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Liberals and Lefty Scum

By johnboy - 21 February 2009 74

[First filed: February 20, 2009 @ 14:21]

The new Labor back bencher Joy Burch is up in arms that her Liberal colleague Alistair Coe has been distributing stickers at O-week featuring the slogan “Rack off lefty scum”.

She’d like to know if he and his leader Zed Seselja think she’s scum.

    The Leader of the Opposition must come clean on whether he believes Canberrans who voted for Labor (or the Greens) at the last election are “lefty scum” who should “Rack off”, Member for Brindabella, Joy Burch MLA said today.

    Ms Burch said she was shocked to see Liberal MLA Alistair Coe distributing unauthorised Liberal Party stickers reading “Rack off lefty scum” to ANU students at this week’s O-Week celebrations.

    Ms Burch said the slogan was insulting to Canberra voters and showed contempt for the intelligence of the ACT’s student community.

Young men tempted to apply these stickers in a high spirited bout of champagne charlie-ism are advised that most of the women they’ll ever want to sleep with are lefties.

Alistair probably needs to remember that since his election he’s supposed to be a grown-up now.

UPDATED: It’s claim and counter claim with this statement from Alistair and more offensive material from the other side. Here’s what Alistair had to say:

    Alistair Coe MLA, denies categorically that he handed out stickers as claimed by Joy Burch. “I did not hand out anything to anyone. Wherever the stickers came from, they did not come from me.”

    “I am, however, extremely surprised by this attack by Ms Burch, as the stand she attended for the Labor party was handing out promotional items with the headline: “Don’t get F***ed at work.” [below]

    “Clearly, this opportunistic attack by Ms Burch has backfired.

    “I think we should leave the Uni political stunts alone and get on with the job of being MLAs.”

[Image blurred by me to protect delicate sensibilities]

ANOTHER UPDATE: Joy Burch’s office have sent in this additional note:

    “It is disappointing to see Alistair Coe and the Liberals attempting to lie their way out of an embarassing situation.

    “The flyer that Alistair refers to has nothing to do with the Labor Party, nor was it at the Labor stall which I attended.

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74 Responses to
Liberals and Lefty Scum
Skidbladnir 2:34 pm
20 Feb 09

Isn’t that the Federal Liberal logo all over these things, instead of the ACT Divisional crap?

(so isn’t it a Secretariat activity that Joy is complaining about, instead of Deadhead Zed & co stunt?)

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 2:34 pm
20 Feb 09

And yet, lefty scum really should rack off…

Woody Mann-Caruso 2:35 pm
20 Feb 09

Alistair Coe: “I have stickers! And marbles! Let’s play yo-yos! No, I’m Monkey Magic and you’re Pigsy!”

fox 2:35 pm
20 Feb 09

Is that a mooseheads privilege card there too? Very grown up lol

AngryHenry 2:36 pm
20 Feb 09

As should narrow-minded, right-wing conservatives.

Those stickers verge on hate mongering.

johnboy 2:38 pm
20 Feb 09

The issue isn’t who was making the stickers, it’s who was distributing them.

Skidbladnir 2:43 pm
20 Feb 09

The Canberra Liberals figureheads seem to be very much candidates for the Children’s Table at Liberal Party events, so this isn’t really a change of form.

Also: Joy should obey the Rule #1 of the internet (especially when reporting that she saw someone do something)…
Pics or it didn’t happen.

Crikey 2:51 pm
20 Feb 09

It’s a shame that “lefty scum” Joy Burch doesn’t concentrate on something a bit more relevant and important for the ACT; like our finances and deteriorating services rather than student politics.

Of course the “left scum” students groups would never get up to such political mud racking!

trevar 3:10 pm
20 Feb 09

It would be good if the Labor party were a little left… or, at least a little left of the Liberal party.

Deadmandrinking 3:14 pm
20 Feb 09

I think they should be distributed more. Typical toddler tactics from the just plain ignorant factions of the Liberals. Even less people would want to be associated with them!

And the Liberals wonder why they keep losing in the ACT…

mooo_cow 3:17 pm
20 Feb 09

Slang One, such as a person or an element of society, that is regarded as despicable or worthless.

Joy if the sticker said “Joy Burch is Scrum” then maybe you should take offence and contribute some of your tax funded time.

babyface 3:22 pm
20 Feb 09

the right wing behaving like children? what a surprise.

frontrow 3:22 pm
20 Feb 09

Politics suffers when humour is sacrificed. The problem here is that the humour is stale and boring.

The left in this country (as far as the ALP can be described as the left) has always been more interesting with it’s invective. My all time favourite was “conger line of suckholes”.

Deadmandrinking 3:27 pm
20 Feb 09

That’s because the left in this country actually has some smart cookies among them 🙂

NoAddedMSG 3:32 pm
20 Feb 09

frontrow said :

My all time favourite was “conger line of suckholes”.

Hah, I like your more surreal version, but for the record, conger = type of eel, conga = weird dance done at houseparties in the 70s and what Latham said.

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