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Letters to the Editor – on David John Mclaughlin

By Thumper - 4 October 2006 49

I just thought this may be of some interest to readers. I found it whilst reading the Canberra Times letters to the editor.

“In July 2001 I was violently assaulted in Civic by David John Mclaughlin. I had been drinking and was very intoxicated and vulnerable.

Mclaughlin and a friend mugged and robbed me. His friend knocked me to the ground and then David proceeded to jump on and kick me in the head. Police later informed me that it was a particularly vicious attack. He was 18 when he assaulted me.

I suffered extensive head injuries and spent six days in the Canberra Hospital neurosurgery ward. I was lucky not to suffer brain damage or lose teeth or similar.

It is a tragedy when anyone dies. I write this letter so that people can establish a more balanced interpretation of the character of this young man about whom so much has been written recently.”

Any other wankers out there still want to put forward the Robin Hood argument?

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
Letters to the Editor – on David John Mclaughlin
Ralph 12:56 pm 04 Oct 06

Another obvious example of where a major overhaul of our judicial system is required.

He should’ve been locked away for a long time when he was a teenager.

Absent Diane 12:30 pm 04 Oct 06

Yeah El, you have to think that the judicial system has a lot to answer for in this case. If people show anti-social behaviour as such they should be removed from society until they can function properly.

el 12:26 pm 04 Oct 06

Oh, BTW – I remember that attack. Fucking pathetic to find out this ‘DJ’ dirtbag was a free man so soon after. That’s the ACT’s ‘justice’ system for you though.

Absent Diane 12:22 pm 04 Oct 06

hey danman – you are an idiot. At no stage in her argument did battle kath make any excuses for this guy.

or maybe his step dad who says he could “make that kid do anything” could have actually done something?

For mine it was that comment alone that that discredited his entire argument that the police didn’t do enough.

el 12:18 pm 04 Oct 06

I found this line interesting:

My life was saved by the CCTV system in Civic.

Interesting to know that the cameras were actually working back in ’01.

johnboy 12:12 pm 04 Oct 06

true, a custodial sentence and real rehabilitation in his teen years might have saved a lot of heartache all round.

or maybe his step dad who says he could “make that kid do anything” could have actually done something?

Danman 12:11 pm 04 Oct 06

I suppose battlekath is going to pipe up and say that no one gave him any options this time and that its the polices fault he bashed an innocent.

Like I said in the other thread – The Ultimate in self administered justice – just way too late to save our friend here from 9B neurosurgery at TCH.

Absent Diane 12:10 pm 04 Oct 06

i think the thing here is that it proves that something should have been done about this guy before he killed himself and before he could cause any further danger to society.

vg 12:08 pm 04 Oct 06

If DJ robbed other crooks it would have been by accident, not planning.

The Robin Hood argument might be OK if he gave to the poor. I’m yet to hear of anyone other than DJ himself who benefitted from his crimes.

And yes, that is my personal, not professional opinion

Danman 12:08 pm 04 Oct 06

Should be another arrow in the bleeding hearts of the sympathisers.

Mr Evil 12:07 pm 04 Oct 06

Yeah, but he only mugged and assaulted this person so he afford to catch a taxi to get to the nearest Police Station to turn himself in.

Ari 11:50 am 04 Oct 06

Sorry, make that third letter down, still under the heading “Questions remain”.

Ari 11:48 am 04 Oct 06

You can read it via this link.

It’s the second letter down, titled “Questions remain”.

johnboy 11:48 am 04 Oct 06

c’mon people can’t be stealing whole articles.

The expurgation was mine.

You’ll have to buy a paper to see this one.

nyssa76 11:45 am 04 Oct 06

Thumper, obviously it isn’t the full letter. Could you scan it or is it in today’s CT?

I just want to read it. Hopefully the bleeding hearts will wake up to themselves.

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