. What happens once it gets to court is out of their control. If cops took it to heart we wouldn’t have a police force in the ACT.

snahon 9:07 am 05 Oct 06

Introduce 2000AD Judge Dredd style justice. Let the cops be judge, jury and executioners 🙂

vg 5:27 pm 04 Oct 06

“vg, do you ever have days when you wonder if it’s worth being in the Police anymore, when gutless bleeding-heart judges let arseholes get away with murder (literally!)?”

…..sometimes I question the ‘justice’ rationale, but I won’t give up that easily.

The people I feel sorriest for is the victims. The expressions on their faces when sentences get handed down are burnt in my memory forever. Its then left to people like me to explain to them why the crook got nothing for, to the victims, a life changing event. The judiciary never have to explain themselves but my actions are scrutinised to the nth degree day in, day out. Ombudsman, Internal Investigations, judiciary, government etc etc. The judiciary might cop a rare appeal…thats it.

Most of the judiciary in this town live in an alternate universe

Sorry Heavs I wasn’t having a go…and I agree with you.

And again my personal, not professional, opinion

el 4:16 pm 04 Oct 06

But McLaughlin’s parents, friends and school acquaintances maintain he was not a violent man.

Just sounds like regular idiocy to me. No need to further tarnish the ‘Bogan’ name.

Thumper 4:11 pm 04 Oct 06

I agree with Chief Howling Ferret. Let’s call these people like McLaughlin what they really are, scum and criminals, leeches of society.

Bogans and Bonners may be fun to bag out but remember most of them are just making a living as best as they can. They are not criminals. They work, have kids, contribute in there own way to society. I think its a bit elitist for us to be insinuating that they are the same as trash like Mclaughlin.

Absent Diane 4:01 pm 04 Oct 06

bogans and booners are separate things. Booners are the guys in tight black jeans flannies and a mullet.. fairly harmless bogans are more wesites/chav’s the lower class types.

Heavs 3:51 pm 04 Oct 06

You’re right VG. Guidelines was the wrong word to use – it’s just an everyday term I use.

And don’t get me wrong, I agree with you re: excuses. Some of the things that are required to be considered before sentencing are just retarded. What those things consist of are decided by our elected representatives though, not the judiciary.

If you don’t like them, tell them. If they don’t change them, vote them out.

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