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Liberal Party Annual General Meeting

By BarryF 20 November 2008 48

Just got the AGM Nominees for the Liberal Party.

Interesting times again at the Liberal Party.

They just lost an election for being too right wing and now look at the list of nominees they have for the AGM.

Zed obviously can’t control his troops, they are looking to have another 4 years of the same old sh..tfight

[ED – Below are BarryF’s personal opinions of the various candidates.]



    Winnifred Rosser (has played the line to stay in her job hence no one opposing her)


    Wallace Barnier (too much trouble, says what he thinks too often, he’s gone)
    Mark Tiirikainen (moderate Solicitor he’s a Dark Horse)
    John Cziesla (Right Wing)
    Tio Faulkner (Right Wing)

Policy Convenor

    Justin De Domenico (too loud and too moderate he’s gone as well)
    Frances James (Just Nutty)
    Henry Pike (Uber Right taken over as the Right faction leader from Coe)
    Giulia Jones (Right wing)
    John Cziesla (Right Wing)

Finance Director

    Robert Newman (nice old moderate)
    Andrew Sarri (another loud mouth moderate – he’s no chance)
    Henry Pike (Right Wing)
    Giulia Jones (Right Wing)
    Robert Gunning (Right Wing)


    Henry Pike (Right Wing)
    John Cziesla (Right Wing)
    Tio Faulkner (Right Wing)
    Federal Council Delegate
    Justin De Domenico (see above)
    Peter Brooks (Not well known)
    Giulia Jones (Right Wing)
    John Cziesla (Right Wing)

What’s Your opinion?

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48 Responses to
Liberal Party Annual General Meeting
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Granny 1:59 pm 21 Nov 08


Thank you, Gungahlin Al! Whatever would I do without you?


However, I have had far more spittoon practice than far- … no I haven’t actually!! Okay, I shall do as you suggested.

: D

Gungahlin Al 1:54 pm 21 Nov 08

Either way I spit in your general direction.

Granny, I think the quote you are looking for (courtesy of Monthy Python) is:

I fart in your general direction.

Followed by:

You worn down second hand electric donkey bottom biterrrrrr. Your mother was a hampsterrr and your father was an elderrrrberry. You silly English K-Nig-its with your running around… you get the drift.

jakez 12:48 pm 21 Nov 08

Bah George, you just aren’t invited to the secret Hitler parties. I guess you believe in freedom too much.

…wait that can’t be it 😉

George 12:17 pm 21 Nov 08

“I remember when I was youth Parliamentarian and the obsession amongst the young Liberals for anything to do with Adolf Hitler and Fascism.”

What a pathetic simplistic statement. I know many many Young Liberals (past and present) and I have never heard them glorifying Hitler or Fascism.

It just amazes me how ignorant people with ignorant views can come in this room and pedal such rubbish.

Granny 10:15 am 21 Nov 08

But I thought you weren’t a leak from the Liberal Party, Bazza? Or you’re just helping someone else to betray their companions?

Either way I spit in your general direction.

Give me people like caf and tom-tom any day. I don’t have to agree with them to respect them and the way they conduct themselves on this public forum.

Also, they participate in a wide range of discussions and they really give something of themselves while defending what they believe in.

People like you make me want to go out and buy voodoo dolls and dabble in black arts, which is strangely unusual for me.

BarryF 10:06 am 21 Nov 08

Crikey said :

I find it amusing that there is so much concentration of right v moderates within the Liberal Party in this room.nnOf course the ALP is far more factionalised but receives little interest in this room. Labor’s factions are of course organised (a party within a party) with Member’s encouraged to become a member of a faction.nnIt is a furphy to say the Liberals in the ACT have “factions”, their groups are more based on personalities, like who hates Brendan Smyth and his cohorts who likes him. I know some of the so-called moderates in the ACT and they are more right wing than the conservatives.nnThe sad thing is that many of the people who come into this room to crap all over the Liberal Party are active members of the Liberal Party (including members of its executive)eg,BarryF


Crikey I am not even a member of the party although I vote for them. I have some close affiliations obviously. I was just bringing to everyones attention the direction that the Liberal Party is heading.

I am amused that you think that you have to be an insider to make a comment about the Liberals.

I note that your opinion about who hates Brendan Smyth etc is never questioned. I wonder where you sit? By the way I don’t like him either, but I think that is irrelevant. The wounds and division in the Liberal Party go alot deeper than that and to be elected in this town they will have to do some soul searching on where they should head as a party. Some reflection on what policies they didn’t have, what policies resonated with the voters and how they are perceived by the voters.

I know that the Liberals don’t like the “F” word but what else would you call it. Caf is right the Labor Party is much better at it, see how well organised they are. You NEVER hear any leaks from the Labor Party because they look after both sides. The Liberals don’t seem to understand if you pubicly dump on someone they will pubicly dump on you.

Simbo makes a good point to Troy Williams (who from memory spilled some blood himself in the media)

“Surely the best time to be spilling blood is immediately after an election (at which the libs, let’s be honest here, managed to go backwards. If you need to do something to fix problems, do it fast and do it effectively. Massaging the events for public consumption just means you look sneaky”

I agree with Simbo’s assessment entirely.

Crikey think what you like but this is free forum to offer opinions that some may not like. If you don’t like them please be polite enough to just disagree.

Thumper 8:54 am 21 Nov 08

I alwats thought Randy Andy should be king. Afterall, he’s eminently qualified.

War hero, womaniser, boozer.

The lad has got what it takes 😉

jakez 8:04 am 21 Nov 08

You should call me Prince Harry actually. William is the sensible one, Harry is the awesome wild child. I’m more a whig than a tory though.

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