Liberals to cut rego by $100 in suite of car-friendly policies

Ian Bushnell 15 September 2020 37
Nicole Lawder, Candice Burch and Alistair Coe

The Canberra Liberals’ Urban Services spokesperson, Nicole Lawder, Transport spokesperson Candice Burch and Leader Alistair Coe at Woden for the announcement. Photo: Ian Bushnell.

The Canberra Liberals have unveiled a suite of policies designed to drive down the cost of motoring in the ACT, including a $100 cut to car registration but they have refused to say how they will pay for it.

The rego policy will cost $25 million a year or $100 million over four years, and continues the Liberals’ targeting of the hip pocket nerve, but like the party’s promised rates freeze, Leader Alistair Coe has ignored questions about how it will be delivered, sticking to well-rehearsed lines about lower taxes and better services.

Mr Coe accused the government of gouging Canberrans, although the cost of registering a vehicle has fallen since the government’s Compulsory Third Party insurance reforms.

Mr Coe says his plan would save the typical two-car Canberra family about $200 a year from 1 January.

He said the lower rego would be in line with that of NSW, and it made sense to match what people pay in Queanbeyan.

The Liberals will also make night-time parking after 5.30 pm free for six months and deliver about 2,500 new parking spaces, mainly across Canberra’s smaller group centres, through its $50 million Local Parking Fund.

Care registration cost table

The Canberra Liberals say families will save around $100 per year. Image: Canberra Liberals.

Urban Services spokesperson Nicole Lawder said that a Liberal government would identify the parking gaps and roll out the new spaces over four years.

She said the city car parks would also benefit from a ”green” makeover including grass, vegetation and trees, as part of the party’s Million Trees pledge.

The party also plans a city-wide trial of transferable parking tickets across government car parks.

On the city’s roads, vehicles carrying three or more passengers will be able to use transit lanes, currently the preserve of buses and taxis, and new technologies will be trialled to improve traffic flows and introduce real-time monitoring to alert drivers to road construction works so they can plan their daily travel better.

Transport spokesperson Candice Burch said Labor and the Greens were punishing people for using their cars.

”We, of course, want more Canberrans to use public transport and active travel; however, we also acknowledge that these are just not viable options for many Canberra families, and many Canberrans do need to rely on their vehicles to get to and from their work and to and from school,” she said.

Mr Coe would not say whether the Liberals would be abandoning or changing the current Transport Strategy or how the ACT would achieve its greenhouse gas emission goals under these car-friendly policies.

But he said he would have more to say on a public transport policy Canberrans would want to use, not be forced to use.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr said the Liberals’ rego plan would mean a lot less revenue to deliver services, and if there was a cut to revenue there had to be a commensurate cut to services.

He said the government’s CTP reforms had delivered a $60 reduction in motorists’ combined CTP/registration costs.

A Labor spokesperson also said the Liberals needed to explain where these new car parks will be and what green space they would take away, just like they need to explain how they will spend more money, without cutting services or growing government debt.

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37 Responses to Liberals to cut rego by $100 in suite of car-friendly policies
George Watling George Watling 10:38 pm 16 Sep 20

Lets have some love for Electric Vehicles too. Let give them lower rego rates.

Charles Landwehr Charles Landwehr 6:24 pm 16 Sep 20

Clare Thomas there are no parking spaces anywhere so you take the Bus or Tram.

Rengarajan S Rengarajan S 5:41 pm 16 Sep 20

Exceptionally bad policy in so many different ways. Where do I begin?

Leo Menssen Leo Menssen 11:45 am 16 Sep 20

I Liberal bribe will never get my vote.

Clare Thomas Clare Thomas 7:10 am 16 Sep 20

Why do this? We need to be reducing fuel usage across Australia and the world not encouraging greater use.

Jorge Gatica Jorge Gatica 9:18 pm 15 Sep 20

Funny how a lot of people are asking how the liberals will pay for a $100 reduction in rego, I ask, how is the current labor/greens government going to pay for the $500 million hospital expansion? The 1.9 billion tram? The $50 million and the free rego for electric cars the greens are promising????

Brenton Higgins Brenton Higgins 9:12 pm 15 Sep 20


Stephen Page-Murray Stephen Page-Murray 8:42 pm 15 Sep 20

ACT Liberals are recognised by the rest of the state/territory/Liberals as fruit loops.

Scott Humphries Scott Humphries 6:18 pm 15 Sep 20

Is it fair to call these statements a "suite of policies" ?

David Sutton David Sutton 5:57 pm 15 Sep 20

They need to sort out caravan and trailer rego. For my caravan $750 in ACT $68 in Victoria. Guess where most Canberra ppl have their caravans stored. It is a bit easy to work out.

Peter Richardson Peter Richardson 5:48 pm 15 Sep 20

Woohoo, a $2/week saving. What will i do with my new found wealth...

Julia Nesbitt Julia Nesbitt 5:37 pm 15 Sep 20

Bit out of touch in terms of envionment.

Mac John Mac John 5:15 pm 15 Sep 20

Pay by increase in bus fares and other cost that will result in increase in people living in poverty!

Steve Jones Steve Jones 4:20 pm 15 Sep 20

So what do ACT residents pay for rego?? Interested to hear

Rachael Paulka Rachael Paulka 3:34 pm 15 Sep 20

It's not enough. Rego is ridiculously expensive in Canberra.

Shane Phoenix Shane Phoenix 3:32 pm 15 Sep 20

Any cut to motorbike as we pay through the teeth

Lauryn Roberts Lauryn Roberts 3:30 pm 15 Sep 20

How about target unregistered cars on the road again. Finding 60 over last long weekend is shocking!!

Sue Harvey Sue Harvey 3:27 pm 15 Sep 20

Job cuts that’s how!

David Perkins David Perkins 3:23 pm 15 Sep 20

$100 per annum ! A pittance. And at what cost? Where's the money coming from? Essential public services I bet. Same old same old Libs. Cut cut.

Victor Lee Victor Lee 3:23 pm 15 Sep 20

It's how they will pay for it that I'm interested in most.

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