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Liberal Party Annual General Meeting

By BarryF - 20 November 2008 48

Just got the AGM Nominees for the Liberal Party.

Interesting times again at the Liberal Party.

They just lost an election for being too right wing and now look at the list of nominees they have for the AGM.

Zed obviously can’t control his troops, they are looking to have another 4 years of the same old sh..tfight

[ED – Below are BarryF’s personal opinions of the various candidates.]



    Winnifred Rosser (has played the line to stay in her job hence no one opposing her)


    Wallace Barnier (too much trouble, says what he thinks too often, he’s gone)
    Mark Tiirikainen (moderate Solicitor he’s a Dark Horse)
    John Cziesla (Right Wing)
    Tio Faulkner (Right Wing)

Policy Convenor

    Justin De Domenico (too loud and too moderate he’s gone as well)
    Frances James (Just Nutty)
    Henry Pike (Uber Right taken over as the Right faction leader from Coe)
    Giulia Jones (Right wing)
    John Cziesla (Right Wing)

Finance Director

    Robert Newman (nice old moderate)
    Andrew Sarri (another loud mouth moderate – he’s no chance)
    Henry Pike (Right Wing)
    Giulia Jones (Right Wing)
    Robert Gunning (Right Wing)


    Henry Pike (Right Wing)
    John Cziesla (Right Wing)
    Tio Faulkner (Right Wing)
    Federal Council Delegate
    Justin De Domenico (see above)
    Peter Brooks (Not well known)
    Giulia Jones (Right Wing)
    John Cziesla (Right Wing)

What’s Your opinion?

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48 Responses to
Liberal Party Annual General Meeting
GB 1:59 pm 20 Nov 08

johnboy said :

It would be really nice if Liberals who supported treating gays and lesbians as human beings, reforming drug law, encouraging contraception, and genuinely supporting all business by not distorting markets for the benefit of a few would clearly label themselves.

Maybe they should form a new party. They could call themselves, oh I don’t know, maybe the “liberal” party. And the existing Liberal Party could change its name to the John Howard Memorial Party.

Others will no doubt address this with more analytical rigour, but it seems to me that in regard to the economy, people in both Canberra Liberal and Labour seem to tend towards relatively similar thinking, and do not consistently position themselves along a theoretical left-right axis. But in terms of social policies, they are miles apart. So the social policies, together with housebound’s list of ‘ general competence, people skills and intelligence’, and an added ‘how honest will they be’ criteria, provides the differentiation.

jimbocool 1:42 pm 20 Nov 08

Maybe what we need to do is organise a good ole fashioned branch stackin’. There are probably enough politically motivated RiotActers around that we could stack the Libs. It’d have to be the Libs as the ALP has a somewhat larger membership. If nothing else, the CAP expereince has shown us that there is no point in starting your own party – much better that we steal someone else’s.

caf 1:12 pm 20 Nov 08

No rules other than the ones made by the parties themselves. These are usually pretty strict.

p1 12:56 pm 20 Nov 08

What are the rules concerning membership of political parties in Australia? Are you allowed to join more then one? So that you can influence who helps make policy, regardless of which party is in power?

jakez 12:46 pm 20 Nov 08

There aint no party like a liberal party!

…well I tried.

justbands 12:16 pm 20 Nov 08

I think you’re ok jakez, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in the Liberal Party! 🙂

jakez 12:14 pm 20 Nov 08

Ahh I just found the email and apparently there weren’t enough nominations for policy committee so I’ll try and get someone to nominate me from the floor. It will be an interesting test to see how many people hate me.

BeyondThought 12:10 pm 20 Nov 08

Usual assortment of low-level public servants and MLA staffers. Not a bright spark amongst them who could get a decent job in the private sector. Rosser, secretary; Barnier, “life coach”; Faulkner, staffer for Dunne; DeDeminco, unemployed; Jones, stay at home mum; Sari, thought he was in jail. Does a chick need to go on?

Is this the best they can do?

jakez 12:10 pm 20 Nov 08

…I was thinking of running for policy committee (which isn’t listed above) but I’ve been so busy at work I didn’t realise nominations had closed. I hadn’t contacted anyone to see if I could garner any support either.

Jimbo: The problem is JB isn’t a member of the party so his support doesn’t really help me much.

The Candidates
An interesting array of candidates. I’ll be voting for some right wingers and some ‘moderates’.

You should all know that most people in the ACT Division are social conservatives (and economically whatever they think will get them votes). The two ‘factions’ are only very superficially ideological. There are a small number of people who have genuine policy conviction and they will be receiving my vote and support.

I will say one thing, I don’t think Henry Pike is ‘uber right’. A conservative for sure but he’s a good bloke and I have a lot of time for him.

johnboy 11:56 am 20 Nov 08

We’re electing legislators, what sort of laws they’d make are the first hurdle.

Godwin’s law precludes me from noting who it was made the trains run on time but it was a poor substitute for their legislating.

housebound 11:54 am 20 Nov 08

I still amazes me that politics in this town is analysed in terms of pro/anti- abortion, euthanasia, gay rights, drug laws etc.

I have trouble believing that supporting all this is the only qualification for government (runniong a political party etc), and that being against means that you could never ever do a good job on all the other things.

Call me narrow minded, but I am sure that other factors should also come into play, somewhere, sometime – like general competence, people skills and intelligence.

jimbocool 11:34 am 20 Nov 08

where are you, jakez, JB’s calling for you…

johnboy 11:09 am 20 Nov 08

It would be really nice if Liberals who supported treating gays and lesbians as human beings, reforming drug law, encouraging contraception, and genuinely supporting all business by not distorting markets for the benefit of a few would clearly label themselves.

They’d have done much better at the last election.

Swaggie 11:04 am 20 Nov 08

John Czielsla is so keen he gets listed twice for Treasurer and between him and Julia with a G they’ve got just about every position covered, are there simply no lefty leaning liberals in town any more?

Skidbladnir 10:55 am 20 Nov 08

So, how many members are in this “Just a bit nutty” Liberal Party faction?
(Damn, I mentioned the f word)

And as there is no real Liberal Party Left to compare to, making your ‘moderates’ the lefty opposition, does the ‘too right wing’ tag even apply?

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