Liberals finally ask the right question

johnboy 9 August 2005 7

January 18, 2003 to August 9, 2005. Two and a half years and the local libs, lead by Wild Bill Stefaniak have finally asked the right question about the fires.

Why was warning of the threat supressed?

Shame they didn’t ask the other side of the election. In some cases better late than never rings a bit hollow.

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7 Responses to Liberals finally ask the right question
johnboy johnboy 6:36 pm 10 Aug 05

the incumbents kept quiet about it, when they did get onto it they muddied the waters by bringing irrelevancies like fuel loads and fire suppression into the issue.

And after the one success with the prison/hospital trade off they tried to keep flogging that dead horse to the finish line instead of keeping the government off it’s feet.

Thumper Thumper 4:43 pm 10 Aug 05

Yep carpe,

You’re right. They did ask the questions but no-one seemed to have the guts to really stick it to the CM over the issue.

Hard to say if it was because the fires were still fresh in memory and the Libs didn’t want to play grubby politics, or whether they thought that Stanhope was still seen as the great Brave Leader, and therefore thought it may backfire if they attacked him over it.

Whatever, I reckon they missed a great chance.

And now we may get some watered down version of events. And as mentioned previously, it will most probably come down to ‘a breakdown in commnication’.

No shit, there were no communications!

Carpe Dentum Carpe Dentum 11:26 am 10 Aug 05

Sorry guys…some Liberals DID try to ask the right questions…unfortunately not everyone was interested!

bulldog bulldog 8:43 am 10 Aug 05

Supressed will ot work. It will be a ‘break down in the lines of cimmunication’ and no doubt some other poor bastard from the ESB/ESA will cop the blame.

That is of course if they don’t try and pin it on someone who has already been ousted.

Thumper Thumper 8:19 am 10 Aug 05

And do you think we’ll get an answer?

Not very likely.

johnboy johnboy 11:25 pm 09 Aug 05

Cheers Sam, all fixed now.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 9:28 pm 09 Aug 05

Yep, and I either missed the last thousand years or the Liberal party did. I’m sure you meant August 9, 2005

Now, everyone should ask the comrade why the warning was supressed every few minutes until he finally goes mad and gives us an answer.

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